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Strategy: Create and Implement the Best Strategy for Your Business

Формат:      Страниц 162
     мягкая обложка
Harvard Business School Publishing    
960 руб
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The Harvard Business Essentials series is designed to provide comprehensive advice, personal coaching, background information, and guidance on the most relevant topics in business. Strategic execution drives business success. Whether you are a new manager seeking to expand your skills or a seasoned professional looking to broaden your knowledge base, these solution-oriented books put reliable answers at your fingertips. This book covers strategy from the ground up, explaining what strategy is, how to put together a strategic plan, what tools and resources are necessary to execute it, and how to measure results.
Органайзер для украшений "Little dress" (черный).
У вас много украшений? И все они, хранясь в коробке, частенько путаются между собой, теряются или гнутся? На помощь в решении проблемы
990 руб
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Стол детский складной "Первоклашка. Осень".
Материал: металл, пластик. Размер столешницы: 600x450 мм. Высота стола: 580 мм. Возраст: от 3 до 7 лет.
820 руб
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Дозатор для жидкого мыла сенсорный "Dettol (Детол)" + картридж "Зеленый чай и имбирь".
Дозатор для жидкого мыла Dettоl (сенсорный + кaртридж) представляет собой автоматическую сенсорную систему, обеспечивающую вакуумное
462 руб
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Мовний дискурс
Будь-який мовленнєвий жанр у будь-якій області мовленнєвого спілкування має свою, визначаючу його як жанр, типічну концепцію адресата. Адресат висловлювання може, так би мовити, персонально співпадати з тим чи з тими, кому відповідає висловлювання. Упобутовому діалозі чи в обміні листами – це персональне співпадання: той, кому я відповідаю є і моїм адресатом, від якого я чекаю відповіді або, у будь- якому випадку, активного вадповідного розуміння. Але у випадках такого персонального співпадання одна особа виступає у різних ролях. Автор, будуючи свої висловлювання, прагне його активно визначити і попередити подумкитой вплив, який має висловлювпання на читача. Наприклад, Dear Michael,- you will be s a di g i view of my house for wo or hree hours i he course of your busi ess, so do, please, call a d see me. I am sadly disappoi ed ha you have o come before. Wha ca I do abou my equivocal rela io o you? – especially ow my au ’s for u e has brough me more promi e ly before socie y? Your daugh er’s prese ce here may be he cause of your eglec , a d I have herefore se her away.

