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Brand Driven Innovation

Формат:      Страниц 208
     мягкая обложка
AVA Publishing    
2208 руб
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It also contains a practical, four-step method that will help readers to apply brand-driven innovation in their own academic or business context. The book addresses the role that design management can play in connecting the disciplines of branding and innovation, providing the reader with the tools, processes and methods to facilitate this relationship. "Brand-driven Innovation" examines the connections between branding, design, and innovation. Branding can inspire innovation in products and services, creating value for organisations and consumers alike. It argues that branding is not merely a branch of advertising, but a tool for driving sustainable growth in organisations. This in turn can lead to a more durable relationship between organisations and their customers. "Brand-driven Innovation" explores existing branding theory and its relation to innovation, in order to provide readers with a solid foundation of background knowledge.
Комплект пеленок для девочки Idea Kids фланель импортная (2 штуки), 130х90 см.
Пеленки - это самые первые вещи, в которые Вам предстоит одеть Вашего малыша. Комплект пелёнок - станет верным помощником в первые месяцы
337 руб
Раздел: Пелёнки
Кто хулиганит в Кастрюлькино?.
3 фишки игры: - Возраст 3+ (но громче всех во время игры хохочут родители, так что возраст скорее 3 + бесконечность). - Удобная упаковка,
838 руб
Раздел: Игры-ходилки с фишками
50 фишек. Размер поля: 24 х 35 см. Размер фишки: 40 х 45 х 14 мм. Материал: полипропилен.
450 руб
Раздел: Пластмассовая
Von Kundenbeduerfnissen zur Innovation. Eine Fallstudie im Nonprofit Sektor mit Outcome-Driven Innovation® Книга по Требованию Christian S.
Dieses Buch macht ODI direkt anwendbar und hilft Praktikern in den Bereichen Innovationsmanagement, Forschung und Entwicklung sowie Marketing und Produktmanagement, die Innovationsleistung ihrer Organisationen langfristig zu steigern.
2626 руб
Delphi и Model Driven Architecture: Философия MDA; Основы UML и OCL; Объектное пространство и др. Разработка приложений баз данных: Библиотека программиста Питер Грибачев К.Г.
Данная книга посвящена новейшей технологии разработки приложений баз данных в Delphi, основанной на концепции архитектуры, управляемой моделями (Model Drive\ n Architecture - MDA).
298 руб
Психология в маркетинге. COOL-BRAND-стратегия Мастера психологии Питер Лебедев-Любимов А.
Книга адресована экономическим психологам, психологам маркетинга и рекламы, маркетологам, менеджерам и предпринимателям, интересующимся вопросами психологии, научным работникам, студентам психологических и экономических факультетов, факультетов рекламы и маркетинга.
167 руб
Managing Strategic Innovation and Change Oxford University Press Tushman
Focusing on the general-management challenges that innovative firms face, the editors draw from a variety of disciplines and demonstrate the links between innovation, organizational competencies, organizational architectures, executive teams, and managing change. - Both editors teach at top business schools - First edition was extremely sucessful, selling over 10,000 copies - Contains many new articles, distinct from the first edition - This edition is a companion to Katz 2/e:
1825 руб
No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies Macmillan Publishers Klein N.
654 руб
Дизайн витрин магазинов Shop Windows Design / Мировые бренды: Global Brand: Page One Lam B.
Besides, this book is expressed in a visual point of view, where the shooting of photography is more focus in space and details of the shop windows.
5 руб
BRAND.2.C / BRAND.2.B, или о том, как работают бренды в социокультурном пространстве Маросейка Хангельдиева И.Г.
Новые подходы к бренд-коммуникациям в области культуры, искусства и бизнеса позволяют увидеть полифункциональную и полифоническую сущность бренда и оценить возможности стратегий бренда с экономической, культурологической, информационно-коммуникативной и эстетической точек зрения.
