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Six-String Heroes. Photographs of Great Guitarists

Формат:      Страниц 224
     твердый переплет
Neil Z.    
Chronicle Books    
1426 руб
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For nearly 40 years, legendary rock photographer Neil Zlozower has documented an astonishing who's-who of the most influential players of rock and metal guitar from the 1970s to today. Guitar Heroes collects his most killer shots of the most amazing players ever to wield an axe, including candid, studio, and live photos of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Slash, Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Dave Navarro, Dimebag Darrell, John Frusciante, Joe Satriani, Angus Young, and many more. With a foreword by Steve Vai, notes by Zlozower, and short texts by some of the guitarists themselves, Guitar Heroes is a must-have album for guitar fans, capturing the power and technique of the instrument through the lens of its legendary players.
Стул-стол для кормления Вилт "Алекс" (розовый).
Удобный стульчик-трансформер для кормления Вашего малыша. Можно использовать без столешницы, поэтому по мере взросления вашего малыша, вы
1304 руб
Раздел: Стульчики для кормления
Настольная игра "Кортекс".
Сможете отличить баскетбольный мяч от клубники на ощупь или за долю секунды увидеть выход из лабиринта? А молниеносно запомнить предметы и
896 руб
Раздел: Карточные игры
Умные кубики. Силуэты. 50 игр для развития интеллекта.
IQ-кубики «Силуэты» — это универсальный набор для развития дошкольника. В процессе игры он учится конструировать, систематизировать,
306 руб
Раздел: Кубики (10 и более штук)

Принципы работы редактора над статьями в энциклопедическом издании (на примере детских энциклопедий...
Обычно она носила титул «Великой жены царя». Эта замена оправданна, поскольку так текст лучше воспринимается – предложение на языке оригинала слишком запутанно, построение его не совсем логично. Также при переводе были сделаны опущения семантически избыточных слов, например, как в следующих предложениях: “Pepy II came o he hro e whe he was six years old. He was s ill ki g of Egyp 94 years la er whe he was 100”. Любой первоклассник сообразит, что если царь взошел на трон в возрасте шести лет, то через 94 года правления ему будет 100 лет. Поэтому упоминание о 94 годах справедливо было опущено переводчиком: « Пепи II взошел на престол, когда ему было 6 лет, а в возрасте 100 лет он все еще правил Египтом». Интересны в статьях хронологические вставки – такое впечатление, что это единственная правка, проведенная редактором при работе со статьями энциклопедии. К примеру, в статье, посвященной царице Хатшепсут, говорится, что «эта решительная женщина правила Египтом около 20 лет в XV в. до н.э.». В оригинале упоминания о XV веке до нашей эры нет – эту дату решил привнести редактор для большей информационной ценности издания.

