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Care-giving approaches in Rehabilitation centers. Factors influencing care-giving approaches in Rehabilitation centers for street children during informal learning activities

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Catherine G.    
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The Government of Kenya led an emergency response to provide and improve the situation of the street children, youth and families, which was initiated in 2003 and commenced in 2004. The objectives were to identify care-giving approaches, investigate management styles used, and establish if there was any significant relationship between these approaches and the age, experience, training and management styles of the care-givers. This led to establishment of rehabilitation centres to cater for children from the streets. The purpose of the study was to investigate factors that influence care-giving approaches among care-givers, in rehabilitation centres during informal learning activities for street children. However, this is not the case and the problem of the street children seems to persist. Care-givers were employed to perform responsibilities of reforming and promoting the developmental aspects of these children through rehabilitation, according to set standards in the country. There is a possibility that care-giving services offered in the centres are not of quality that can transform and help reduce the psychosocial imbalance in street children.
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The government role in the market economy
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A Community-based Rehabilitation Approach. CARING FOR LYMPHEDEMA: A Training Manual for Lymphatic Filariasis Management in Resource-poor Communities Книга по Требованию Omolola A.
Unfortunately, resources are not affordable or available in resource-poor communities to provide clinic-based management, so many people go untreated.
2008 руб
Alpha Neurofeedback Training in the Rehabilitation Process of Stroke Patients. An Innovative Approach for a More Effective Treatment of Stroke Patients With Memory Deficits Книга по Требованию
Furthermore these preliminary results suggest that Neurofeedback can be a valuable tool in rehabilitation after stroke.
2416 руб
Understanding Safety Culture in Long-term Care. A Mixed Methods Approach Книга по Требованию Michelle H.
Results suggested a reactive culture, where safety systems were piecemeal and developed only in response to adverse events and/or regulatory requirements.
2416 руб
Giving Them another Chance. A Resettlement/Rehabilitation Plan for the Affected People by a Mega Power Project Afterlife for the Uprooted: Книга по Требованию Manjeet C.
Sponsored by the top industrialist Anil Ambani' s Reliance Power Limited as required by the Indian Government to step up the Chhatrasal Open Cast Project in coal belt of Madhya Pradesh leading to the resettlement/rehabilitation recommendations for project affected persons (institutionalized families, diverse agro-based peoples and forested communities, and tribal living in and by their day-to-day activities reproducing the economic and non-economic components of social formation in the large context of the multi sector Indian economy) of three villages constituting project affected area, the study addresses the broad perspective of a changing India where large chunks of agricultural and forest lands are being occupied by big industry causing uprooting of the people. The mega power project now goes on peacefully. Quite a good number of industrial/infrastructural projects have to be abandoned in the wake of popular agitation. To go on with development agenda, the only option left is to resettle the uprooted people by giving them another chance, a new and better afterlife of rehabilitation. It is innovative by its nature of recommendations.
1894 руб
Кукла: Baby Care с аксессуарами функциональная (пьет, писает): Для детей от 3 лет - - с. ISBN 16119L ~54.00.00 33752 Китай
488 руб
Kitten Care Dorling Kindersley
5 руб
Approaches to Psychology Open University Press Glassman
2936 руб
Rich Dad's Rich Kid, Smart Kid: Giving Your Children a Financial Head Start Hachette Livre Kiyosaki R.
But the current educational system may not be providing all the information your child needs.
525 руб
Trade And Trade Centers Of History Книга по Требованию Hamilton B.W.
5 руб
Breaking the Mould: New Approaches to Ceramics Black Dog Publishing Clare T.
When Grayson Perry won the Turner Prize in 2003, with his expressively illustrated clay vessels, people began to take interest in the craft-art crossover.
1545 руб
Healthcare in Russia: Abridged edition How to Cope with the Current Challenges. Scientific background for "The Development Strategy of Health Care in Russian Federation toward the Year 2020". ГЭОТАР-Медиа Ulumbekova G.
This edition presents a short version of the book published in Russia under the same title.
191 руб
Teach Yourself Easy PC Care: Be Your Own Expert: 2010 Hodder&Stoughton Anthony P.
THINGS TO REMEMBER Quick refreshers to help you remember the key facts.
1464 руб
Semiconductor Device Attachment by Silver Paste Sintering. Theory, Approaches and Applications Книга по Требованию zhiye z.
Since this book demonstrated a novel sintering technique with superior performance even at high temperature (>800oC), it should be also useful to professionals in high power LED, laser device, and etc. With the large external pressure, the micro-scale silver paste can be sintered to form high-quality interconnection layer at 240oC. Because nanoscale silver particles have lower sintering temperature, several approaches were developed to address sintering challenges of nanoscale silver particles, such as particles aggregation, agglomeration, and non- densification diffusion at low temperature. This book should be helpful for researches and engineers in the power semiconductor assembling and applications. Silver interconnection has superior performance than current interconnection materials/techniques, including conductive adhesives and reflowed solders; but high processing temperature prevent its application. The external pressure, however, makes this technique difficult to implement. The low- temperature sintering nanoscale technique was successfully demonstrated in the interconnecting SiC device for high-temperature application.
2747 руб
News Media Communication of Sustainability and the Environment:. An Exploration of Approaches to Improvement Книга по Требованию Komathi K.
News media coverage of sustainability and environmental issues is often regarded as informal education necessary for gaining public support towards related actions.
3191 руб
Natural versus Standardized Approaches to Spoken System Design. A Comparison Using the Dual-Task Paradigm Книга по Требованию Ellen C.
The method of this exploration is adapted from cognitive psychology, and it is called the dual-task paradigm.
3191 руб
Long-term outcomes after intensive care. Survival, recovery, functional status and quality of life after critical illness Книга по Требованию Reidar K.
So what happens to these survivors after hospital discarge?
1981 руб
Modeling Spatio-Temporal Databases. Approaches for Modeling and Indexing Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Databases Книга по Требованию Hatem H.
In Chapter 6 we discuss a future view of the famous “Google Earth” application as a real time applicable example of all theoretical material presented in this book.
1997 руб
The Impact of SARS. on Toronto's Health Care System Книга по Требованию Amelie C.L.
Greater knowledge of the cost of SARS on the health care system will help hospital managers make better informed decisions about the types of services to deliver and how to deliver them.
2403 руб
Secular Parents' Choice of Ultra Orthodox Day-Care. A Grounded Theory Study of Parental Decision Making Книга по Требованию Gabriel B.
This book presents a theory, which uncovers that the decision-making process experienced by Israeli secular parents who choose Jewish ultra orthodox day-care goes beyond rational consideration of practical and pedagogic factors.
3215 руб
Software approaches for energy-efficient system design. Focused on Dynamic Power Management and program specialization Книга по Требованию Eui-Young C.
First, it discusses two OS level energy reduction techniques called Dynamic Power Management (DPM) for interactive applications.
2403 руб

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