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A research in high-technology Joint Ventures in Tongzhou city, China Internal strategic success factors for technology Joint Ventures.

Формат:      Страниц 84
     мягкая обложка
Xiaoxiao C.    
Книга по Требованию    
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There are many researches on what the barriers are, and what mode should be chosen to enter Chinese market. In contrast, there' s not much study on topics like how a foreign company can survive in the competitive Chinese market, or how to gain more profit after successfully entering Chinese market. Since most high-tech companies use joint venture mode to enter developing cities instead of developed cities in China, the research question for the book is: does improvement of key internal strategic factors in high- technology joint venture firms which entered developing cities in China within five years lead to higher financial performance? The book uses deductive and quantitative methods to analyze data from 99 top managers in high-tech joint venture companies in Tongzhou. The results are found that sales and R&D have significantly positive relationship with financial performance; besides, integration is also a correlated factor. In this globalized world, more and more companies expand their businesses to China,and optimize resources utilization.
Папка для труда с ручками "Истребитель", А4.
Папка для труда с ручками. Формат: А4. Размер: 350х265х45 мм. Материал: ткань.
309 руб
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Горшок детский "Зайчик" с игрушкой.
Веселое развлечение может иметь место, даже когда ребенок сидит на горшке. В этом поможет наш детский горшок-игрушка в виде зайчика.
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Органайзер для зубных щеток "EasyStore", бело-голубой (большой).
Этот универсальный органайзер для большой семьи был создан с учётом всех особенностей хранения средств для поддержания гигиены полости
1450 руб
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Вільні амінокислоти крові в діагностиці спадкових хвороб обміну у дітей високого генетичного...
МІНІСТЕРСТВО ОХОРОНИ ЗДОРОВ'Я УКРАЇНИ Український інститут клінічної генетики Харківського державного медичного університету Новікова Ірина Володимирівна УДК: 616-074.614.254.575 Вільні амінокислоти крові в діагностиці спадкових хвороб обміну у дітей високого генетичного ризику 03.00.15 - генетика АВТОРЕФЕРАТ дисертації на здобуття наукового ступеня кандидата медичних наук Харків – 2008 Дисертацією є рукопис. Робота виконана в Харківській медичній академії післядипломної освіти МОЗ України. Науковий керівник: член-кореспондент АМН України, доктор медичних наук, професор Гречаніна Олена Яківна, Харківський державний медичний університет МОЗ України, завідувач кафедри медичної генетики, Український інститут клінічної генетики Харківського державного медичного університету, директор, м. Харків. Офіційні опоненти: доктор медичних наук, професор Гнатейко Олег Зиновійович, Державна установа s coefficie s was co duc ed. he keywords: i heri ed me abolic diseases, free ami o acid, dysmorphia, phe o ype, biochemical research, high performa ce liquid chroma ography.

