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Oxford First Rhyming Dictionary 2009

Формат:      Страниц 80
     твердый переплет
John F.    
592 руб
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Tested with children and teachers. It is the ideal tool to build children' s phonic and spelling knowledge in a fun way. It also helps children to write their own poetry, rap, slogans, songs or rhyming stories or simply to extend their vocabulary. The 60 original poems compiled by the well-known children' s poet, John Foster, are illustrated with quirky artwork throughout. The Oxford First Rhyming Dictionary is organised alphabetically and contains rhyming words, rhyming families, rhyming sounds, phonics, poems and illustrations. This book is a must for every home and classroom.
Цветные карандаши "Lyra Osiris Aquarell", 24 цвета.
Цветные акварельные карандаши, треугольные с кистью, диаметр грифеля 3,3 мм.
586 руб
Раздел: 13-24 цвета
Автокружка с подогревом USB 12 V (450 мл).
Подключается к стандартному автомобильному прикуривателю и разъему USB. Сохраняет жидкость теплой, пока подключена к прикуривателю или
660 руб
Раздел: Автоаксессуары
Кровать для кукол деревянная (большая).
К кроватке прилагается матрасик, одеяльце и подушечка. Размеры дна кровати: 50х20 см. Размеры боковых сторон (качалки): 27х24
493 руб
Раздел: Спальни, кроватки

Система управления людскими ресурсами в крупных...
Глобализация управленческой деятельности делает компенсационную стратегию одним из ключевых элементов привлечения сотрудников. Темпы роста и развития бизнеса приводят к постоянной нехватке высококвалифицированных специалистов, так как необновляемые знания устаревают очень быстро. Компании прилагают максимум усилий для постоянного повышения профессионального уровня сотрудников. Для этого проводятся различные мероприятия: семинары, стафф-митинги, курсы повышения квалификации, участие в образовательных программах различных университетов на договорной основе и получение степени MBA, т. п. Такой подход является мощным стимулирующим элементом привлечения сотрудников в организацию. Список литературы Управление персоналом: Учебник для вузов / Под ред. Т.Ю. Базарова, Б.Л. Еремина. - 2-е изд., перераб. и доп. - М: ЮНИТИ, 2006. Г. Робертс. Рекрутмент и отбор. Подход, основанный на компетенциях. – 2005. С. Литовченко, П. Панов (2008) Глобализация и конкурентоспособность: стратегии успеха. Ассоциация менеджеров. Milkovich, G., ewma , J. Compe sa io (2009) McGraw-Hill/Irwi . Mar occhio, J. S ra egic Compe sa io : A Huma Resource Ma ageme Approach (2006). Pre ice Hall. G.S. Drori, J.W. Meyer, H. Hwa g (2009) Globaliza io a d Orga iza io - World Socie y a d Orga iza io al Cha ge. Oxford. Армстронг М. Практика управления человеческими ресурсами. – СПб.: Питер, 2008. Овчинникова О.Г. Лояльность персонала. – М.:ООО «Журнал Управление Персоналом», 2009. Харский К.В. Благонадежность и лояльность персонала. – СПб.: Питер, 2007. Доминяк В. Измерение лояльности: действующая модель // Персонал-микс 2008. №2. Доминяк В. Феномен лояльности в разработках зарубежных исследователей// Персонал-микс 2007. №1(14). Доминяк В. Лояльность персонала как социально-психологическая установка. // Персонал-Микс, 2007, №5. Горностаев С. Все сотрудники лояльны одинаково, но нелояльны по-своему.// Управление персоналом 2008. №2. Саприн М. Лояльность или инициатива? // Персонал-микс 2008. №7-8.

