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Improving Surface Hydrometeorological Fields. Satellite data analysis, data assimilation and model application

Формат:      Страниц 120
     мягкая обложка
Ismail Y.    
Книга по Требованию    
1894 руб
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The benefits of this work will not only enhance the realism of radiation in the model, but it may also increase the model' s capability to predict the location and amount of precipitation. Satellite data is vital for understanding atmospheric properties, particularly those pertaining to cloud cover and its properties. On the other hand, hydrologists are now actively using the available high-resolution land and snow cover, topography, soil and vegetation characteristics data sets to parameterize distributed hydrologic models and to couple these models with atmospheric models. This book is focused on correcting the modeled cloud cover in an atmospheric model thus allowing the model radiation and precipitation codes to calculate the actual spatial variability generated by the observed clouds. Cloud cover is a key paremeter controlling and linking downward components of short-wave and long-wave surface radiation and precipitation on the land surface energy and water balance. Adequate evaluation of these coupled models will depend on the accurate estimation of fine-resolution surface variables.
Подарочный набор "Покер", арт. 42447.
Подарочный набор "Покер" безусловно будет тем самым неизбитым презентом, произведённым из дерева. Регулярно удалять пыль сухой,
684 руб
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Эко-гель "Organic People" для стирки детского белья, 1,5 литра.
Бережное и безопасное, экологически чистое средство для стирки детского белья. Содержит 99,8% натуральных компонентов и обогащено
612 руб
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Подставка под автомобиль регулируемая "Delta" РПМ-2,0.
Грузоподъемность: 2 тонны. Высота подъема: 345 мм. Высота подхвата: 184 мм. Подставка под машину предназначена для подъема и удержания
645 руб
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Новые технологии хранения информации
Запись производится с помощью двух головок. Оптическая осуществляет нагрев, а магнитная изменяет направление магнитного поля (Mag e ic Field Modula io ). Обе стороны диска записываются одновременно (Surface Array Recordi g), благодаря чему скорость записи и чтения данных удваивается. Фирма Maxop ix уже неоднократно проводила технологическую демонстрацию OSD технологии и практически готова к выпуску новой продукции. Однако будущее этой технологии находится под вопросом, так как даже двух альтернативных технологий для относительно узкого сектора рынка слишком много. 3.4 Размер 3,5 Магнитооптика формата 3,5, в отличие от магнитооптики формата 5,25, с самого начала была ориентирована на массовый рынок. Благодаря компактности, высокому быстродействию и надежности позиции 3,5 дисководов довольно прочны. Хотя 3,5 магнитооптические дисководы предлагаются под разными торговыми марками, производятся они в настоящее время единственной фирмой - Fuji su, которая была родоначальницей этого формата и внесла наибольший вклад в его развитие.

