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The Effects of Culturally-based Computer Software:. On the Motivation and Academic Engagement of African American English Speakers

Формат:      Страниц 216
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Satasha G.    
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Conventional, traditional and technological instructional methods in the classroom do not account for the language variety of some AAE speakers. Therefore, cultural-based technological instruction is needed for AAE speakers. Many educators have argued that curriculum, instruction, reading materials, and computer-assisted instruction that are based upon an Afro-centric model of education are more likely congruent with African American students' ways of knowing and learning. Technology is essential in today' s pluralistic classroom. There is also a need to fill the gaps in our existing knowledge base on the effects of culturally and linguistically responsive interventions on achievement and mediating factors, including motivation to learn and academic engagement. Otherwise, AAE speakers may receive inadequate instruction to meet their needs and may be "at-risk" for further remediation or special education placement. There is a need to respond to the educational demands of African American English (AAE) speakers based on standardized measures.
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Динамическая поддержка расширений процессора в...
Также предполагается расширить возможности системы для настройки компилятора с языка высокого уровня для генерации кода с учетом наличия акселераторов (в настоящее время команды акселератора на уровне языка C используются вручную в виде ассемблерных вставок). Список литературы Hiroyuki omiyama, Ashok Halambi, Pe er Gru . Archi ec ure Descrip io La guages for Sys ems-o -Chip Desig . Ce er for Embedded Compu er Sys ems, U iver si y of Califor ia. 2000. Wei Qi , Sharad Malik. Archi ec ure Descrip io La guages for Re arge able Compila io . he Compiler Desig Ha dbook, CRC Press, 2003. Clifford Liem, Pierre G. Pauli , Ahmed A.Jerraya. Re arge able Compilers for Embedded Core Processors. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1997. Rai er Leupers. Re arge able Code Ge era io for Digi al Sig al Processors. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1997. Li Yu g-Chia. Hardware/Sof ware Co-desig wi h Archi ec ure Descrip io La guage. Programmi g La guage Lab. HU. 2003. IEEE S a dard Hardware Descrip io La guage Based o he Verilog® Hardware Descrip io La guage, IEEE S d 1364-1995.

