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She-Wolves: The Women Who Ruled England Before Elizabeth

Формат:      Страниц 496
     мягкая обложка
Helen C.    
Faber and Faber    
797 руб
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he boy in the bed was just fifteen years old. The stories of these women - told here in all their vivid humanity - illustrate the paradox which the female heirs to the Tudor throne had no choice but to negotiate. How, then, could a woman be king, how could royal power lie in female hands? He had been handsome, perhaps even recently; but now his face was swollen and disfigured by disease, and by the treatments his doctors had prescribed in the attempt to ward off its ravages. Their failure could no longer be mistaken. When Edward VI - Henry VIII' s longed - for son - died in 1553, extraordinarily, there was no one left to claim the title King of England. For the first time, all the contenders for the crown were female. In 1553, England was about to experience the ' monstrous regiment' - the unnatural rule - of a woman. But female rule in England also had a past. Four hundred years before Edward' s death, Matilda, daughter of Henry I and granddaughter of William the Conquerer, came tantalisingly close to securing her hold on the power of the crown. And between the 12th and the 15th centuries three more exceptional women - Eleanor of Aquitaine, Isabella of France, and Margaret of Anjou - discovered, as queens consort and dowager, how much was possible if the presumptions of male rule were not confronted so explicitly. Man was the head of woman; and the king was the head of all.
РЮМПОЧКА - с каждой рюмкой мир становится светлее! Создайте яркое застолье, зарядитесь энергией и самые светлые стороны жизни откроются,
315 руб
Раздел: Бокалы, рюмки
Ножницы "Explorer", 21,5 см.
Ножницы с массивными лезвиями идеально подходят для работы с плотной бумагой. Эргономичная форма ручек и резиновая вставка с
390 руб
Раздел: Ножи, ножницы, резаки
Лупа с креплением на голову и подсветкой (увеличение: 1,8-х - 4,8-х кратное).
Лупа с креплением на голову, обладающая регулировкой степени увеличения.
462 руб
Раздел: Лупы

Сравнительный анализ употребления знаков препинания в русском и английском...
Иногда с двух сторон запятыми выделяются и дополнения, которые в разговоре имеют силу интонационного характера. Одинаково в русском и английском языке запятая ставится в сложносочинённых предложениях при наличии союзов “a d”, “bu ”, “for”, “so”: 1.Au Polly asked him ques io s, for she wa ed o rap him. 2.I was clear ha some hi g had happe ed, so we eased up. Рассмотрим употребление запятой в сложноподчинённом предложении. В русском языке запятая ставится всегда, а в английском языке она ставится только тогда, когда заканчивается придаточное предложение, входящее в состав сложноподчинённого предложения, начинающегося со слов “ ha ”, “because”, “as”, “if”, “whe ”, “af er”, “si ce”, “al hough” и др. Но если сначала идёт главное предложение, то запятая перед перечисленными союзным словами не ставится: 1.Whe Paul called o see Pearl, she fou d her s ill sick. 2. he day came o a e d whe hey appeared i he dis a ce. 3. he solici or addressed me as he desce ded he s airs. Заметим, что в английском предложении перед союзными словами “who” и “which” запятая ставится: 1.Oliver was frigh e ed a he sigh of so ma y ge leme , which made him remble: a d he beadle gave him a o her ap behi d, which made him cry. 2. om prese ed himself before Au Polly, who was si i g by a ope wi dow.