837 руб
Brand and Branding Monsa Monsa
2248 руб
Marketing of a Foreign Automotive Brand: Evaluation of a Marketing Strategy with a Focus on Consumer Culture Theory and Country of Origin Effects The Case of Skoda in Taiwan. Книга по Требованию David M.
A company’s failure abroad often results from the inability to meet the culturally based needs and wants of local consumers.
1981 руб
The Information Systems and Technology Innovation Process. A study using and agent-based approach Книга по Требованию Antonio E.
In the Information Age, Information Systems and Technology are intertwined with people in specific ways in order to provide added value for the customer.
1981 руб
Investigating Perceived Connectedness to Brand Users. Brand Communities Versus Brand Collectivities Книга по Требованию William M.
Overall, PCBU and significant discrepancies between brand communities and brand collectivities have been shown to affect consumer behavior.
3215 руб
A method to semantics-driven change impact management Domain Ontology-Centric Distributed Development of Systems. Книга по Требованию Darijus S.
In this book, domain ontology is proposed to manage development objects and to automatically support dependency-link discovery.
3215 руб
Erfolgsfaktor Innovation. Benchmarking des Innovationsmanagements im deutschen Mittelstand Книга по Требованию Jakob G.
Die Ergebnisse der Studie zeigen, dass durch ein gezieltes Innovationsmanagement die Entwicklung erfolgreicher neuer Produkte bzw.
1997 руб
Towards a 4-Ships Driven Culture - Revitalizing a small urban church. By Applying Authentic practice of Worship, Stewardship, Fellowship Книга по Требованию Enoch K.
Then it lost momentum.
3215 руб
How Firms Make Friends: Building sources of sustained competitive advantage through contributing to open source projects Communities in Private-Collective Innovation. Книга по Требованию Matthias S.
However, managing a largely independent open source community is a challenging balancing act between exertion of control to appropriate value creation, and openness in order to gain and preserve credibility and motivate external contributions.
2362 руб
A Model-Driven Approach to Multi-Agent System Design Spicing up Software-Intensive Systems with CurCuMA. Книга по Требованию Florian S.
CurCuMA is based on dynamic agent organizations solving specific problems by adhering to a set of shared conventions, and the prominent use of the agents' environment as the frame of reference that such conventions require. For their specification, we extend the UML with a family of visual constraint languages: Story Decision Diagrams provide a first-order logic for object-oriented systems, whereas Timed Story Scenario Diagrams describe their structural evolution. We provide a formal semantics based on graph grammars, which enables the application of formal verification techniques and an iterative development process relying on code generation, simulation, and monitoring. In this thesis, we fuse these concepts into a model-driven approach to multi-agent system design by combining CurCuMA, an innovative approach for designing complex coordination architectures, with a solid theoretical and technical foundation that enables formal verification and experimental validation. The multi-agent paradigm promises an intuitive understanding of dynamic software-intensive systems capable of adapting their own behavior, while Model-Driven Engineering improves quality and efficiency.
3987 руб
Ingredient Branding as a Brand Building Instrument. How Ingredient Brands Gain from Co-Branded Extensions Книга по Требованию
The experimental results confirm that exposure to co-branded extensions alters customer perceptions of the ingredient brand.
1997 руб
Angebotsevaluation im Kontext politischer Bildung. Milieuspezifische Innovation bei der Bundeszentrale fuer politische Bildung. Книга по Требованию
Von den Teilnehmerzahlen formaler politischer Bildung aus betrachtet, ist die Reichweite in Deutschland jedoch gering.
2416 руб
Seizing the Potential of Mobile TV in Estonia. A Scenario-driven Approach Книга по Требованию
Estonia is famous for its progressive mobile and internet services, yet Mobile TV is still in its infancy.
2784 руб
Discrete Brand Choice Models. Analysis and Applications Книга по Требованию Liyu Z.
Our research explores the use of quantitative method of operations research to control the dynamics of market share and provides a precise estimation method to integrate more detail information in discrete brand choice models.
2784 руб

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