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Phytochemical Investigation and Pharmacological Screening. Phytochemical Investigation, Characterization and Pharmacological Screening of Butea Frondosa

Формат:      Страниц 84
     мягкая обложка
Dharmendra K.    
Книга по Требованию    
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Chloroform and Methanol (9: 1) were used as eluent for separation of desired compound from the crude extract. In Chromatographic studies the TLC plates were observed using different solvent systems, detected under short wave UV spectrophotometer, with a Rf value of 0. 26, 0. 30, 0. 42, 0. 55. After conducting phytochemical test, focus was on to isolate the desired compound using repeated column chromatography. In view of the literature findings, sufficient studies were reported on flowers and seeds, and lesser attention was paid towards leaves. Therefore, the present study was planned to concentrate upon leaves and was selected for the study, which is a rich source of phytoconstituents. The present study was undertaken with the objective to explore the anticataract potential of methanolic extract of Butea frondosa leaves by oxidative stress (Hydrogen peroxide) in Goat eyes (lens) and also the anti-inflammatory activity of aqueous extract of Butea frondosa bark in rats. Butea frondosa is commonly known as Palash and the plant belongs to family Leguminosae.
Ящик с крышкой Darel Box на колесах, 61x40x17.5 см.
Универсальные и герметичные боксы идеально подходят для хранения меха, одежды и домашнего текстиля. Герметичность конструкции обеспечивает
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Раздел: Более 10 литров
Планшетик "Угадайка".
Планшетик "Угадайка" от компании "Азбукварик" представляет собой красочный гаджет для всестороннего развития
406 руб
Раздел: Планшеты и компьютеры
Клейкая лента двухсторонняя монтажная, 1,9х150 см, прозрачная.
Размер: 1,9х150 см. Максимальная рекомендуемая нагрузка: 2 кг на 30 см ленты. Прозрачная. Основа: вспененный полиуретан. Пригодна для
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Основні фармакологічні ефекти кумаринів місного засобу - водного екстракту з трави...
For he firs ime here was revealed a high a iaggrega io ac ivi y of melilo ex rac (i vi ro) a d es ablished i s marked hypocoagula io proper ies i he effec o coagula io hemos asis of he experime al a imals. I was fou d ha ex rac of melilo ac iva ed he fibri oly ic sys em: i promo ed reduc io of fibri oge providi g ormaliza io of rheology a d blood microcircula io . I modeli g hyphema i rabbi s i was ascer ai ed ha applica io ex rac of melilo i creased fibri oly ic po e ial of he lacrimal fluid by ormaliza io of i s coagula io ac ivi y ha co siderably reduced he period of hemorrhage resorp io . he same herapeu ic efficacy ex rac of melilo was de ermi ed i depe da of he me hod of applica io : subco ju c ively or subcu a eously. Special pharmacological es s for bios imula ors made of a ural raw ma erials revealed a high level of biological ac ivi y ex rac of melilo , a i oxic a d a ihypoxia effec . Accordi g o he da a of elec ro ic-microscopic me hods of i ves iga io of he hepa ic cells i was es ablished ha ex rac of melilo i creased resis a ce of hepa ocy es by mea s of ac iva io of pro ei -sy hesis a d e ergy- formi g fu c io .