Для детей от 3 лет (в ассортименте) - - с. Игрушка: Super Heroes: Китай
65 руб
Electric Six'Fire' [CD] { } ~25.00.00 05116 Союз-Мьюзик
139 руб
Six Feet Under 'True Carnage' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 56612 Фоно
139 руб
Бетховен 'The String Quartets op.18 (3,4,5),op.95,op.130,op.133' [2 CD] { } ~54.00.00 50562 X
139 руб
Rainbow Six 3:Raven Shield [CDR] { } ~94.03.09 092 Медиа2000
229 руб
Six Wives of Henry VIII Orion Books Fraser A.
482 руб
Six Ghost Stories Pearson S.H. B.
79 руб
Rainbow Six Penguin Group Clancy T.
298 руб
Indiana Jones: Heroes & Villains - sticker book Dorling Kindersley
Over 60 colour stickers and amazing scenes from Indiana' s movies mean kids can re-create some of his most incredible adventures, or make up their own swashbuckling stories in this action-packed sticker book packed with heroes and villains. Watch as they pitch Willie Scott against Dr. Marcus Brody, then peel them off to use again and again. And if they still want more, there are tons of cool facts about Indiana Jones to amaze their friends with. This book provides hours of sticky fun with kid' s favourite whip wielding archaeologist!
220 руб
Hot Six: A Stephanie Plum Novel Macmillan Publishers Janet E.
266 руб
Six Decades of Centerfolds The Playmate Book: Taschen Edgren G.
Throughout the Sixties, Hef and Playboy became what Chicago columnist Bob Greene has called "a force of nature. " Hef wrote an extended series of editorials titled "The Playboy Philosophy" championing the rights of the individual and challenging the country' s heritage of puritan repression. By 1971, when Playboy Enterprises went public, the magazine was selling 7 million copies a month and there were 23 Playboy Clubs, resorts, hotels and casinos with more than 900,000 members worldwide. Hef established a second residence in Los Angeles, which quickly became known as Playboy Mansion West, and in 1975 decided to settle there permanently. In 1980, Hef championed the reconstruction of the Hollywood sign (then in serious disrepair) and was honored with a star on the Hollywood walk of fame for his efforts. Since the mid-Eighties, daughter Christie Hefner has served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Playboy Enterprises, but Hef continues to serve as the magazine' s editor-in-chief. In celebration of Playboy magazine' s 50th anniversary, TASCHEN brings you this ultimate Playboy Playmate tribute featuring each and every Playmate of the Month since issue number one. Beginning with Marilyn Monroe herself and including such favorites as Pamela Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith, and Jenny McCarthy, this chronological look at the history of Playboy centerfolds includes photos of the Playmates as well as updated personal information about their lives to this day - just enough to spark your memory or pique your interest and surely leaving you yearning for more. . . Hugh Marston Hefner was born in Chicago on April 9, 1926. The first issue of Playboy magazine, featuring the now-famous calendar photo of Marilyn Monroe, was produced in 1953 on a card table in his South Side apartment. Playboy grew at a phenomenal rate and by the end of the decade, the magazine was selling more than a million copies a month. At the start of the Sixties, Hef began to live out the "Good Life" depicted in the pages of his publication. He hosted a popular syndicated television show called Playboy' s Penthouse, purchased the Playboy Mansion, and opened the first Playboy Club on the Near North Side of Chicago.
5 руб
Certain Accepted Heroes And Other Essays In Literature And Politics Книга по Требованию Henry C.L.
5 руб
Russia's Heroes 1941-1945 Daedalus Books Albert A.
The volume is both a history and a tale of courage and endurance; unbelievable heroism combined with an implacable refusal to admit defeat - whatever the odds.
254 руб
Sweeney Todd - The String of Pearls Wordsworth James M.R.
The author has established finally the identity of the creator of this legendary figure.
280 руб
Six Thinking Hats Hachette Livre Edward D.B.
662 руб
Environment, Energy, and Economic Performance. Six Essays on Energy Economics, Energy Policy, and Climate Policy Книга по Требованию Ulrich O.
This dissertation analyzes the relationship between environmental regulation, energy market developments, and economic performance.
3987 руб
Simplified Systematic Network Planning. Six Steps to Effective Network Planning Книга по Требованию
2416 руб
Studies in String Cosmology. From Chameleons to Chaos Книга по Требованию Amanda W.
We study moduli dynamics and stabilisation in this context in a cosmological background and find surprising variety in field dynamics including the appearance of chaos.
3234 руб
Higher Education in the United States. A study of the standards documents of the six regional accrediting Commissions of higher education in the United States Assessing the Assessors: Книга по Требованию Bonita S.
If educators grant pragmatic rather than cognitive legitimacy to the accrediting agency, the result is merely the compliance necessary to retain accreditation rather than effective improvement of teaching and learning.
2784 руб
Aspects of Supersymmetric Gauge Theory and String Theory Книга по Требованию Minxin H.
We review the plane wave geometry and BMN operators that corresponding to string modes.
2416 руб

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