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Can Group-Based Microfinance Reproduce Social Capital?. A Case Study in Rural Cambodia

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Jenny I.J.    
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The study asserts that group-based microfinance scheme can indeed bring positive changes to social and gender relations beyond individual loans and savings. Group-based microfinance currently dominates development policy and practice. Despite evidence of its social and economic impact, few researches take an in-depth, empirical look at how the group-based models manifest and create social capital. This research project seeks to contribute to a better understanding of the social capital building aspect of group-based microfinance by analyzing empirical data from a village saving project in rural Cambodia. These changes are largely influenced by the type of social capital (norms, networks and trust) promoted by microfinance project' s social intermediation processes. The study reveals that group homogeneity and elite avoidance may not matter at all. The social capital build up, especially where structural and institutional exclusion is addressed to harness all bonding, bridging and linking social capital, has the potential of enabling the poor and marginalized to participate and organize themselves in the community development and society transformation processes.
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Яркие, насыщенные цвета, трехгранная форма для удобного захвата, прочный, легко затачиваемый корпус из древесины американской липы.
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Разработка предложений по созданию единого логистического (информационного) центра транспортного...
Общие перспективные объемы перевозок грузов, осуществляемые с участием железнодорожного транспорта, характеризуются данными, приведенными в таблице 1.1 (млн.т): Таблица 1.1 - Общие перспективные объемы перевозок грузов, осуществляемые с участием железнодорожного транспорта. Виды перевозок Всего В том числе: Западное Восточное направление направление Провайдеры по Логистика "размещения" Da zas , , UPS, транспортировке (на (dedica ed logis ics) FedEx, DHL основе .Транспортировка, компаний-перевозчиков), централизованные владеющие реальными перевозки, активами обслуживание, маршрутизация Провайдеры оптимизации Интегрированная Ryder, UPS Worldwide, транспортных услуг, не логистика. Me lo, FedEx, Varova OY имеющие реальных Сервисно-ориентированна активов я логистика, сфокусированная на технологии и инжиниринге Провайдеры Интегрированная и Fiege Group, Me lo, FM складирования, логистика "размещения". Logis ic формирующие добавленную Технологии, стоимость складирование и транспортировка Международные Интегрированная AEI, Circle, MSAS , экспедиторы, логистика с Ki e su осуществляющие возможностями аутсорсинг международного логистических функций экспедирования. (не имеющие реальных активов) Провайдеры программного Пакеты логистических Ma ugis ics, 12/ обеспечения программ I er ra s, McHugh, Logili y, Ex rici y, Ma ha a Эти компании, в свою очередь, можно разделить на две основные категории: компании с реальными физическими активами (asse based) и компании, использующие в своей деятельности аутсорсинг ( o -asse based).

Social Capital and Internet Usage of Rural Guatemalan Teachers. Participatory Rural Appraisal Interviews and Group Assessments to Enhance Community-Driven Development for Online Teacher Education Книга по Требованию Douglas T.
Woolcock’s concepts of bonding, bridging and linking social capital were united with Rogers’s theories of diffusion and perceived attributes to ascertain why only 5 of 34 teachers completed free online coursework.
3234 руб
Should Self-Employed Women bother with Male-dominated Industries?. An analysis of segregation, social capital and satisfaction amongst self-employed Europeans Книга по Требованию Natalie S.
This "entrepreneurial segregation" is largely responsible for sex-based differences in self-employment earnings, but little is known about the impact on social capital and general wellbeing.
1997 руб
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2416 руб
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This book examines connections between social capital networks and livelihoods in a contemporary setting in Uganda.
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Crucial Path. The importance of Social Capital for Sustainable Natural Resource Management Книга по Требованию Michael A.D.
Sustainability aims to leave future generations as many, or more, opportunities as we ourselves have had.
2008 руб
Repayments in Group Lending Microfinance. The theory and empiric of repayments in lending without collateral Книга по Требованию ASM R.K.B.
Group lending induces borrowers to self select their peer, monitor each others and enforce repayment at the end.
1894 руб
Social Capital, Access to Water and People Living with HIV/AIDS. Experiences from Ahero Irrigation Scheme, Nyando District in Western Kenya Книга по Требованию LILLIAN O.
Social capital amongst other things acts as a safety net for vulnerable groups when it comes to the access of resources which are poorly distributed.
1894 руб
Bridging the Gap:. The Role of Bridging Social Capital in the Development of Civic Engagement among College Students Книга по Требованию Ethan S.
Additionally, this study investigates the promising but understudied role played by bridging social capital, defined as heterogeneous student peer social networks, in the development of civic engagement.
3051 руб
Communist Manifesto, Wages, Price and Profit, Capital (Selections), Socialism: Utopian and Scientific CRW Publishing Marx K.
In 1848 a wave of revolutions broke over Europe.
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The Social and Political Bases of Environmentalism in Australia. Explaining Support for the Environment Книга по Требованию Bruce T.
Spawning green politicians on the federal and state level it remains influential after several decades, as new issues such as climate change emerge and established issues like the protection of old growth forests remain salient.
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Nationalism and Justice for Social Out-groups. The Case for Arab Americans Following September 11th Книга по Требованию
This book details a social psychological study of prejudice and moral exclusion.
2008 руб
Schools, Science, and the Social Bases of Global Environmentalism. An Institutional Analysis of Environmental Organizations and Worldviews Книга по Требованию Gabriel I.
2008 руб
Social and Emotional Profiles of Bullies and Victims. Implications for School-Based Prevention Programs Книга по Требованию
Data on 5th grade students in an urban, low-economic school district were collected.
2008 руб
Manual-Based Group Intervention for Disordered Eating:. The Innovative Practice of Integrating DBT, Positive Psychology, and Yoga Книга по Требованию Meredith B.
The curriculum was based on empirically validated risk and protective factors and incorporated interactive discourse, yoga, and relaxation into eight weekly sessions.
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Success Strategies of Iranian American Leaders. Helping Immigrant Groups for Social and Economic Success in the U.S. Книга по Требованию Fereshteh A.
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The Voorlees Express. ...a program analysis on the facilitation of social and cultural capital through reading Книга по Требованию Elaine S.
1878 руб
Some aspects of behavior and social groups Книга по Требованию Dewey F.A.
Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кляксы и т. п. Книга представляет собой репринтное издание.
500 руб
A social study based on fact The other side. Книга по Требованию Foran M.A.
955 руб

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