Phytochemistry In Euphorbia Thymifolia Linn. Phytochemical Investigation Of Plant Книга по Требованию Sandeep K.
Herbal medicines are being increasingly sold in the market.
1894 руб
Exploring English 6 Screening & Placement Tests Pearson
787 руб
Play Station Video Games amongst Ethiopian Children. An Investigation into Popularity of Play Station Video Games amongst Ethiopian Children in Addis Ababa Digital Playing: Книга по Требованию
Digital Playing: An Investigation into Popularity of Play Station Video Games amongst Ethiopian Children in Addis Ababa provides for the first time an ethnographic understanding of how kids in Addis Ababa interact with Play Station Video Games.
2385 руб
An Investigation of Stakeholder Inclusion, Strategic Domains and Competitive Advantage in the Canadian Financial Services Industry S3 – Sustainable Stakeholder Strategy. Книга по Требованию Mark F.
This study validates stakeholder theory as it pertains to the issues of inclusion and competitive advantage and extends it to include non-economic methods of enhancing firm performance.
3191 руб
A Longitudinal Research Investigation of Responsiveness to Early Reading Intervention Preventing Reading Difficulties for Elementary-Aged At-Risk Students. Книга по Требованию Lefki K.
Pre- and posttest standardized measures (WJ-III; CTOPP) and tri-weekly progress monitoring data were collected to evaluate student progress.
3191 руб
College Students and Faculty in the Residential College Environment. An investigation of student development in the designed living-learning environment Книга по Требованию PHILIP E. S.
This analysis allowed me to create a typology for college student-faculty interaction with four variables influencing two qualitatively defined levels of interaction -- rudimentary and heightened.
2385 руб
Reflections on a Healing Journey. An Investigation of Published Research on the Importance of Spirituality in the Lives of Women Healing from the Effects of Domestic Violence Книга по Требованию Taban L.
Through their analysis of nine published research articles, Leggett and Thurston look at how current studies operationalize the term spirituality, how authors represent the relationship between spirituality and healing in their articles, and how they describes the impact of spirituality on the healing of women affected by domestic violence.
1997 руб
Behavioral Aspects of the Executive Compensation Setting Process. An Experimental Investigation of Select Executive Remunerative Factors in the Pay-For-Performance Paradigm Книга по Требованию Arron F.
The first study examines the influence of individual anchoring and the effects of private versus public decisions upon compensation awards by subjects role-playing as either an outside CEO or a non-CEO director.
2403 руб
Kinetic Lattice Gas Models for Adsorption, Desorption and Diffusion. An Investigation Using Diagonalization Methods, Monte Carlo Simulations and Density Functional Theory Книга по Требованию Jean-Sabin M.
This study is followed by one for O on Ru(0001) where the ramified (2x2)-O islands observed point to complex interactions between the O atoms which are modeled with a lattice gas model and DFT.
3215 руб
Environmental Influences on Physical Activity Among Children and Youth. An Investigation Книга по Требованию Trish T.
Three studies were conducted to accomplish this purpose.
1997 руб
Investigation of metadata preferred in searching and assessing relevancy of television broadcast: Towards the design of user based metadata for television broadcasts. Emphasis on scholars and students in Media Studies Книга по Требованию Brian K.L.
In this way, we expand our knowledge regarding aspects of information seeking behaviour.
3215 руб
An Investigation into the Phenomenon of Epiphany Developmental Metamorphoses. Книга по Требованию Thomas O.
Learning through epiphanies, especially those not born out of dire crises, can be exciting, hugely satisfying, and life-validating ways to augment the significance of a lesson.
1997 руб
Investigation of VHSV - infection models with serological methods. Serological studies of various infection models with the viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Книга по Требованию My K.
The viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS) is a well known disease of salmonid fish and causes great economical losses, especially in rainbow trout farms.
2362 руб
Time-resolved Investigation of Aggregation and Gelation of Colloids. Time-resolved Investigation of Aggregation and Sol-Gel Transition in Colloidal Suspensions Книга по Требованию Ronny V.
In this work we present a study of the aggregation and sol-gel transition of colloidal suspensions using a wide range of experimental techniques.
3215 руб
Preparing Teachers for Inclusion. An Investigation of Preservice Programs in Seven U.S. Research Universities Книга по Требованию
Although there are a few models of combined teacher preparation among the sample, the results of this study suggest that elementary education teacher candidates still may not be receiving the preparation needed to effectively include students with disabilities in the general education classroom.
1997 руб
The Impact of the University Experience on Students' Educational Aspirations. An Investigation of the Personal Characteristics and University Factors Influencing Students' Educational Aspirations at CCCU Institutions Книга по Требованию
Logistic regression was used to analyze the data from surveys administered to the same individuals as 1st year students and seniors.
1997 руб
Attitudes, Ability Grouping and Physical Education. A Mixed-methods Investigation Книга по Требованию
Thus, effective methods to sustain student commitment are beneficial to physical educators.
2416 руб
Theoretical Investigation for The Hard Machining. An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation for The Machining of Hardened Alloy Steels Книга по Требованию
An experimental program was carried out to determine the cutting forces, chip formation, the secondary deformation zone thickness and surface roughness at different cutting speeds using a 0. 4mm and 0. 8mm nose radii ceramic tools and -7? rake angle for annealed (virgin) AISI 4140 and heat treated AISI 4140 steel.
3234 руб
Entrepreneurial Behaviour in the NZ Retail Sector. An Investigation into the Value of Corporate Entrepreneurship amongst Larger Companies Книга по Требованию
The results also demonstrate that many large organisations value entrepreneurship, although to a varying degree.
2008 руб
Relative Class Concept Learning in Rats. An Investigation Using Biologically Significant Stimuli Книга по Требованию
However, while many species have shown relative class concept learning ability, rats have not been shown to have this capacity.
2008 руб

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