Task-Based Computer-Mediated Negotiation in an EFL Context. The Ins and Outs of Online Negotiation of Meaning Using Language Learning Tasks Книга по Требованию Ali A.
The interaction scripts reveal that learners do negotiate for meaning in CMC when communication breaks down.
3234 руб
The Culture of Educational Software for Developing Nations. Neutral or Not: Promoting and protecting languages and cultures through the use of open source technologies and community based development Книга по Требованию
Donating Western educational software to developing nations is a great and noble act, however we must ensure the proper localization of these technologies for schools and protect the local languages, learning methodologies and cultures receiving these tools.
2784 руб
Current Processes and Future Directions Developing Scientific Computing Software. Книга по Требованию Jin T.
Considerable emphasis in scientific computing (SC) software development has been placed on the software qualities of performance and correctness.
3234 руб
The Strike: A Concerted Industrial Action in Thailand. Strike versus Lockout,Labour Dispute Prevention and Settlement,Cultural Based Industrial Democracy Книга по Требованию Jamnean J.
Most conflicts between the two major actors in the industrial relations system, employers and unions, are resolved through collective bargaining.
2626 руб
Case-Based Reasoning. An Effective Paradigm to Facilitate Diagnostic Support for Stroke Patients Книга по Требованию Mariam B.
These similar cases were meant to provide useful information to the clinicians, facilitating them in reaching a potential solution for stroke diagnosis and also a means to validate other imaging tests and clinical assessments to confirm the diagnosis and prognosis.
2385 руб
The Effect of Clients’ Tasks on Librarians’ Database Selection. Task-based Information Searching Research in the Business Domain Книга по Требованию Soojung K.
Task-based information searching views a user' s task as a central factor for understanding information- seeking behaviors. To investigate the role of tasks in information searching, particularly in the business domain, this book analyzes the database selection process used by librarians from the perspective of users' tasks. The first part of the study developed an inventory of 30 business tasks and 144 associated questions through content analysis of Harvard Business School cases and other materials.
3191 руб
An Introduction to GRAEL - Grammars and Evolution. An Agent-Based Evolutionary Computing Approach to Memory-Based Syntactic Parsing of Natural Language Книга по Требованию Guy D.P.
This book investigates memory-based syntactic parsing of natural language, using an agent-based, evolutionary computing approach.
3191 руб
The Effect of Genre-Based Instruction on Early L2 Writers. Performative and Affective Aspects of Taiwanese Fourth Graders' Summary and Story Writing After the Genre-Based Instruction Книга по Требованию Huifen L.
The results of the study implied that formal correctness should not be a major criterion for judging students’ writing performance because it has little connection with students’ meaningful communication.
1997 руб
A guide for researchers and designers A framework for gesture-based human computer interactions. Книга по Требованию Maria K.
For over 40 years, gestures provided an alternative to the keyboard and mouse for most application domains, employing an array of technologies to control a multitude of tasks.
3215 руб
The Comparison Effects of Community-based Rural Enterprises, Thailand. Economic, Social and Institutional Effects Книга по Требованию Lada P.
In mid-1997, Thailand’s high dependency on foreign capital, technology and market economy had experienced severe financial and economic crisis creating high debts and financial difficulties leading to bankruptcy of many businesses.
2403 руб
Task Practice Sequence in Computer Based Instruction Книга по Требованию
Researchers have sifted through findings of instructional and cognitive science to find the most effective practice strategies by which to design practice tasks.
1997 руб
Attitudes, obstacles and potential in Chinese Higher Education Internet-based development of cultural knowledge and awareness. Книга по Требованию Lijing S.
Furthermore, few empirical studies have explored the elements likely to facilitate or impede the adoption of Internet-based, ICC-focused English learning in Chinese Higher Education (HE), where access is controlled and the learning culture is distinctive.
3215 руб
Ol und Okozid. Die oil-based energy culture und ihre (Energie-)Krise Книга по Требованию
Man braucht eine Ideologie, womit das Erreichen einer neuen, modernen, kuenstlichen und scheinbar besseren Welt als Realisierung des Wohlstands fuer alle moeglich ist:
2784 руб
Effects of Compensation Strategies on The Culture of Nonprofits. A Case Study Of The Effects Of A Total Compensation Strategy On the Culture Of A Nonprofit Organization Книга по Требованию Mary C.H.
As a second example, the analysis suggested that more freedom for employees to exercise discretion in decision-making would increase organizational productivity and innovation.
2008 руб
Parallel Tetrahedral Meshing based on A-priori Domain Decomposition. From scratch to results by utilizing off-the-shelf sequential software Книга по Требованию Evgeny I.
Then detailed explanation of the parallel mesh generation algorithm proposed in this book is given.
2784 руб
Conserving Cultural Built Heritage in South and Southeast Asia. A Conceptual Framework for the Conservation of Non-secular Built Heritage Based on the Philosophical and Cultural Experiences of the Region Книга по Требованию Jamie M.
In this situation rebuilding is often more readily acceptable.
3234 руб
Security Improvements in an existing Network Environment. Network Traffic Analysis, Firewall Redundancy, IPSec VPN Server and Client Setup based on Open Source Software Книга по Требованию
IPsec VPN deals with the implementation of a reliable open source IPsec VPN server that is secure and supports all standard clients with their standard connection tools.
2008 руб
Analyse, Werkzeuge, Prozessoptimierung fuer Computer Based Trainings am Beispiel Frequentis AG e-Learning Praxis. Книга по Требованию Hendrik H.
"e-Learning Praxis: Analyse, Werkzeuge, Prozessoptimierung fuer Computer Based Trainings" fuehrt am Beispiel der Frequentis AG ueberblicksmaessig in die Thematik e-Learning im Allgemeinen, in das Teilgebiet Computer Based Training im Speziellen ein und unterzieht die Ausgangssituation im Unternehmen einer gruendlichen Analyse.
3234 руб
A feasibility study based on own Software Tool to provide communication in the sky just by using flying airplanes Analysis of Flight Data for AIRBORNE NETWORKs DESIGN. Книга по Требованию Daniele G.
A novel Software Tool analyses real flight data in order to understand the network scenario.
2416 руб
Action Plan for Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) in India:. focus on Culture and Participation Книга по Требованию Kamaraj D.
Explicit acknowledgment of cultural aspects in community projects is not found from the available data.
2008 руб

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