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I Think I Love You

Формат:      Страниц 496
     мягкая обложка
Allison P.    
Random House    
328 руб
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Remember when pop concerts kicked off at 2. 00pm so you could be home in time for Blind Date? Remember when the man of your dreams was waiting for you between the pages of Jackie? Remember when your signature scent was a heady mix of joss sticks and ' White Musk' ? This summer, let Allison Pearson' s hilarious and heart-warming novel take you back to the days of lip-gloss, unrequited love, teenage crushes and Anne French cleansing milk. We enter the world of two unforgettable friends: Petra and Sharon, in 1970s South Wales, who live for David Cassidy. His fan magazine is the girls' But unbeknownst to Petra, and to millions of other hopefuls, David' s letters may not be all his own work. The secret lies with Bill Finn, English graduate turned reluctant pop journalist, whose job it is to compile the Ultimate David Cassidy Quiz. Top prize: the trip of a lifetime, to meet your one and only love. Over two decades later, bruised by grief, Petra is living with her thirteen-year-old daughter, who has her own teen crush. By sheer chance - unless you believe in destiny - Petra discovers that the questions which obsessed her back in 1974 are suddenly very much alive. And Bill, successful in business but never in love, has some confessions of his own. . . Bible and they memorise every word that he sings and writes, in the hope of becoming the future Mrs Cassidy.
Игра настольная "Словодел".
Игра представляет собой пластмассовую коробку с пластмассовым полем, состоящим из 225 клеток (15х15) и 120 фишками с буквами. Главное
485 руб
Раздел: Игры со словами
Держатель украшений "Orchid", бронза.
Удобная подставка для украшений - лучший способ для аккуратного хранения Ваших драгоценностей. На 12 импровизированных выступов-держателей
1790 руб
Раздел: Подставки для украшений
Универсальный бокс, средний (3 секции).
Универсальные боксы прекрасно подходят для хранения любых мелочей: шурупов, гаек в мастерской, лекарств в домашней аптечке, маленьких
491 руб
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Blood, sweat and tears
Помимо прекрасных песен Купера "I Love You More ha You'll Ever K ow" и "I Ca ' Qui Her" внимание привлекала амбициозная " he Moder Adve ures Of Pla o, Dioge es A d Freud". Хотя к 1969 году пластинка стала "золотой", критики были настроены довольно холодно, что послужило причиной Эла Купера. За Купером ушли Вейсс и Брекер. Группа едва не распалась. Проведя перестановки среди духовиков и найдя нового вокалиста, Фред Липсиуис сыграл значительную роль в возрождении ансамбля после ухода Купера, Брекера и Вейсса. В коллективе их заменили Чак Уинфилд (труба, флюгельгорн; р. 5 февраля 1943, Монессен, США), Лью Солофф (труба, флюгельгорн; р. 20 февраля 1944, Нью-Йорк) и Джерри Хайман (тромбон; р. 19 мая 1947, Нью-Йорк). Дольше остальных в мире рок-музыки "варился" новый певец Дэвид Клейтон-Томас (р. 13 сентября 1944, Суррей, Великобритания). Несмотря на серьезные потери, коллектив нашел свою формулу успеха. Вышедший в начале 1969 года "Blood, Swea A d ears" на семь недель возглавил штатовсие чарты. Получив уже через три месяца после выхода статус "золотого", диск разошелся тиражом в два миллиона экземпляров.

Puzzle: 500 деталей: I Love You - - с. {Blue Line} ISBN 05072 ~91.03.09 404 Италия: Clementoni
113 руб
P.S. I Love You Hachette Livre Ahern
361 руб
I Love You, Blue Kangaroo (+ Audio CD) HarperCollins Publishers Emma C.C.
Every night Blue Kagnaroo falls fast asleep cuddled in Lily' s arms. He is her very own kangaroo. But things change when the new toy animals arrive. There just doesn' t seem to be enough room for Blue Kangaroo anymore. . . From the highly-regarded creator of Melrose and Croc and beautifully read by Joanna Lumley who already loves to read all of the Blue Kangaroo stories to her grandchildren.
402 руб
I Love You, Man Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Even with the good reviews I Love You, Man only took second spot in the box office during its opening week losing to Knowing.
1191 руб
To Love You More Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
Later it appeared on the Asian edition of Falling into You, Live a Paris ("To Love You More" was one of the radio singles promoting this album in Canada), and the U. S. edition of Let' s Talk About Love, being released as the third (but promotional only) single from this album. In 1996, Sony Music Entertainment released a promotional video showing live performance from the Falling into You Tour, with Taro Hakase on violin. The song was re-released on April 5, 1999 in Japan, this time as a maxi-single with club remixes created by Tony Moran. It was recorded for popular Japanese TV drama series, called Koibito Yo (meaning My Dear Lover), and included on The Colour of My Love album re-release in Japan. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! "To Love You More" is a single by Celine Dion, released in Japan on October 23, 1995.
1591 руб
I Love You (Diana Ross Album) Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
1335 руб
Love to Love You Baby Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
1509 руб
Книга для записей "I love you.Щенок с бантом"
53 руб
Книга для записей, А5. "I love you. Щенок с бантом"
Переплет - № 7БЦ, глянцевая ламинация.
55 руб
Guess How Much I Love You Walker Books McBratney S.
640 руб
Набор для творчества: раскрась кружку "I love you"
232 руб
Guess How Much I Love You: Colours Walker Books McBratney S.
It comes with shiny spot UV surfaces - perfect for little paws to touch.
537 руб
Фоторамка "Love you"
123 руб
We Love You, Hugless Douglas! Hodder&Stoughton Melling D.
Perhaps what Douglas is looking for is right under his nose. . . David Melling is one of the UK' s best-loved author-illustrators and his fourth book about Douglas the brown bear is as funny and compelling as the first. It combines brilliantly imaginative illustrations with an endearing sense of what it is like to be a small child learning about the world. ' A new Hugless Douglas book is always a cause for celebration. ' When Douglas goes on a best friend hunt with Flossie the sheep, everyone seems to have a best friend except him! The fourth Hugless Douglas adventure in this bestselling series with 1 million copies sold to date in 22 languages.
679 руб
Baa, Moo, I Love You! A Book of Animal Sounds I Love Learning Hachette Book Group Magsamen S.
Learn the names of six animals and their sounds as friendly farm animals say hello to each other on each spread.
604 руб
Миниатюра Crystocraft "I love You" серебристого цвета с розовыми кристаллами
549 руб
Шары воздушные "I love you", 100 штук, 30 см
822 руб
Обезьяна музыкальная "I love you", арт. B25302R
188 руб
Бумажные украшения "Love you madly"
205 руб
Шар фольгированный "I love you. Сердце", 51x47 см
70 руб

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