James T. Fields. Biographical notes and personal sketches, with unpublished fragments and tributes from men and women of letters Книга по Требованию Fields A.
1145 руб
Sting'Fields Of Gold' Japan [CD] { } ~54.00.00 88936 Бомба-М
1089 руб
Nanny Ogg s Cookbook: A Useful and Improving Almanack of Information Including Astonishing Recipes from Terry Pratchett s Discworld Corgi Books Briggs S.,Пратчетт Т.
549 руб
Fields of Vision 2: Literature in the English language Fields of Vision Pearson Education (Longman) Delaney D.
1139 руб
Strawberry Fields Daedalus Books Marina L.
570 руб
The neuropsychology of breathing-related sleep disorders. Is treatment effective in improving cognitive functioning and driving performance? Книга по Требованию Dr. M.S.
Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a complex disorder of neural respiratory control and upper airway dysfunction that results in repeated complete and partial occlusion of the upper airway during sleep.
1981 руб
Heat Transfer from Flame Impingement Normal to a Plane Surface. Importance of radiation, convection, and thermochemical heat release in impinging flames Книга по Требованию Charles E. B.
Flames impinged perpendicular to a water-cooled flat disk segmented into 6 concentric calorimeteric sections to measure radial heat flux distribution.
2747 руб
Improving the English Writing Skills of Culturally Diverse Exceptional Elementary Students An Integrated Model Approach to Writing Instruction. Книга по Требованию Kimberly L.
The results of the study indicate the intervention was effective for improving the overall quality of student writing samples. All students' writing demonstrated an improvement in sentence complexity, use of description, and total number of words written. The classroom teacher and students found the IM to be a socially valid intervention. This study' s findings show promising results for an Integrated Model approach to writing and developing the writing skills of culturally diverse exceptional students.
1981 руб
Analysis of surface defects using the ultrasonic Rayleigh surface wave. A step towards an accurate, fast and reliable NDT technique for surface defects Книга по Требованию Fan Y.
The pitch-catch geometry also allows this technique to be used at high speed on-line NDT applications.
2403 руб
Non-polar III-Nitrides. Improving the Quantum Efficiency of Nitride Based Devices Книга по Требованию Bilge I.
In this book these two issues were addressed so as to eliminate the polarization fields by nonpolar growth and to effectively reduce the high defect densities in films grown along the nonpolar directions employing a new growth technique called SLEO.
2769 руб
INFRARED FLASH THERMOGRAPHY (FT) FOR BUILDING DIAGNOSIS. Detection of surface cracks, subsurface defects and water-paths in building concrete structures Книга по Требованию Janet S.
Therefore,in this study,infrared flash thermography (FT) has been used to detect the three major building defects in concrete structures: surface cracks,subsurface defects and water-paths.
3215 руб
Dynamical Phyllotaxis, Artificial Spin Ice, and Graphenic Bicontinuum. A journey through leaves and stems, rotons and solitons, magnets and arrays, one ground state lost, many found and two fields Книга по Требованию Cristiano N.
Reflecting the somehow eclectic nature of the author' s interests, this book explores three - if not more - separated topics, at the forefront of their fields. After demonstrating in an experimental ”magnetic cactus“ the same phyllotactic patterns that occur in leaves on a stem, spines on a cactus, or scales on a pine cone, Chapter I shows that the dynamics of phyllotaxis generates new physics beyond botany: rotons and a large family of dynamically stable novel topological solitons. This ' dynamical phyllotaxis' is likely to be relevant e. g. for conduction in Wigner crystals in cylindrical geometries, energy localization in protein alpha helices, or solitons in DNA. Chapter III focuses our attention to carbon nanostructures and introduces a two-field formalism that can fully describe their electromechanical properties at small deformations, and therefore explains and extends a previously disparate accumulation of analytical and computational results. Chapter II reports on the first artificial realization at the nanoscale of spin ice, discusses its relationship with well known vertex models and shows how this athermal system can be described by an effective thermodynamics.
1997 руб
Improving Conditions in Halifax Regional Municipality. Management of Existing Rooming Houses and Policies for Creating Additonal Affordable Housing Rooming Houses: Книга по Требованию Jill M.
Rooming houses may provide a viable housing option for many individuals who are lower income Canadians.
1997 руб
Atomic Terraces, Nanostructures and Fractals on Silicon. Chemistry and Photoelectrochemistry at the Silicon/Silicon Oxide/Electrolyte Phase Boundaries - A Surface Analytical Characterization Книга по Требованию Michael L.
It is the hope of the author that some of the findings, analyzed here, will contribute to the success of novel strategies that have to be developed in order to meet the technological and ecological challenges of our era.
3621 руб
Telemedicine for Improving Access to Health Care in Low-Resource Areas. From Individual Diagnosis to Strengthening Health Systems Книга по Требованию Kurt B.
3987 руб
The information provided in this book will be useful to bread makers seeking to develop high end-use quality products, and to industry as they select suitable improvers for the wheat flour.
2403 руб
Analog Filter Techniques. Improving Frequency Response and Dynamic Range in Integrated Solutions Книга по Требованию
Analog filters are vital building blocks in many modern electronic systems; their integration on-chip reduces size and cost due to the absence or limited use of external components.
2416 руб
Surface Plasmon Photonics. From Optical Properties of Nanoparticles to Single Molecule Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering Книга по Требованию Hongxing X.
The experimental observation of dimer structures, where two Ag particles are bridged by a single hemoglobin molecule, probably reveal the simplest nanoparticle system that can amplify Raman scattering to the extent that vibrational spectra of single molecules can be recorded.
2008 руб
Nanocrystalline Transition Metal Ferrites. Synthesis, Characterization and Surface Functionalization Книга по Требованию Daniela C.
The resulting nanoarchitectures are highly stable, biocompatible and multifunctional opening up new opportunities for the implementation of the magnetic nanoparticles in the diagnosis and therapy of various diseases.
2416 руб
Improving Music Sight Reading. An Iconic-Based Approach to Teaching Rhythm Книга по Требованию Anthony P.
Results from an analysis of covariance revealed that no group obtained a significant difference on the posttest mean scores from the rhythmic performance test after a nine-week period.
2416 руб

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