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Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? (Ответ знает Эванс): Роман (на англ.яз.) - 288 с. ISBN 5-8346-0062-Х ~90.07.22 021

Christie A. (Кристи А. (Вестмакотт М.))    
М: Менеджер    
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Увлекательный сюжет романа определяется уже самим именем автора, непревзойденного мастера детективного жанра. История расследования убийства, изложенная живым современным языком представляет интерес для широкого круга читателей, изучающих английский язык.
Настольная игра-ходилка 3D "Маша идет в гости".
Настольная игра-ходилка с изображением персонажей мультфильма "Маша и Медведь"! Игровое поле - двухстороннее (вторая сторона -
343 руб
Раздел: Игры-ходилки с фишками
Набор печатей "Веселая ручка".
Набор Melissa & Doug состоит из 6 разных деревянных печатей с удобными ручками, с нанесенными на них разнообразными рисунками. В набор
808 руб
Раздел: Штемпельная продукция, губочницы
Набор ручек шариковых "Triplus" со сменным стрежнем, 4 цвета.
Материал корпуса: пластик. Ширина линии: тонкая. Цвет корпуса соответствует цвету стержня. В наборе: 4 цвета. Размер ручки 14 см.
423 руб
Раздел: Цветные

Лекции по роману Ф.М. Достоевского "Преступление и...
Раскольников задает теперь себе вопрос: «Ну что теперь делать?». Но ответ знает только Соня: ему надо принять страдания. Поэтика романа. Роман – трагедия. Герой Достоевского дается не через описание жизни (Толстой), а через описание героев, через внутреннюю драму. Он обращается к ним во время высшего обострения конфликтов. Столкновение двух противоположных начал формирует новую личность. Время – 13 дней. Место действия замкнуто, сжато – Петербург. Единство места, времени. Сюжетных линий несколько. Все сюжетные линии связываются в одно целое – преступление, которое совершил Родя. В романе соблюдены, как в драматическом произведении, три единства: места, времени, действия. У Достоевского основная повествовательная часть романа – диалоги, монологи героев, мало авторского голоса. Если у Толстого трудно отличить по голосу двух героев, то у Достоевского каждый герой имеет свой неповторимый голос, свой тип сознания. Толстой знает, что будет с его героями дальше, но автор в романе Достоевского не занимает позиции всеведения, всезнания, автор ищет истину вместе со своими читателями, героями.

