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Role Of Non-Timber Forest Products In Raising Lives Of Rural Community. Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) Aims In Uplifting Socio-economic Conditions Of The Rural Community, Farmer's Community, Agriculturists And Lay-man

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Faizan M.    
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This study provides a close in-sight of NTFP products and their possible useful role in uplifting the socio-econmic conditions of rural community. Besides, it will also be helpful for the people who wants to establish small businesses. Key words: 01) NTFP (Non-Timber Forest Products). 02) Socio-economic. 03) Apiculture. 04) Sericulture. 05) Mushroom Cultivation. 06) Medicinal Plants. The current review paper titled "Role Of Non-Timber Forest Products In Raising Lives Of Rural Community" was designed to provide some useful information regarding NTFP. Four types of NTFP, i. e. Apiculture, Sericulture, Mushroom Cultivation and Medicinal Plants were focused. Some useful recommendations are made at the end of each chapter that could be helpful for the researchers and policy makers.
Папка для акварели "Балет", 20 листов, А2.
Папка для акварели. Обложка - мелованный картон с клапанами. Блок - рисовальная бумага чистоцеллюлозная. Формат: A2. Плотность: 200
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Подарочная расчёска для волос "Алена".
Стильная детская расчёска дарит радость и комфорт. Этот практичный аксессуар по достоинству оценят как маленькие модницы, так юные
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Лингвистический анализ текстов американской Литературной...
Такая вариативность медиальных формул – ремарок автора в тексте АЛС объясняется также стремлением автора сделать текст более интересным и запоминающимися. Частое применение финальной формулы – явление, характерное для НС – « объясняется, в числе других причин, желанием сделать, в той или иной форме, « заключение», смысл которого зависит от характера сюжета, от сказочника, в желании убедить слушателей в том, что он сам участвовал в происшедших событиях, следовательно, что они имели место на самом деле.» . Еще в НС финальные формулы начали разрушаться и этот процесс продолжается в АЛС. Финальная формула счастливого конца непредставительна в текстах АЛС, чаще писатели используют формулы характерные для бытовых и этиологических сказок, а именно формул, заключающих, что какое-либо событие имело место. В ходе исследования текстов АЛС было обнаружено два типа финальных формул АЛС, тип1 A D HEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AF ER: Пример26: A d so hey lived o a farm where hey raised popcor . (C.Sa dburg “ he Huckabuck Family.”) А также тип 2 ( FROM HA DAY) / (EVER SI CE) SM H HAPPE ED: Пример27: A d from ha day o his, o a si gle s ake, big or small, is o be fou d i Irela d.” (E. Dillo “Sai Pa rick a d heS akes.”) Однако, были выделены также прочие варианты финальных формул: Пример28: ha is how i happe ed ha Babe he Blue Ox we (P.

Potential Non-Timber Forest Products for Rural Livelihoods in Nepal. A Case Study from Tehrathum District Книга по Требованию Bidya N.J.
Forest products especially the NTFPs are the sources of food, fibre, medicine and direct income for many rural poor in Nepal.
1894 руб
A qualitative inquiry of the effects of the Tostan educational program on the lives of women in a rural community in Senegal The Role of Literacy in Enhancing Women’s Agency and Well-being. Книга по Требованию Maimouna B.
3234 руб
The Case of Busia District, Western Kenya. How Social Capital influences student education outcomes in a relatively materially deprived rural community in Kenya Social Capital and Education: Книга по Требованию John M.
3234 руб
Rural community development Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
1599 руб
Rural Community Policing and Religiosity. Two opportunities that exist for law enforcement in rural West Texas Книга по Требованию Stephen R.
Specifically, there is a need to broaden the scope of perspectives to gain more in- depth knowledge of rural community policing practice.
1894 руб
Educational Resources Of Village And Rural Communities (1913) Книга по Требованию Joseph K.H.
1145 руб
Access, Use and Management of Water Resources by Rural Communities. A case study of Chishawasha Settlement Area, Zimbabwe Книга по Требованию Chipo P.M.
The study further explores strategies used to gain access and levels at which conflict arises in accessing and utilizing water resources.
1878 руб
SUSTAINABILITY OF POVERTY ERADICATION PROJECTS IN RURAL COMMUNITIES. Limpopo Province in South Africa An Assessment in Rural Communities of Capricorn District Municipality: Книга по Требованию Makgoshi P.M.
This study is concerned with an assessment of the sustainability of poverty eradication projects in Rural Communities of Capricorn District Municipality of Limpopo Province.
3051 руб
The Role of Spatial Scale and Non-forest Habitats Predicting Occurrence of Area-sensitive Forest Birds. Книга по Требованию
Few studies examine how birds respond to landscape configuration at spatial scales useful for conservation and land-use planning; i. e. , to identify important habitats and assess impacts of land-use activities.
2008 руб
Barn Style Living. Design and Plan Inspiration for Timber Frame Homes Schiffer Books Tina S.
This book will inspire all who hope to build or furnish a unique post and beam home of their own.
4379 руб
Sustainable Land Resources Management. A Basis for Agricultural Production and Rural Livelihood Книга по Требованию Legesse G.
Land degradation undermines the normal functioning of agroecosystems by disrupting the biological cycles and risking the livelihood of rural people.
1997 руб
Rural Women speak of transforming their lives after the experience of childhood sexual assault Steel Magnolias Healing Journeys. Книга по Требованию
This book examines the construction of healing from childhood sexual assault from the perspective of adult women from Australia who were sexually abused in their childhood years.
2769 руб
The Timber Harvesting Behavior of Family Forest Owners. Theoretical and Empirical Individual-choice Models for the Southeastern United States Книга по Требованию Brett B.
Continued shifts away from strong timber objectives will decrease the flow of timber from family forest lands.
2416 руб
Forest regeneration amid anthropogenic pressure in rural Africa. A comparative analysis of two forest fragments in western Uganda Книга по Требованию Moses M.
2008 руб
Non-Governmental Organizations and the Global Refugee Regime. The Role of NGOs in the Era of Global Governance Книга по Требованию Eva V.S.
The field of refugee protection requires a complex attitude from NGOs, as here they meet with growing reluctance of state actors, whose interests are more formulated by economic and security aspects.
2008 руб
Forest Property Rights. The Role of the State and Institutional Exigency, the Ethiopian Experience Книга по Требованию Melaku B.
3234 руб
The Role of Forest Management Program in Reducing Poverty in Woreda Medebay-Zana, Tigray Region, Ethiopia; with especial reference to landless people Forests and the Landless Poor. Книга по Требованию Ashenafi G.B.
Forests play an important role in the livelihoods of rural people as a subsistence safety net, and as a source of cash income, a capital asset, and a source of employment.
2416 руб
Performance of Various Tree Species as Irrigated by Urban Wastewater. Raising of forest trees using urban Wastewater Книга по Требованию Dr. M.A.T.
Edible crops especially the vegetables grown on contaminated water get loaded with different heavy metals such as Ni, Cd, Cr, Cu and/or Zn from city effluents.
2416 руб
Cost of Growing Timber in the Pacific Northwest, As Related to the Interest Rates Available to Various Forest Owners Книга по Требованию Kirkland B.P.
362 руб
Meanings, Dimensions and Processes. Gendered Poverty in Rural Nepal: Revisiting the Role of Social Mobilisation and Micro-credit Programmes in Alleviation of Gendered Poverty Книга по Требованию Dr. G.S.
Utilising the case from rural Nepal, I analyse poverty from gender perspective at three levels: spaital, household and individual.
3051 руб

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