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Developing Skills 4

Формат:      Страниц 48
     мягкая обложка
Jackman J.    
Nelson Thornes    
807 руб
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This work contains clearly laid out pages with Focus, Extra and Extension. The 'Getting ready to write' flap at the front of each book enables pupils to check that they are ready to begin writing. The 'Handwriting Checklist' section on the reverse of the flap enables pupils to check on their own progress. It also provides links to Progression in Phonic at Red level.
Маркер для плиточных швов E-8200.
Улучшает цвет швов между кафелем. В состав чернил входит фунгицид, предотвращающий образование плесенного грибка. Нестираемые водостойкие
311 руб
Раздел: Золотые, серебряные
Стул ученический регулируемый, рост 2-4, серый каркас.
Сиденье и спинка изготовлены из гнутоклееной фанеры и покрыты бесцветным лаком. Металлокаркас окрашен износостойкой порошковой краской.
1618 руб
Раздел: Стульчики
Джип-каталка "4х4".
Каталка со звуковым сигналом. Автомобиль оснащен крюком с веревкой, за который его может везти сам водитель или родители. Если веревка не
2199 руб
Раздел: Каталки

Словообразовательные модели неологизмов в современном английском...
Общей тенденцией для них является то, что они обладают фонетической дистрибуцией, не характерной для английского языка. У них отсутствует мотивация, они обладают нетипичным для английского языка морфологическим членением. Заимствования можно разделить на четыре группы: 1. Собственно заимствования. Основной язык – источник этих неологизмов – французский. Новой тенденцией является рост заимствований из африканских и азиатских языков, особенно из японского. Неологизмы этой категории чаще всего передают понятия в области культуры: disco heque, ci ema heque. Общественно- политической жизни: he Duma – Дума, Повседневной жизни: Pe i dejeu er- небольшой завтрак Ryoka – риокан (гостиница в традиционном японском стиле) Науки и техники и т.д. 2. К этой группе относятся варваризмы – неассимилированные или слабоассимилированные в английском языке единицы, отличающиеся наибольшей степенью новизны, например: dol oday she has made her seco d delay-drop of 15 seco ds. 9. Lo do busme we o s rike dema di g he 15 shilli gs-a-week i crease of pay. 10. Several leaders of he s rike were clubbed a d he ques io ized a he police s a io . 11. Scie is s developed ew weapo s for aircraf , par icularly air- o-air a d air- o-surface a omic missiles. 12. Before World War II dis i c sig s of wes er isa io were clearly visible i he educa io al sys em of I dia.  Список использованной литературы Арнольд И.В. Стилистика современного английского языка. – М.: Просвещение. 1990 – 30/с. Будагов Р. А. Новые слова и значения // Человек и его язык. М.: МГУ, 1976 – 275 – 283 с. Жлуктенко Ю. А., Березинский В. А. Английские неологизмы. – Киев.: Наукова думка. 1983 – 154 с. Заботкина В. И. Новая лексика современного английского языка. – М.: ВШ. 1989 – 126 с. Каращук П. М. Словообразование английского языка. – М.: Высшая школа. 1977 – 314 с.