Utilization of skills and knowledge by graduates of child abuse programs. How and why these graduates utilized the skills and knowledge they obtained in the program Книга по Требованию
Before completion of the program, the research subjects failed to understand their children' s behavior. A parent who practices relationship-centered parenting feels empowered to actively and positively parent. Child protection workers should realize that removing children from abusive situations only temporarily alleviates the problem. The findings of this study suggest that parenting programs can result in the transformation of parenting behavior. The data showed that the belief child abusers cannot change is a misconception. If this research is corroborated by future research, the implication is that parent education programs should be expanded. More is needed for severely under-funded intervention programs. This finding is provocative in that if it holds true, the implication for the reduction on child abuse is substantial. Positive child outcomes arise from non-punitive, "evenhanded" and warm behaviors. Parental roles underwent a transformational perspective. The research supports relationship-centered parenting as a better way of parenting. Parents who practiced relationship-centered parenting were more positive toward relationships and their lives in general.
2008 руб
My job contest, by Chester E. Evans and La verne N. Laseau Книга по Требованию Evans C.E.
955 руб
A journal of the life, travels, religious exercises and labours in the work of the ministry of Joshua Evans, late of Newton Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey Книга по Требованию Evans J.
955 руб
Notes On Thucydides, Original and Compiled by J.G. Sheppard and L. Evans Книга по Требованию Evans L.
957 руб
Why Didn't They Ask Evans? HarperCollins Publishers Christie A.
With his final breath the man opens his eyes and says: "Why didn' t they ask Evans"? His ball is lost, but on the rocks below he finds the crumpled body of a dying man. While playing an erratic round of golf, Bobby Jones slices a ball over the edge of a cliff.
531 руб
Left Brain Right Brain Interactions. When and why do they differ? Книга по Требованию
While these studies have shed light on factors external to the individuals being tested, such as the the nature of the tasks to be performed, the stimuli used, and different measurement methods, they have largely neglected variables that differ between individuals.
2784 руб
Geneva award. Some of the reasons why the sufferers of loss by "Alabama" depredations cannot justly be excluded ... from a hearing before the tribunal ... of the award, because they were underwriters Книга по Требованию Hand C.A.
Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кляксы и т. п. Книга представляет собой репринтное издание.
300 руб
The Rule of Empires: Those Who Built Them, Those Who Endured Them, and Why They Always Fall Oxford University Press Timothy P.
Parsons uses imperial examples that stretch from ancient Rome, to Britain' s "new" imperialism in Kenya, to the Third Reich to parse the features common to all empires, their evolutions and self-justifying myths, and the reasons for their inevitable decline. Parsons argues that far from confirming some sort of Darwinian hierarchy of advanced and primitive societies, conquests were simply the products of a temporary advantage in military technology, wealth, and political will. Beneath the self-justifying rhetoric of benevolent paternalism and cultural superiority lay economic exploitation and the desire for power. Yet imperial ambitions still appear viable in the twenty-first century, Parsons shows, because their defenders and detractors alike employ abstract and romanticized perspectives that fail to grasp the historical reality of subjugation. Writing from the perspective of the common subject rather than that of the imperial conquerors, Parsons offers a historically grounded cautionary tale rich with accounts of subjugated peoples throwing off the yoke of empire time and time again. In providing an accurate picture of what it is like to live as a subject, The Rule of Empires lays bare the rationalizations of imperial conquerors and their apologists and exposes the true limits of hard power. In The Rule of Empires, Timothy Parsons gives a sweeping account of the evolution of empire from its origins in ancient Rome to its most recent twentieth-century embodiment. He explains what constitutes an empire and offers suggestions about what empires of the past can tell us about our own historical moment.
890 руб
Arabesgue 'Why No Reply Vii' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 87811 Бомба-М
189 руб
Why Life Speeds Up As You Get Older Cambridge University Press Draaisma D.
Where do the long, lazy summers of our childhood go?
5 руб
I know Why The Caged Bird Sings Pearson Maya A.
462 руб
Britain on Couch: Why We're Unhappier Compared with 1950, Despite Being Richer Random House UK Oliver J.
In our personal lives we aspire to harmonious and intimate relationships, yet they are the greatest single cause of despair.
5 руб
Oxford Bookworms Library 4: We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea Oxford University Press Arthur R.
They had promised their mother to stay safely in the harbour, and to be home on Friday in time for tea.
258 руб
Buyology: How Everything We Believe About Why We Buy is Wrong Random House, Inc. Martin L.
The scent of melons helps sell electronic products.
1018 руб
Why Worry? Книга по Требованию George L.W.M.D.
The longer these tendencies are retained in adult life, the greater the danger of their becoming coercive; and so far as the well-established case is concerned the obsessive act must be performed, though the business, social, and political world should come to a stand-still.
955 руб
Why is God Laughing?: The Path to Joy and Spiritual Optimism Random House, Inc. Deepak C.
"Why Is God Laughing? " tells the story of successful comedian Mickey Fellows and his friend Francisco as they explore how to overcome fear, egotism and addiction (which are the three major obstacles to joy) and become more optimistic.
568 руб
The Economic Naturalist: Why Economics Explains Almost Everything Virgin Publishing Robert H. F.
Have you ever wondered why there is a light in your fridge but not in your freezer?
496 руб
Why Does Water Freeze? Cambridge University Press Peter R.
You can find the answers to these and other questions about matter in Why Does Water Freeze?
417 руб
Why Do Swings Swing? Cambridge University Press Peter R.
Why do swings stop swinging?
417 руб
Why Is It So Loud? Cambridge University Press Nicolas B.
489 руб

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