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Arthur C. Watson

Формат:      Страниц 104
     мягкая обложка
Frederic P.    
Книга по Требованию    
1509 руб
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Arthur Chopin Watson (December 15, 1909 – November 15, 1984) was an attorney, state legislator, civic leader, philanthropist, and chairman of the Louisiana Democratic Party from 1968–1976. He was afflicted with polio in infancy and lost the use of both legs, and his mother died when he was only seven. Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. However, his zest for living gave rise to his nickname "Speedy. "
Пиалы "Перезагрузка".
Интересный набор чашек-пиал, подойдёт в подарок программисту, заядлому геймеру либо просто человеку, увлекающемуся компьютером. Набор
369 руб
Раздел: Прочее
Набор "Светофор с дорожными знаками".
Игровой набор "Светофор" с дорожными знаками - это интересное дополнение к игре для любого поклонника автомобилей. Благодаря
540 руб
Раздел: Сопутствующие товары
Кружка "Фотообъектив с крышкой", черная.
Керамическая кружка с крышкой, выполненная в форме фотообъектива, окажется приятным сюрпризом для любителей и профессионалов
570 руб
Раздел: Кружки
Letters and verses of Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, D.D., between the years 1829 and 1881 Книга по Требованию Stanley A.P.
955 руб
The Poems and Prose Remains of Arthur Hugh Clough Книга по Требованию Clough A.H.
955 руб
Arthur O'Shaughnessy his life and his work with selections from his poems Книга по Требованию O'Shaughnessy A.W.
500 руб
De Anastasio Bibliothecario Sedis Apostolicae, Ab Arthur Lapotre (Latin Edition) Книга по Требованию Lapotre A.
957 руб
Arthur Conan Doyle: A Life in Letters Penguin Group Doyle S.A.C.
In particular, Conan Doyle' s correspondence with his mother exposes his endless search for fulfillment and success outside the Holmes stories. At age sixteen Conan Doyle began studying medicine at Edinburgh University. Just months shy of graduating, he made the adventurous decision to accept a position as a surgeon on a whaling ship heading to the Arctic. He returned to Edinburgh, graduated, and struggled to establish his own medical practice while simultaneously writing and promoting his stories. He suffered years of disappointment as both doctor and author; yet, to his amazement, just two months after the first Sherlock Holmes short stories, he had garnered such a following that he completely abandoned medicine for literature. As the public clamored endlessly for Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle explored other pursuits: He was a doctor during the Boer War, a World War I correspondent, and the foremost spokesman for Spiritualism. As his life changed, Doyle' s correspondence with his mother remained constant.
984 руб
Tales of King Arthur: Учебное пособие (предисл. Клейборн А. ) (на англ. яз. ) - 144 с. {Английские адаптации} Retold by Felicity Brooks (Король Артур: В пересказе Фелисити Брукс): М:АСТ/Астрель
63 руб
Here Lies Arthur Scholastic, Inc. Рив Ф.
495 руб
Arthur & George Random House UK Barnes J.
292 руб
The Adventures of King Arthur Young Reading 2 Usborne
406 руб
Arthur & George Daedalus Books Barnes J.
277 руб
Le Morte d'Arthur (+ Audio CD) Reading & Training 4 CIDEB Sir T.M.
It also recounts the tragic love story of Sir Lancelot and Guinevere, the destruction of the Round Table and Arthur’s mysterious disappearance or death. "Le Morte d’Arthur" tells the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
737 руб
Arthur, Tome 2: La Cite Interdite Arthur Livre de Poche Luc B.
691 руб
Arthur and George Random House, Inc. Julian B.
Julian Barnes has long been recognised as one of Britain' s most remarkable writers. While those already familiar with his work will enjoy its elegance, its wit, its profound wisdom about the human condition, Arthur & George will surely find him an entirely new audience.
905 руб
Merlin: The Death of Arthur Random House, Inc.
Uther ignores Gaius' warning, that the creature' s bite is always fatal, and sends Arthur and his knights out to kill it. The beast knocks Arthur unconscious and bites his shoulder. As Arthur' s life hangs in the balance, Merlin must travel to the Isle of the Blessed and there strike a potentially fatal bargain with the sorceress, Nimueh. The young warlock is the only one who can save Arthur - but at what cost? Whilst out on a routine hunting trip, Arthur and his men encounter a huge and terrifying monster - the Questing Beast.
328 руб
Sherlock Holmes and the Failure of Masculine Values. Detecting attitudes towards race and gender in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's detective fiction Книга по Требованию Tobias J.K.
2403 руб
Reigen und Mihaly Kornis: Koermagyar Ringel-Spiele. Identitaeten und Abweichungen in den Werken von Arthur Schnitzler: Книга по Требованию Gyoergyike T.
Die Stuecke Reigen von Arthur Schnitzler und Koermagyar von Mihaly Kornis zu vergleichen und zu analysieren, gab Antwort auf diese Fragen, warf aber auch andere Fragen auf.
2008 руб
Arthur Holmes Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Arthur Holmes (14 January 1890 – 20 September 1965) was a British geologist.
2621 руб
Arthur Shields Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Arthur Shields was an Irish stage and film actor.
1599 руб
Arthur Hamilton-Gordon, 1st Baron Stanmore Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
After graduating in 1851, he worked as Assistant Private Secretary to the British Prime Minister (his father) between 1852 and 1855.
1395 руб
Arthur Lelyveld Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
He served as Rabbi in Cincinnati for a time.
1599 руб

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