Developing Skills 1. Course Book + 4 CD (+ Audio CD) Garnet Terry P.
2187 руб
Story for Developing Reading Skills Changing Generations: Pearson
637 руб
Develop Your Marketing Skills Kogan Page Neil R.
Covering product management, market research, communications, and pricing perspectives, it gives insights into how theories and tools work in actual business scenarios.
561 руб
Measuring Higher Cognitive Development with Bloom' s Taxonomy Critical Thinking Skills. Книга по Требованию Christopher D.
This book summarizes the results of a two-year investigation of cognitive development in college students.
2008 руб
The thesis focuses on what is meant by underpreparedness; factors contributing to underpreparedness; the domains of underpreparedness; and the typical circumstances underprepared students find themselves in. These four focus areas were investigated and the different interpretations and dimensions provided an opportunity for diverse perspectives on underpreparedness to be encompassed and enveloped, thereby becoming a basis not only for the framework recommended, but also for future research or initiatives to improve teaching and learning.
3234 руб
Exploring Language Anxiety among Students. in Developing Speaking skill Книга по Требованию Solomon A.L.
1923 руб
My First Handwriting Activity Book: Develop Early Pencil Control Skills Letterland International Freese G.
Packed full of fun pre-writing activities that focus on pencil control, this activity book helps children to develop the writing skills they will need at school.
430 руб
Develop Your Presentation Skills Creating Success Kogan Page Theobald T.
Step-by-step advice provides practical help with unpicking the original brief, understanding just what the audience wants and constructing compelling content that will keep your audience rapt with attention.
570 руб
Progress to Vantage: Teacher's Book: Developing Business English Skills at Intermediate Level Heinle ELT
1421 руб
Upgrade Your Language Skills (Пусть ваш английский станет еще лучше!): Практикум по устной и письменной речи для старших курсов языковых факультетов вузов - 224 с. ISBN 5-93439-111-9 ~93.09.08 062 М: Р.Валент Самохина Т.С., Дианова Е.М.
360 руб
Reading Writing Skills Upper-intermediate resource book. Natural English. Oxford University Press Baigent M.
1190 руб
Study Skills in English. A course in reading skills for academic purposes Study Cambridge University Press Michael J. W.
To facilitate the use of the text for self-study purposes materials from the Tutor' s Book (previously published separately) have been incorporated to form one combined student-friendly text. Study Skills in English has a full answer key and can be used for self-study. It is accompanied by an audio CD or audio cassette. Study Skills in English is a complete course for students who are currently attending a university or college or who hope to begin university or college studies soon. The emphasis throughout the course is on student activity and realistic practical work. The course covers: • reading academic texts efficiently and effectively • taking notes from lectures and books • doing basic research • using library or computer-based resources • writing academic papers • taking part in discussions • presenting papers • managing study time • preparing for examinations The Second Edition has been comprehensively revised and updated, and features developments in the use of computers for academic study and the internet as a research tool.
1956 руб
Active Listening 1 Introducing Skills for Understanding Teacher's Edition Cambridge University Press Helgesen
154 руб
CAE (Certificate of Advanced English) Reading Skills Student's Book Cambridge University Press Pye
860 руб
Skills for Success Teacher's Manual Cambridge University Press Price-Machado
225 руб
Essential Managers: Negotiating Skills DKManagm Dorling Kindersley Tim H.
Each title is a comprehensive yet compact source of easy reference for all those in or aspiring to a position of responsibility, with a focus on developing and enhancing professional management practice. - Negotiating Skills covers the whole process, from creating the right atmosphere and recognizing tactics to closing a deal - Practical techniques show you how to start from a strong position, bargain effectively, and establish common ground - Clear text and illustrations cover every aspect of formal and informal negotiation - Simple checklists enable you to be fully prepared throughout the negotiation process - Accessible charts and flow diagrams explore different options for action and provide useful examples - An exciting and unprecedented visual approach to international business publishing - Aimed at the novice and experienced manager alike in every work environment, from large corporations to small businesses The instant reference library of management tips and techniques Learn all you need to know about negotiating, from preparing your argument and briefing a team, to establishing the right atmosphere and closing a deal.
315 руб
IELTS (International English Language Testing System) General Modules Study Skills Macmillan Publishers French A.
The Speaking questions are designed to help prepare for topics that occur in the exam.
1296 руб
Macmillan Exam Skills for Russia Speaking and Listening Teacher's Book Macmillan Publishers Mann
1127 руб
Skills Plus Reading and Speaking Pack Macmillan Publishers
2198 руб
Skills for FCE (First Certificate in English) Use of English Student's Book Macmillan Publishers Malcolm M.
2245 руб

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