Market Entry and Expansion through International Joint Ventures. A Multi-causal Analysis of International Joint Venture Performance Книга по Требованию
This work analyzes market entry and expansion through IJVs by using a multi-causal analysis of IJV performance.
3234 руб
The Critical Success Factors of Private Equity Firms. A Comparative Study between Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States Книга по Требованию Katharina F.
The research tests the assumptions of country-specific success factors in the context of the Private Equity industry in emerging markets based on the different market development, experiences, political and legal environment, different historical and cultural development, different leadership behavior, different entrepreneurial culture and the European Union accession of most of the countries in the Central and Eastern European region.
5206 руб
Ensuring the Viability of Regional Health Alliances Critical Success Factors for Regional Health Alliances. Книга по Требованию Colin O.
The survey results provide an increased objectivity to healthcare organizations currently in or planning to develop regional health alliances.
2008 руб
Triple Play in Germany. Market Dynamics and Key Success Factors Книга по Требованию Chin-Gi H.
Following the ongoing strive towards converged media and recent advancements in regards to broadband technologies, the communications industry has come to face an inescapable trend in its recent years which is about to revolutionize the industry as we know it: the integration of high-speed Internet, telephony and television - or all in short: triple play. Triple play is quickly emerging in Germany, and holds the promise to change the competitive landscape dramatically as service providers raid each other’s markets to steal revenues from one another.
2416 руб
A Buyer-centric Case Study on e-Government Implementation in Myanmar Modeling on Priority of Success Factors in Procurement using Fuzzy AHP. Книга по Требованию Aung K.O.
It is known that some policy measures and success factors for the development of public procurement practices in developed economies are found to be easy in theory but difficult in practice for the developing countries because of the intrinsic and unique nature and heterogeneity existed among the developing countries.
1894 руб
Customer Relationship Management - Delivered!. Change Management as a Key Success Factor for the Implementation of CRM Strategy, Processes and Software Книга по Требованию Ulrike I.
Examined is the leverage effect of change management on the implementation of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy and software, based on a case study of a global company.
2769 руб
Eurovan (PSA/Fiat joint venture) Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The eurovans share mechanicals and body structure with Sevel light commercial vans, Citroen Jumpy (Dispatch), Fiat Scudo and Peugeot Expert.
1395 руб
Enterpreneurship – Successfully launching new ventures Prentice Hall Bruce B.
1706 руб
A Qualitative Study Main Factors That Influence University Faculty's Use of Technology. Книга по Требованию Yaping G.
Comprehensive programs must be developed to provide them with ongoing professional development to enhance their knowledge and skills of technology as it impacts the instructional program.
1997 руб
Different Motivational Factors in Internal PR. The Effects of Different Motivational Factors in Internal Public Relations Department Книга по Требованию
This book is dedicated to professionals working either in public relations or human resources fields or anyone else who believes that an effective working environment starts with a satisfied employee.
2008 руб
Key factors of success and future trends, on example of the cities of Lille and Linz Emerging Congress Destinations. Книга по Требованию Emilie P.
This diploma thesis tried to explain the keys factors of an emerging destination, through intensive research, coupled with an exchange of information with industry.
2008 руб
The Emergence of International New Ventures Small International Firms. Книга по Требованию Arild A.
This is an intriguing observation as they traditionally have been considered a theoretical impossibility.
2784 руб
From the International Students' Perspectives Factors Influencing Acculturative Stress among International Students. Книга по Требованию Rosemary E.
Suggestions for future research are discussed.
2416 руб
A Large-scale Study of the Transfer and Adoption of a Complex Technology: Determinant Factors, Stages, and Processes Leading to Organizational Change Adoption of Complex Technologies in Organizations. Книга по Требованию Ramon F.
Every organization engaged in the adoption of technologies to bring about change could benefit from these findings. ' - James Allen Leach, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign '
2784 руб
Die Entwicklung von Geschaeftsideen. Ein Leitfaden zur systematischen Erzeugung, Bewertung und Auswahl von Ideen fuer neue Geschaeftsfelder im Rahmen des Internal Corporate Venturing Книга по Требованию Tom H. L.
Schliesslich werden die gewonnenen Ideen einem dreistufigen Bewertungsprozess unterzogen, um sukzessive die aussichtsreichsten Ideen herauszufiltern und fuer eine moegliche Realisierung auswaehlen zu koennen.
3058 руб
Aid Effectiveness. Factors of Successes and Failures of Post-Tsunami Relief and Reconstruction in Sri Lanka Книга по Требованию Bogdan R.
It is based on author' s own research held in Sri Lanka with the collaboration of worldwide famous development organizations, such as UN, HELVETAS, GTZ, CARE International and etc. Therefore the book provides the knowledge about the factors which can be destructive or supportive for a project, as well as what steps and actions should be undertaken to achieve its goals and objectives. In addition it highlights the strategies of development agencies in the times of catastrophes and disasters. The questions of aid quantity and quality, as well as factors influencing it positively or negatively have become central in the debates on international development cooperation. The current research analyses factors influencing the implementation of international development projects during the post- tsunami relief and reconstruction activities in Sri Lanka.
1894 руб
Internal Marketing and Strategy Implementation. The impact of Internal Marketing Practices on Employees Satisfaction and Commitment in Implementing Firms Strategic Orientations Книга по Требованию Davoud N.
2280 руб
Technology Development and Protection Strategy in Oil Industry. Checks and Balances Mechanism within Collaborative Ventures Книга по Требованию Josua S.
Collaborative ventures such as joint venture, strategic alliance, and academic partnership are inevitable strategy in upstream segment oil industry.
1894 руб
Fuzzy Technology: Военно-политические индикаторы подготовки войны 2003 года в Ираке Эльга,Ника-центр Возняк С.Н.,Свешников С.В.,Бочарников В.П.
129 руб
Fuzzy Technology: Основы моделирования и решения экспертно-аналитических задач ISBN 966-521-240-0 Эльга,Ника-центр Бочарников В.П.,Свешников С.В.
117 руб

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