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Fund-raising for film festivals in Europe. a comparative study

Формат:      Страниц 124
     мягкая обложка
Olga B.    
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The book explains financing mechanisms of film festivals considering the role which these cultural events play for the economy, society, and the arts. A film festival phenomenon originated in Europe in 1930s and spread around the globe in the subsequent decades. It may be useful for event organizers, as well as other stakeholders. A film festival is impossible to survive without the support from its multiple stakeholders, such as central and local governments, sponsors and business community, media, filmmakers, and the host society. Nowadays, different types of film festivals exist and almost all countries hold at least one international film event. The film festival is a phenomenon embedded in the attention economy, event management, and the film industry, and its most important role is to translate cultural and artistic values into economic and social ones. The characteristics of cultural policies and the structure of financial agreements in Europe resulted in a necessity for festival organizers to be creative in their fundraising strategies.
Противень "Mayer & Boch", мраморная крошка, 27 см.
Противень MAYER&BOCH изготовлен из высококачественной углеродистой стали с антипригарным мраморным покрытием. Толщина изделия составляет 4
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Сравнительные степени прилагательных и наречий (Comparison) Модальные глаголы (Modal Verbs) Цепочки...
Порядок перевода слов в атрибутивных группах может быть различным и определяется по смыслу, например: Low empera ure physics – физика низких температур.5.Выделение атрибутивной группы 1 2 облегчается наличием различных суффиксов существительного 2 (-er (-or), -me , -io (- io , -sio )), например: We compare he levels of machi e vibra io s wi h biological sys ems.6.Наличие явного сказуемого (is, are, was, were, have, had, has, mus , ca , may) – облегчает поиск атрибутивной группы 1 2, выступающей в функции подлежащего, например: Sou d waves are a alyzed by he compu er every o e-hu dred h of a seco d.7.Атрибутивная группа 1 2 может входить в состав подлежащего и вводиться при помощи различных предлогов (of, a , i ), например: A ew ype of laser beam has bee developed by Byelorussia scie is s, где, 1 2 /laser beam/, стоящее перед явным сказуемым «has bee developed», вводится в группу подлежащего при помощи предлога rai .

Cannes Film Festival Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The Cannes Film Festival (French: le Festival de Cannes ; Occitan: Festenal de Canas ), founded in 1946, is one of the world' s oldest and most prestigious film festivals. The President of the Jury was French actress Isabelle Huppert. The private festival is held annually (usually in May) at the Palais des Festivals et des Congres, in the resort town of Cannes, in the south of France The 62nd edition started 13 May and ended 24 May 2009.
1395 руб
Sundance Film Festival Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Held in January in Park City, Salt Lake City, and Ogden, as well as the Sundance Resort, the festival is the premier showcase for new work from American and international independent filmmakers.
1395 руб
Bangkok International Film Festival Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The Bangkok International Film Festival (BKKIFF) is an international film festival held annually in Bangkok, Thailand, since 2003.
1191 руб
Vacant Era Film Festival Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
The 2008 Vacant Era Film Festival showcased more films created by Oklahoma filmmakers, than any other film festival to date.
1395 руб
Sofia International Film Festival Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
What started as a thematic music film festival, went through 14 previous editions to become the cinema event of the year, bringing the current world cinema trends to the domestic viewers in Bulgaria and the latest in Bulgarian cinema to the rest of the world.
1329 руб
2009 Toronto International Film Festival Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The opening night gala presented the Charles Darwin biography Creation.
1923 руб
1998 Cannes Film Festival Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
1315 руб
Proceedings of the Trustees of the Peabody Education Fund ..., Volume 5 Книга по Требованию Fund P.E.
955 руб
Festival (1967 Film) Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
1509 руб
Sex and the City (Das Buch zum Film) (на нем.яз.) - 256 с. ISBN 3-442-45300-3 ~94.01.12 020 Munchen: Goldmann Bushnell C.
620 руб
Pink Floyd 'Music from the film…' [CD] { } ~94.01.06 135 SomeWax
119 руб
Witchcraft through the Ages: The Story of Haxan, the World's Strangest Film, and the Man Who Made It (на англ.яз.) Cinema Classic Collection FAB Press Stevenson J.
498 руб
Europe’s Best Places to Stay DKGuide Dorling Kindersley
784 руб
Dreamcatcher (film tie-In) Hodder & Stoughton King S.
5 руб
The Emperor's New Groove Book of the Film Ladybird Books
120 руб
Scandinavian Europe 7Ed Lonely Planet
5 руб
Marie Antoinette (film tie-in) Орион Fraser A.
757 руб
Language and Nationalism in Europe Oxford University Press Barbour
- A comprehensive survey of the significance and interrelationship of language and nationalism in Europe - Examines the central issues of national, ethnic, linguistic, and cultural identity - Highly interdisciplinary approach - Wide coverage including the majority of European countries This book examines the role of language in the present and past creation of social, cultural, and national identities in Europe.
1636 руб
All the King's Men (Film tie-in)  Penguin Group Warren R.P.
533 руб
Black Dahlia (film tie-in) Random House UK Ellroy J.
5 руб

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