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An Amelia Peabody Mystery Seeing a Large Cat:

Формат:      Страниц 432
     мягкая обложка
Peters E.    
Hachette Book Group    
323 руб
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According to an ancient Egyptian papyrus, dreaming of a large cat means good luck. And that's just what archaeologist Amelia Peabody could use. When the excavation of an unknown tomb reveals a recent murder, the Peabody family must unearth an assassin who'd like to end their discoveries for good.
Кармашек в шкафчик "Поехали".
Кармашек в шкафчик для детского садика. Особенности: - для расчесок и заколок, для салфеток и платочков; - подходит для большинства
602 руб
Раздел: Прочие
Мягкая магнитная мозаика, 145 элементов, 5 цветов.
Мягкая магнитная мозаика для ребятишек от 3 лет - это качественная и интересная отечественная игрушка. В набор входят разноцветные
378 руб
Раздел: Магнитная
Конструктор электронный "Знаток". 180 схем.
Набор электронных блоков и соединений, позволяющий конструировать электрические цепи без пайки. В иллюстрированном руководстве описано 180 схем.
2285 руб
Раздел: Инженерные, научно-технические

U.S. Economy
Because ma y producers are willi g o move heir resources o comple ely differe marke s, profi s i o e par of he eco omy ca affec he supply of almos a y o her produc . For example, if someo e ru i g a barbershop decided o sig a co rac o provide a d opera e he machi es ha clea ru ways a a large airpor , his would decrease he supply of haircu i g services a d i crease he supply of ru way sweepi g services.Whe suppliers believe he price of he good or service hey provide is goi g o rise i he fu ure, hey of e wai o sell heir produc , reduci g he curre supply of he produc . O he o her ha d, if hey believe ha he price is goi g o fall i he fu ure, hey ry o sell more oday, i creasi g he curre supply. We see his behavior by large a d small sellers. Examples i clude i dividuals who are hi ki g abou selli g a house or car, cor a d whea farmers decidi g whe her o sell or s ore heir crops, a d corpora io s selli g ma ufac ured produc s or reserves of a ural resources.Fi ally, he umber of sellers i a marke ca also affec he level of supply.

Фурминатор для кошек больших и короткошерстных пород "Short Hair Large Cat", 7 см
Разработан специально для крупных кошек весом от 5 кг с шерстью длиной до 5 см. Лезвие фурминатора выполнено из нержавеющей стали, поэтому его не придется менять.
1683 руб
Для детей от 6 лет - - с. {Wooden Puzzle} Cat Puzzle (Кошка с котятами): Модель сборная деревянная: Китай
120 руб
Blink 182 'Cheshire cat' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 65776 UniversalMusic
209 руб
The Cat Who Talked Turkey (на англ.яз.) Jove Books Браун Л.
298 руб
English Dictionary-Large Geddes & Grosset
269 руб
Cat In The Hat TPB (trade paperback) HarperCollins Publishers Dr. S.
361 руб
The Black Cat & Other Stories (+ Audio CD) Pearson
430 руб
Cat Among Pigeons Penguin Group Christie A.
275 руб
The Cat in the Hat (+ Audio CD) Beginner Books Random House, Inc. Dr. S.
Proving that learning to read can indeed be fan. In 1957, Dr. Seuss published the very first Beginner Book, The Cat in the Hat, and made a major impact on the world of education.
686 руб
Penguin Readers 3: The Black Cat and other stories Penguin Readers 3 Pearson Edgar A.P.
Edgar Allan Poe wrote strange stories about terrible people and evil crimes.
393 руб -15% 334 руб
The Cat Who Came to Breakfast Penguin Group Lilian J.B.
Qwill has always called it Breakfast Island, but to the taciturn natives, it' s Providence Island. To the rich summer residents it' s Grand Island - and to the developers and tourists who are turning this once-peaceful place upside down, it' s Pear Island. But when some odd "accidents" occur, including a fatal boat explosion, Qwill suspects sabotage and sets out to investigate - because murder by any other name is just as deadly. . . Qwilleran and the cats are visiting an island known by many names.
266 руб
Cat O' Nine Tales Macmillan Publishers Jeffrey A.
Others were inspired since he was released, but all in all they confirm his position as one of the best storytellers alive today.
687 руб
The Black Cat Reader Macmillan Readers Elementary Macmillan Publishers John M.
The death of a visiting European archaeologist leads Salahadin to investigate the whereabouts of a priceless statuette.
491 руб
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Penguin Modern Classics Penguin Group Tennessee W.
His two sons have returned home for the occasion: ' Big Daddy' Pollitt, the richest cotton planter in the Mississippi Delta, is about to celebrate his sixty-fifth birthday.
613 руб
The Cat Who Sang for the Birds Penguin Group Lilian J.B.
It seems that this spring, a cat' s fancy may turn to crime-solving. . . In this delightful new novel featuring Jim Qwilleran and his lovable cats, Koko and Yum Yum, the rites of spring are celebrated with the fine art of birdcalling. . . and a fateful act of murder.
253 руб
Green Back Book The Cat in the Hat: HarperCollins Publishers Dr. S.
The wonderfully anarchic Cat in the Hat is one of the most popular characters in children' s fiction, and this book is ideal for budding readers to tackle on their own. The Cat can rescue them from a dull rainy day, but it means lots of thrills and spills along the way. To accompany the release of the live action movie of The Cat in the Hat, starring Mike Myers, HarperCollins are proud to present Dr. Seuss' s original, classic tale of the coolest, hippest cat in history!
441 руб
Confessions of a Cat Man Under the Paw: Simon & Schuster Tom C.
Running through all the maelstrom is the heartbreaking story of his relationship with The Bear, his oldest cat: a ' painfully sensitive' survivor moggy who may or may not be an evil genius.
425 руб
Simon's Cat Hachette Livre Simon T.
434 руб
Have You Seen My Cat? Simon & Schuster Eric C.
488 руб
Orthography has Mnemonic Value for Learning Vocabulary Words. Seeing Spellings During Word Study Helps Elementary Students Learn New Vocabulary Words Книга по Требованию Julie R.
This study was an examination of the mnemonic value of spellings for securing vocabulary words and their meanings in memory.
2747 руб

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