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Scarabs of Nepal and their Microbial Control. Scarabs of Nepalese Agriculture and Microbial Control

Формат:      Страниц 288
     мягкая обложка
Yubak D.G. C.    
Книга по Требованию    
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Dynamics study shows multispecies association of white grubs in Nepalese agriculture. Control measures primarily depend with the use of chemical pesticides where the use of microbial pesticides is lacking and this has aggravated the pest problem. The book depicts alternative control measures with fungal antagonist fungus based on the works conducted in Switzerland and Nepal. White grubs, soil-feeding pests have become increasingly difficult in Nepalese agriculture over the years. The fungus was identified, cultured and mass-produced into barley kernel. Insect pathogen is widely distributed in soils; however, with low density therefore, augmentation is necessary. The product was found pathogenic both in indoor as well as in the field, being the LT50 between 2-5 weeks and more than 25% reduction of the density of white grubs' in field respectively. This indicates the greater scope of the work in organic production as well to the researchers, industries, institutes and extension workers. In the end, this book will contribute to the organic agriculture and producing high value crops.
Набор посуды "Peppa Pig".
Яркая фарфоровая посуда с героями из самого популярного мультфильма "Peppa Pig". Набор, несомненно, привлечет внимание вашего
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Набор фломастеров "Strawberry Shortcake", 50 цветов.
Набор фломастеров. Полипропиленовый корпус. Цветные вентилируемые колпачки. Насыщенные цвета. В наборе: 50 цветов.
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Колониальная организация и межклеточная коммуникация у...
Emphasis is placed o he cha els a d age s of i ercellular commu ica io i a microbial popula io . he i volveme of a large umber of evolu io -co served commu ica io al facili ies a d pa er s of i ercellular i erac io s is u derscored. Much a e io is also give o he role of colo y orga iza io a d i ercellular commu ica io i "parasi e/comme sal/symbio -mul icellular hos orga ism" sys ems. Настоящая работа посвящена данным о том, что бактерии и эукариотические одноклеточные организмы существуют в виде целостных структурированных колоний. Подобно колониям многоклеточных животных (кишечнополостных, мшанок) и семьям социальных насекомых и некоторых млекопитающих (бесшерстных кротов), микробные колонии вполне заслуживают название "суперорганизмы". Микробные колонии характеризуются функциональной специализацией слагающих их клеток и предоставляют этим клеткам ряд преимуществ "социального образа жизни", таких как повышенная устойчивость к антибактериальным агентам, более эффективное использование питательных субстратов, особенно в пространственно ограниченных экологических нишах, включая организм многоклеточного животного (растения) как хозяина.

Lost Control Die Gestalten Verlag Neasden C.C.
These seemingly contradictory, but in NCC’s work so coherently united characteristics give their work a powerful appeal.
4612 руб
How volunteers sense their ownership of the job. The relationship between leadership, perceived control and psychological ownership Книга по Требованию TIAN L.
The present study applied a psychological ownership approach to understanding volunteer behaviour in NPOs.
2008 руб
Development of the railroads of North America and of their control by the state Книга по Требованию Douglas J.
300 руб
This may be especially useful to professionals in the fields food safety and quality management.
1894 руб
Face Control Ad Marginem Press Спектр В.
Герой романа Face Control — бизнесмен-рекламщик середины 90-х годов — носит костюмы от «Гуччи», пальто от «Черутти», ездит на БМВ пятой серии, предпочитает пиво «Килкенни», завязывает галстук левым виндзорским узлом и закидывается «кокосом» в сортире клуба «Пропаганда».
52 руб -15% 44 руб
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5181 руб
Industrial Automation and Process Control Pearson Stenerson J.
1706 руб
In Control (English/German) Anton Corbijn. Schirmer/Mosel Anton C.
3044 руб
Pirates and Their Caribbean Capers Horribly Famous Scholastic Michael C.
233 руб
Art Deco Jewelry: Modernist Masterworks and their Makers Thames&Hudson Evelyne P.
Echoing the revolution that occurred throughout the arts in this period, their jewelry ranged from lavish gem-studded creations worn by Hollywood stars to innovative costume pieces that made creative use of unusual metals and materials.
2001 руб
A Glossary of Important Symbols in Their Hebrew, Pagan and Christian Forms Книга по Требованию Adelaide S. H.
1912. In order to thoroughly enjoy historical and religious works or to interpret the exact language of form and color in ancient buildings, it is necessary to be acquainted with the most important emblems, from their origin in the past to the present application of these terms.
500 руб
Citrus Fruits And Their Culture Книга по Требованию Hume H. H.
5 руб
Greek Coins And Their Parent Cities Книга по Требованию John W.
5 руб
Being A Critical Sketch Of The History Of British Prose Fiction British Novelists And Their Styles: Книга по Требованию David M.
5 руб
Their Wedding Journey Книга по Требованию William D.H.
5 руб
Their Yesterdays Книга по Требованию Harold B.W.
Just as they found these things in their grown up days, even unto the end, so they found them in Their Yesterdays.
5 руб
Reminiscences And Memorials Of Men Of The Revolution And Their Families Книга по Требованию Artemas B.M.
5 руб

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