December Wolves'Blasterpiece Theatre' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 87716 Бомба-М
169 руб
Wolves of the Calla Dark Tower V: Hodder&Stoughton Stephen K.
In the fertile lands of the East, the farming community has been warned the wolves are coming back.
462 руб
The Wolves in the Walls (+ Audio CD) Bloomsbury Publishing Neil G.
But her parents don' t listen. When the wolves finally take over the house and Lucy and her family are evicted to live in the garden, her parents realise perhaps they should have listened. But Lucy is no shrinking violet and pretty soon she has the wolves out and the family back in the house. So what was that noise Lucy heard coming from behind the wall? This is a brilliant, witty and inventive picture book with cutting-edge art, which is sure to be a hit with existing fans of Neil Gaiman as well as young readers. When Lucy hears noises from behind the wall she tries to warn her parents that there are wolves banging about.
785 руб
She Woke Up Married HarperCollins Publishers Suzanne M.
The bad news is there' s a diamond ring on her finger. Sometime during the evening she actually married The King of Rock ' n' Roll! Well, what happened in Vegas better stay in Vegas, right? But not if Turner Pruitt has anything to say about it. Because years before he put on his first pair of blue suede shoes, Turner knew the real Paris . . . She' s running away, as usual, but he knows her deepest secrets, and as much as she struggles against love, Paris is going to need him by her side as she faces her demons head-on.
374 руб
Raised by Wolves Quercus/MacLehose Press Jennifer L.B.
At the age of four, Bryn watched a rabid werewolf brutally murder her parents.
618 руб
What She Wants HarperCollins UK Cathy K.
But they were all wrong.
5 руб
Monsters on the Margin - The Abject in Literature. A Study of The Phantom of the Opera, Dracula and She Книга по Требованию Susanne Z.
The first part of the book introduces the reader to Kristeva’s theory of the abject.
2784 руб
All the Things She Said Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Also, the song was played during the final scenes of the Birds of Prey series on the WB network, in the 2003 episode "Devil' s Eyes". The song was ranked at number 452 in Blender magazine' s The 500 Greatest Songs Since You Were Born.
1599 руб
She's All That Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
At the outset of the film, his popular girlfriend, Taylor Vaughn (Jodi Lyn O' Keefe) dumps him for a faded reality TV star, Brock Hudson (Matthew Lillard), whom she met on spring break. Although he is hurt by Taylor' s rejection, Zach consoles himself by saying that Taylor is replaceable. Zach' s best friend, Dean Sampson, Jr. (Paul Walker), disagrees. They make a bet on whether or not Zach can turn any girl into the prom queen within six weeks. While walking around the school, Dean picks out Laney Boggs (Rachael Leigh Cook), a morose, but highly responsible, art student, as his choice for Zach. Zach Siler (Freddie Prinze, Jr. ) is the big man on campus at his California high school, as he is a soccer player, class president, and an honor student. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! She' s All That is a 1999 American romantic comedy film directed by Robert Iscove, and is a modern remake of George Bernard Shaw' s Pygmalion. It was one of the most popular teen films of the 1990s and reached #1 at the box office in its first week of release.
1191 руб
Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
It places the player in command of an American submarine during World War II and takes place in the Pacific theater.
1599 руб
Brave little Holland, and what she taught us Книга по Требованию Griffis W.E.
1145 руб
She Was Young and He Was Old, by the Author of 'lover and Husband'. Книга по Требованию Molesworth
1145 руб
War Wolves (Film) Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
War Wolves is a 2009 television movie that originally aired on the Syfy network on March 8, 2009.
1123 руб
She's My Baby Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The lead guitar is played by Gary Moore.
1509 руб
Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
It starred Dyanne Thorne as "Ilsa," commandante of a Nazi Stalag (prisoner-of-war camp); the maliciousness of her character was very loosely based on that of Ilse Koch.
1123 руб
CD-ROM. Wolves Eat Dogs (количество CD дисков: 5)
The crimes he uncovers and the secrets they reveal about the New Russia, make for a tense, unforgettable adventure.
1175 руб
Prospero Burns: The Wolves Unleashed Simon & Schuster Dan A.
298 руб
Murder, She Wrote. Knock `Em Dead Penguin Group Fletcher J.
279 руб
The Dark Tower: Wolves of the Calla Hodder&Stoughton King S.
736 руб
Tell the Wolves I'm Home Macmillan Publishers Brunt C.R.
Shy at school and distant from her once inseparable older sister, June can only be herself in Finn' s company; he is her godfather, confident, and best friend. So when he dies far too young of a mysterious illness that June' s mother can barely bring herself to discuss, June' s world is turned upside down. At the funeral, she notices a strange man lingering just beyond the crowd, and a few days later, June receives a package in the mail. Inside is a beautiful teapot she recognizes from Finn' s apartment, and a note from Toby, the stranger, asking for an opportunity to meet.
493 руб

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