Warton on Dynamic Competitive Strategy John Wiley & Sons (Wiley)
933 руб
An Introduction to Business and Corporate Strategy Strategic Management: Pearson Education (Longman) Paul F.
International coverage, which also marked out the first edition, has been expanded with the addition of a chapter on the global issues that effect strategy formulation.
704 руб
Harvard Business Review on Advances in Strategy The McGraw-Hill Companies
1227 руб
Evaluation of Photovoltaic Applied in Building Design. An Evaluation method and a Strategy of PV use Книга по Требованию Chao-Yu C.
A PV interior lighting integrated with grid lighting system were achieved and proposed as suitable use type of BiPV.
2747 руб
A Broadcasting Model for Afghanistan. Based on Its National Development Strategy Книга по Требованию Haroon R.S.
In terms of content, structure, operations and mission, this thesis presumes that a media system that serves the development process of the country based on Afghanistan’s National Development Strategy (ANDS) will be best for Afghanistan.
2747 руб
Supporting National Missionaries. An Appraisal of the Strategy of Gospel for Asia Книга по Требованию heung c.k.
The strategy of supporting national missionaries from underdeveloped countries with resources from developed countries has raised new issues and problems.
3215 руб
Comparative Analysis of Rural-Urban Linkage Between Agriculturally rich and Poor Areas Rural-Urban Linkage as regional development strategy. Книга по Требованию Kassahun G.
The general pattern of rural-urban linkages between towns and hinterlands in the study areas is market attendance though there are variations due to the productivity difference between the two areas.
2403 руб
Market Oriented Organizational Learning and Sensemaking. A Corporate Ethnography of Collaborative Disconnects Within Strategy Dialogues Книга по Требованию David A.
Long-term survival of the firm in a turbulent, global marketplace demands continuous learning, action and change.
3215 руб
International Divestment as an Emergent Strategy. Australian Managerial Attitudes and Influential Factors Книга по Требованию
Based on the findings from a survey of listed Australian MNEs, the study concludes that the making of international divestment is an emergent strategic choice, and that MNE propensity to make international divestment is driven significantly by cross-border management factors, financial factors and strategic factors.
3215 руб
Optimizing Gaze Shift Models. A Switching Strategy Fusing Slow and Fast Phases in a Model of Combined Eye and Head Movements Книга по Требованию
One of the most lacking aspects of such models and in fact one of the least understood aspects of oculomotor control is a comprehensive switching mechanism for alternating between slow and fast phase movements.
2416 руб
Brand Portfolio Strategy. The Interactive Effect of Perceived Fit, Brand Portfolio Strategy, and Differentiation on Brand Extension Evaluations Книга по Требованию Kristijan P.
The study was designed as a 2x2x2 experiment to test the interaction between three independent variables (perceived fit, brand portfolio strategy and differentiation) and their impact on one dependent variable (brand extension attitude).
2008 руб
Towards a European Strategy for Nanotechnology. Legal and Other Relevant Implications on Europe's Approach towards Regulation in Nanotechnology Книга по Требованию Sandra G.
Nanoparticles display completely new properties than their larger counterparts.
2416 руб
A study of English L2 learners at a vocational education institute in Hong Kong Metacognitive language-learning strategy and language-learning style. Книга по Требованию Man-fat
The quantitative data reveal a medium to high use of MCLLSs among learners and a prevalence of multiple major preferences.
3234 руб
An unorthodox approach to innovative business strategy formulation in hypercompetitive markets - Theory, Case Study and Business Plan The Hermetic Principle in Strategy Development and Consulting. Книга по Требованию Herwig K.
Retransforming these generic solutions to the room of the specific business environment of the company through the application of appropriate stencils can result in strategy alternatives that shall differ substantially from strategies usually applied in the specific market environment.
2008 руб
The Day of Yahweh. The Use and Development of Yahweh's Motive on That Day as a Rhetorical Strategy by the Hebrew Prophets Книга по Требованию Mark L.
Understanding the Day of Yahweh lies in its use and development and not in its origin.
3234 руб
Recent trend of development of drug resistant field isolates and usage of alternate drug targets as possible strategy for treatment of leishmaniasis Trypanothione reductase: a potential anti-leishmanial drug target. Книга по Требованию Mohammad O.
The emergence of drug resistance against presently available leishmaniasis drugs has deteriorated the situation.
2416 руб
Flexibility in Component Manufacturing Systems. Practice, Strategy and Optimization for Aerospace and Automotive Component Manufacturing Systems Книга по Требованию Dominic H.
The traditional metrics for assessing competing processes are quality, cost and production rate.
2416 руб
Government Business Enterprises. The Impacts of Board Governance and Capabilities-Strategy Match on Financial Performance and Accountability-Emphasis Книга по Требованию Cheaseth S.
The modern operational arrangement of Government Business Enterprises (GBEs) has received considerable attention and been subject to much debate.
3234 руб
Effects of Cultural Differences on Strategy in Japan and the EU. Based on Well-Known Japanese Automobile and Consumer Electronics Industry Brands Книга по Требованию Claudia N.
To bridge cultural gaps in business transactions, the authoress developed management guidelines for Japanese and EU companies.
3234 руб
Competitive Strategy in the Supply Chain. The Inter-relationship between Product Nature, Supply Chain Strategy, and Business Performance Книга по Требованию Sonia M. L.
As a result of this trend the traditional way of determining a strategy within a firm has come into question.
3234 руб

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