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Design for Aging Review 11

Формат:      Страниц 264
     твердый переплет
Images Publishing Group    
3600 руб
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This book provides the best examples, from the AIA - The American Institute of Architects, to date of therapeutic environments for the elderly that have purpose in mind with respect to the quality of life of those who live and work in them.
Коврик для мыши.
Тонкий коврик для мыши с возможностью индивидуального оформления благодаря карману, в который можно вставить фотографию или
421 руб
Раздел: Компьютерные клавиатуры, мыши и коврики
Игра "Башня". Коллекционная серия.
В комплекте: деревянные блоки – 54 штуки, картонный уголок для строительства башни – 1 штука. Игра Башня отлично подойдет и для проведения
1199 руб
Раздел: Игры на ловкость
Штанга для штор в ванную комнату, 110х200 см, белая.
Диаметр 25 мм. Изготовлено из алюминия. Длина от 110 см до 200 см. Покрытие: хбелое.
371 руб
Раздел: Штанги и кольца

Группы интересов в бизнесе и политике
Правительства по-разному подходят к решению этих задач: одни разрабатывают механизмы на основе законодательных актов, другие в целях создания института саморегуляции благоприятствуют практике «лоббизма» (осуществляемой в некоторых общепринятых рамках). Обращаясь к будущему, можно отметить, что существуют проблемы, на которые будут вынуждены обратить свое внимание группы частных интересов, чтобы удержать возможности своего влияния на общественную политику. Список литературы Clawso , D.: Bureaucracy a d he Labor Process, ew York Mo hly Review Press Edwards, P.: Co flic a Work, Oxford Blackwell Lazo ick, W.: Compe i ive Adva age o he Shop Floor, Cambridge Cambridge U iversi y Press Gree wood, J., Rober Gordo U iversi y Wood, S. (ed ): he ra sforma io of Work? Skill, Flexibili y a d he Labour Process.

Design for Aging. Review 2 Images Publishing Group
A jury of architects and providers of senior housing or services reviewed each of the submissions to select an exciting and innovative range of projects to illustrate the future of design for the aging population.
5 руб
SPA-DE Volume 2: Space & Design - International Review of Interior ACC Distribution
887 руб
Mental Maths for Ages 9-11 Teacher's Book Cambridge University Press Straker
1840 руб
CD-ROM. Cornerstones for Writing Ages 9-11 Interactive Single User Version
The CD-ROM consists of a series of interactive writing frames, which are differentiated for different ability levels, and which come with audio-supported, interactive explanation text.
4408 руб
Spelling. Age 9-11 EasyLearning HarperCollins Publishers
Easy to use - clear guidance for parent and child.
393 руб
Times Tables Ages 7-11. Key Stage 1 Maths Made Easy. Dorling Kindersley Vorderman C.
Maths Made Easy is one of Carol Vorderman' s series of workbooks packed with notes and tips to make learning about Maths easy and fun! Follow the exercises and activities with your child to strengthen their learning in school, then reward them with gold stars for their efforts. Each title contains a progress chart so your child can keep track of all the exercises they have completed and parents' notes explain what children need to know at each stage and what' s being covered in the curriculum so you can support your child. This book provides your child with lots of multiplication practice using the 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10 times tables. Developed in consultation with leading educational experts to support curriculum learning, Maths Made Easy (previous ISBN 9781405363471) is a great way to improve your child' s maths skills - the more you practice, the better you' ll be! (Carol Vorderman). Let Carol Vorderman help your child succeed in Maths. Help your child be the top of the class with the best-selling home-study series from Carol Vorderman.
410 руб
Made Easy Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (KS2 - Higher): Ages 10-11 Made Easy Dorling Kindersley Vorderman C.
331 руб
Times Tables Workbook Ages 7-11 Collins Easy Learning HarperCollins Publishers
Each activity is designed to give your child a real sense of achievement. • Helps to boost confidence and develop good learning habits for life. • Motivates children to learn at home using activities that make learning fun. • Includes helpful tips and answers so that you easily support your child’s learning at home.
418 руб
Best of Business Card Design Rockport Publishers Peteet D.
The go-to sourcebook for business card design inspiration, this volume contains no text - other than design credits - which provides for pages packed with business cards, showing front, back, and special elements and materials.
1029 руб
The Best of News Design: 32 Rockport Publishers The S.f.N.D.
Every industry professional aspires to one day see his or her work in this book.
2121 руб
Marilyn Manson 'The golden age of...' [2 CD] { } ~93.11.21 616 UniversalMusic
199 руб
Periscope-review. World News: учебное пособие по английскому языку №11 (+ CD-ROM) Ритм планеты
Желаете быстро восстановить и значительно усовершенствовать свой английский язык?
149 руб
A Framework for Design Review in a Virtual Environment. Using Context Aware Information Processing Книга по Требованию Mohd F.S.
Design review is a process of reviewing construction design documents to ensure the owner’s design intent is reflected, and the owner’s desired facility is accurately described.
3234 руб
The Modern Language Review, Volume 11 Книга по Требованию
955 руб
The Best of Brochure Design: v. 11 Rockport Publishers Eldridge K.
This collection of the world' s best brochure design offers hundreds of ideas, pages of inspiration, and armloads of advice for professional graphic designers and students alike. Using a clean, unfussy presentation, this book is a highly visual collection of ideas for everything from choosing type to photo treatments, and everything in between. Rockport' s Best of Brochure Design series is a best seller the world over.
1437 руб
The Print Revolution. Groundbreaking Textile Design in the Digital Age Goodman Fiell Doe T.
1803 руб
45th Publication Design Annual Rockport Publishers The S.o.P.D.
The best visual design work is about emotion as much as appearance.
1517 руб
Русский словарь крылатых фраз - 608 с. ISBN 5-88682-077-9 ~91.10.11 701 М:Юнвес/ЛадьяБук
46 руб
Сборник фольклора - 616 с. Пословицы русского народа: М:Эксмо/ННН Даль В.И.
244 руб
Всех ожидает одна ночь: Урок каллиграфии: Рассказ - 304 с. {Новая проза} Записки Ларионова; М:Вагриус Шишкин М.П.
87 руб

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