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Tom Wise

Формат:      Страниц 100
     мягкая обложка
Lambert M. S.    
Книга по Требованию    
1315 руб
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He is thought to be the first MEP to be jailed for expenses fraud. Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Sentencing him, the judge said that Wise had engaged in "deliberate and blatant dishonesty" and had set about to defraud the European Parliament almost as soon as he was elected. Tom (Thomas) Wise (born 13 May 1948, in Bournemouth) was an Independent Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for the East of England. After initially pleading not guilty, he admitted the charges and was sentenced in November 2009 at Southwark Crown Court to a two-year term of imprisonment. A former police officer, he was elected in 2004 as a member of the United Kingdom Independence Party but later had the whip withdrawn when allegations of misuse of parliamentary expenses surfaced in The Sunday Telegraph. Following an inquiry carried out by the European Anti-Fraud Office, Wise was formally charged with false accounting and money laundering by Bedfordshire Police.
Игра настольная "7 на 9".
Быстрая игра для 2-4 человек. Суть игры в том, что необходимо быстро считать в уме и ещё быстрее действовать — бросать подходящую карту,
390 руб
Раздел: Игры в дорогу
Набор гелевых ручек, 0.5 мм, 10 цветов.
Корпус - прозрачный пластик. Толщина линии письма - 0,5 мм. В наборе 10 цветов - синий, черный, красный, зеленый, светло-зеленый, розовый,
311 руб
Раздел: Цветные
Детский горшок музыкальный Froebel "Машинка", желтый-голубой.
Особенности: - горшок универсальный; - спинка; - крышка; - съемная внутренняя часть. Материал: пластик. Размер: 46x28x26 см.
1179 руб
Раздел: Горшки-стульчики

Адъективные ФЕ
Адъективные сравнения обозначают самые разнообразные качества и свойства как людей, так и предметов и явлений. Примеры адъективных сравнений, относящихся к людям: (as) cool as a cucumber - совершенно спокойный, невозмутимый; (as) merry as a grig - веселый, жизнерадостный; (as) brow as a berry - очень загорелый, шоколадного цвета (слово brow в этом сравнении сохраняет свое устарелое значение «темный»); (as) pre y as a pic ure - хороша как картинка; (as) rue as s eel-преданный душой и телом; (as) ugly as si - страшен как смертный грех; (as) vai as a peacock - горделивый, тщеславный, важный как павлин; (as) wise as Solomo - мудрый как Соломон; (as) yellow as a gui ea - желтый как лимон и др. Обычно сравнения моносемантичны. Но встречаются сравнения с двумя фразеосемантическими вариантами. Полисемантичные сравнения крайне редки. В сравнениях этого типа второй компонент выполняет не только усилительную функцию, но и является дифференциатором значения. Так, оборот (as) weak as wa er означает: 1) слабенький, хилый: Sir, I am jus ge i g well of a fever, a d I am as weak as wa er (Ch. Reade). 2) слабовольный, безвольный, слабохарактерный: You're very fo d of sweari g a d blis eri g a d hrea e i g, bu whe i comes o he poi you're as weak as wa er ( . Coward). У сравнения (as) sober as a judge тоже два фразеосемантических варианта, характеризующих человека с разных сторон: 1) совершенно трезвый; = ни в одном глазу; 2) трезвый в суждениях, здравомыслящий.

Tom Stoppard: Plays 2 Macmillan Publishers Tom S.
Included in this volume is "In the Native State", which became the stage play "Indian Ink". "Albert' s Bridge" won the Italia Prize and "In the Native State" won a Sony Award. His work for radio complements (and sometimes prefigures) his work for the stage. Plays Two: "The Dissolution of Dominic Boot", "' M' is for Moon Among Other Things", "If You' re Glad I' ll Be Frank", "Albert' s Bridge", "Where Are They Now? ", "Artist Descending a Staircase", "The Dog It Was That Died", "In the Native State".
559 руб
The Tom Wolfe Treasury of Patterns: 108 Animal Patterns Schiffer Wolfe T.
In all, 108 of Tom' s animals are presented for the use of woodcarvers around the country. This will be the source of many hours of fun and productivity for the woodcarver, resulting in some charming and delightful creations. The first of these books contains a variety of animals from dragons to mice, and pigs to raccoons. In his long and creative career as a woodcarver, Tom Wolfe has created literally thousands of patterns now being made available in a series of books containing his previously unpublished patterns.
565 руб
Приключения Пенрода: Повесть (пер. с англ. Иванова А., Устиновой А.) - 272 с. {Tom Sawyer & C} ISBN 5-94851-013-1 5-93196-197-6 ~92.10.15 712 М:Глобулус/изд-воНЦЭНАС Таркинтон Б.
75 руб
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Приключения Тома Сойера): Повесть (на англ.яз.) - 272 с. ISBN 5-8346-0193-6 ~92.06.14 206 М: Менеджер Twain M. (Твен М.)
79 руб
Игра: Том и Джерри: Зима: Для детей от 3 до 10 лет - - с. {Tom&Jerry} ISBN 1181 ~93.01.22 147 М: Астрель
110 руб
Tom Jones 'Mr.Jones' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 53944 МистерияЗвука
199 руб
Tom Waits [MP3] { } ~54.00.00 08369 RMG
119 руб
Angelripper Tom 'Best Of+4 Bonustracks' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 88118 BMG
469 руб
Tom Barabas 'ItS A New Life' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 43187 LandyStar
119 руб
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Oxford Bookworms Library Oxford University Press Твен М.
198 руб
Uncle Tom's Cabin CollLibra CRW Publishing Stowe H.B.
375 руб
Tom Thumb Ladybird Books
155 руб
All Things Wise And Wonderful Macmillan Publishers Herriot J.
411 руб
Tom Cruise Pearson
189 руб
Popular Classics The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Penguin Group Twain M.
114 руб
Oxford Bookworms Library 1: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Oxford University Press Mark T.
384 руб
Tom Brown's Schooldays & Tom Brown at Oxford Wordsworth Classics Wordsworth Thomas H.
In its less well-known sequel, "Tom Brown at Oxford", we follow our hero to St Ambrose' s College, and, in sharing his undergraduate experiences, gain a vivid impression of university life in the mid nineteenth century. Lively and mischievous, idle and brave, Tom Brown is both the typical boy of his time and the perennial hero celebrated by authors as diverse as Henry Fielding (in "Tom Jones") and Alec Waugh (in "The Loom of Youth"). The book describes Tom' s time at Rugby School from his first football match, through his troubled adolescence when he is savagely bullied by the unspeakable Flashman, to his departure for a wider world as a confident young man.
219 руб
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Oxford World's Classics Oxford University Press Mark T.
433 руб
Tom Jones Oxford World's Classics Oxford University Press Henry F.
Fielding' s comic masterpiece of 1749 was immediately attacked as `A motley history of bastardism, fornication, and adultery' . Indeed, his populous novel overflows with a marvellous assortment of prudes, whores, libertines, bumpkins, misanthropes, hypocrites, scoundrels, virgins, and all too fallible humanitarians.
506 руб
Tom Grogan Книга по Требованию Hopkinson S.F.
5 руб

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