Oxford First Rhyming Dictionary Oxford University Press
The dictionary contains a clear and simple alphabetical list of over 1,000 words that rhyme along with rhyming sounds, and an index to make finding words simple. John Foster' s lively poems accompany the rhyming sounds, and every page features bright and colourful illustrations. Children can expand their vocabulary, practice phonic sounds to help with spelling, and being to write their own rhymes. Have fun in the sun, drink lemonade in the shade and be inspired to write about pirates, kings and magic rings in the Oxford First Rhyming Dictionary.
713 руб
Oxford First Picture Dictionary Oxford University Press Val B.
The alphabet down the side of each page, with the appropriate letter highlighted, teaches first navigation skills.
756 руб
Oxford Russian Mini Dictionary Oxford University Press Oxford D.
This is the reissued Oxford Russian Mini Dictionary - now in an attractive new format.
310 руб
Oxford Spanish Mini Dictionary Oxford University Press University P.O.
Now in attractive two-colour design, this robust and portable dictionary is easy to use and ideal for travel and quick reference.
244 руб
Oxford Children's Rhyming Dictionary Oxford Children's Oxford University Press
833 руб
Oxford Concise School Dictionary (Современный толковый словарь английского языка): 40 тыс. слов и выражений современного английского языка АСТ,Астрель Макдональд Ф.,Хокинс Д.М.,Делаханти Э.
349 руб
Oxford Colour German Dictionary Plus Oxford University Press
We have identified the German words you most need to know, and they are laid out clearly for you here; you will also find them marked with a handy key symbol in the A-Z text of the dictionary. - Over 40,000 words and phrases, and 60,000 translations, covering the very latest vocabulary - New to this edition: centre section containing word games, a calendar of festivals and holidays, an A-Z guide German life and culture, and a ' German words you must know' section to help you improve your vocabulary. - Special usage notes give help with commonly used but tricky words in both languages - The fresh, new colour design makes it even easier to find the word you are looking for. - Includes tables of regular and irregular verbs for quick reference - Portable and robust - the flexicover binding means the dictionary is resistant to wear and tear, and it is a convenient size to slip into a bag or a backpack This edition of the Oxford Colour German Dictionary Plus is an effective and practical reference tool for students, adult learners, travellers, or business professionals.
305 руб
Oxford Greek Mini Dictionary Oxford University Press Уоттс Н.
410 руб
Collins First Picture Dictionary HarperCollins Publishers Irene Y.
Each word is accompanied by a bold, colourful illustration, and many spreads also feature an action-packed scene incorporating the words.
316 руб
Oxford Colour Russian Dictionary Oxford University Press
- Easy access: the layout is exceptionally clear with all headwords, compounds, and derivatives appearing in blue - The required vocabulary of Russian and English for learners: 45,000 words and phrases are included, giving a firm foundation for language development - Russian made easy: lists of spelling rules, declension of Russian nouns and adjectives, conjugation of Russian verbs, and a key to the Russian alphabet give full support to boost confidence - When and how to use each word: hundreds of examples show the real do' s and don' ts of grammar and usage - The right translations at your finger-tips: all translations are clearly signposted to ensure you choose the right translations every time. - Enjoyable learn-as-you-play word-games supplement: cross-word puzzles and word games build knowledge of grammar and word choice, helping you get the best out of your dictionary. Easy access: The layout is exceptionally clear with all headwords, compounds, and derivatives appearing in blue The required vocabulary of Russian and English for learners: 45,000 words and phrases are included, giving a firm foundation for language development Russian made easy:
552 руб
Oxford Illustrated Computer Dictionary Oxford University Press Ian D.
Panels giving extra information on history, hardware, the internet and more are featured throughout the book.
477 руб
Oxford Student's Dictionary (2007 edition) Oxford University Press Robert A.
788 руб
Oxford Italian Mini Dictionary Oxford University Press
The conversion charts for distance, weights and measures, and clothing and shoe sizes make travelling abroad easier than ever before.
472 руб
Oxford First Picture Word Book Oxford University Press Heather H.
Colourful pages deal with first experiences from playtime, sleepy time, animals and pets, to transport and things that move.
503 руб
Oxford Illustrated Computer Dictionary OXED Ian D.
335 руб
Oxford English Mini Dictionary Oxford University Press
This small dictionary offers the most accurate and up-to-date coverage of essential, everyday vocabulary with over 90,000 words, phrases, and definitions based on evidence from the Oxford English Corpus, a unique databank comprising hundreds of millions of words of English.
249 руб -15% 211 руб
Oxford First Thesaurus Oxford University Press Delahunty A.
758 руб
Oxford School Spelling Dictionary Oxford University Press
Locating words has never been so quick and simple - here is the perfect book to make spelling easy and make you confident that you have got it right.
758 руб
Oxford Essential German Dictionary Oxford University Press
The Oxford Essential German Dictionary is ideal for anyone in need of a handy quick reference.
756 руб
Oxford Essential Italian Dictionary Oxford University Press
An essential book for the study of Italian.
974 руб

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