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Using Software in Qualitative Research

Формат:      Страниц 304
     мягкая обложка
Lewins A.    
Sage Publications    
2046 руб
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Using Software in Qualitative Research: A Step-by-Step Guide combines several aspects of Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis (CAQDAS), helping the reader choose the most appropriate package for their specific needs and get the most out of the software once they are using it. The text considers tasks and processes, bringing them together to demystify qualitative software and encourage flexible and critical choices and uses of software in supporting analysis, making it an essential companion for any qualitative researcher.
Рукавички для санок "Тигр".
Рукавички – удобный аксессуар для долгих зимних катаний на санках. С этими рукавичкам руки мамы будут всегда в тепле и защищены от мороза
371 руб
Раздел: Муфты на ручку
Банка для чайных пакетиков (диспенсер) "Ирис", 9x8x19 см (фарфор).
Банка для чайных пакетиков (диспенсер) "Ирис". В фарфоровой банке чай отлично сохранится, а доставать пакетики из специального
405 руб
Раздел: Стеклянные
Игра настольная, развивающая "Интерактивная азбука.
Обучающая игра "Интерактивная азбука" изучаем алфавит и складываем из букв слова. Поможет Вашему малышу сформировать четкое
786 руб
Раздел: Алфавит, азбука

Verb phrases
Lis of Shor e i gs ou P ou phrase Adj adjec ive AdjP adjec ive phrase Adv adverb AdvP adverb phrase V verb VP verb phrase P preposi io PP preposi io phrase S se e ce I roduc io he heme of he prese paper is i ves iga io of verb phrases i he s ruc ure of he moder America ex . Verb phrases are exami ed i he research work paper as a me hod i cluded i o u era ce ex ra li guis ic co ex i prism of huma comprehe sio of he surrou di g life. ovel y of he semes er paper lies i cog i ive a d commu ica ive approaches o li guis ic a alysis of verb phrases aimed a acquiri g he commu ica ive compe e ce. he aim of he work is o describe he worki gs of he sys em of special verb forms used i E glish o loca e si ua io s i ime. Objec of he research is he verb wi hi sy ax a d morphology. Subjec of he research is sema ic rela io s of verb phrases i he discourse s ruc ure. he objec ive of he work is o lay he ermi ological a d co cep ual grou dwork which is ecessary i providi g precise defi i io s of he basic li guis ic erms deali g wi h he E glish verb phrases. he me hods of li guis ic a alysis used i his research paper work are: 1.

Qualitative Research Methods Oxford University Press Liamputtong P.
Each technique is clearly illustrated by detailed Australian examples and case studies that ground the research in a practical setting.
1853 руб
“A Matter of Concern”. The ethical dilemma of using Nazi medical research data Книга по Требованию Ross H.
The book will be useful to students of bioethics, medical and scientific researchers and Holocaust historians.
3025 руб
Emergent Literacy in Children Who Use AAC. How Research Influences Practice Книга по Требованию
The passing of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, as well as other federal requirements, forced professionals in education and health related fields to become more accountable and research based in their practices.
2008 руб
Connecting the Usability and Software Engineering Life Cycles:. Using a communication-fostering software development framework and cross-pollinated computer science courses Книга по Требованию Pardha S. P.
In this book we describe Ripple, a three-part framework to foster and structure communication among developer roles within these two life cycles and a corresponding real world case study.
3191 руб
A Qualitative Study Main Factors That Influence University Faculty's Use of Technology. Книга по Требованию Yaping G.
Comprehensive programs must be developed to provide them with ongoing professional development to enhance their knowledge and skills of technology as it impacts the instructional program.
1997 руб
The user is unaware of the systems monitoring as this is done in and unobstursive manner All too often, search engines provide large amounts of information that do not meet the user' s needs. As a result, important data can be missed as the user tries to narrow the search and hence reduce the number of unsuccessful hits. This book describes the Personal Internet Search Assistant (PISA) system, which simplifies the process by using a preemptive approach to searching. The system consists of a set of cooperative agents that monitor the user' s Internet browsing behavior.
2403 руб
Development and Implementation of a Safe and Efficient Communication Software in the Heterogeneous System Environment of a Major Research Project Communication Software for the ALICE Detector Control System at CERN. Книга по Требованию
A major focus has been put on safety and efficiency aspects.
2008 руб
Authentic Voice. The use of narrative in public health research and intervention Книга по Требованию Mark S.
Authentic refers to the first-hand experience of the narrators while voice refers to the expression of the narrative in terms understandable by the target population while maintaining the individuality of the narrator.
2784 руб
A feasibility study based on own Software Tool to provide communication in the sky just by using flying airplanes Analysis of Flight Data for AIRBORNE NETWORKs DESIGN. Книга по Требованию Daniele G.
A novel Software Tool analyses real flight data in order to understand the network scenario.
2416 руб
Using Ontological Excavation and Analysis Towards Ensuring Conceptual Integrity in the Design and Architecture of Computing Applications The Conceptual Integrity of Software. Книга по Требованию
We present a research framework, methodologies, and artifacts for measuring the conceptual integrity of a computing application using its embedded theory of the world (its ontology) and show how conceptual integrity can be used to inform software design to ensure its usefulness to its users.
2784 руб
A prototype tool for automatic process model metrics calculation namely Software Process Measurement Application (SPMA) is developed to realize the metric measurement.
2784 руб
In this rare work provide how to use neurosolutios soft ware to solve all techinques of Neural Networks by using neurosolutios soft ware.
1878 руб
Using Query-based Graph Pattern Matching to Map Abstract Components and Connectors of a Software System with Entity-Relation Graph of its Source Code Software Architecture Recovery based on Pattern Matching Techniques. Книга по Требованию Kamran S.
This book presents a model and an environment for recovering high level design of legacy software systems based on user defined architectural patterns and graph matching techniques.
3051 руб
Prostate Cancer Classification using Multispectral Images. Novel Hardware and Software approaches for prostate cancer classification using Multispectral Images Книга по Требованию Muhammad A.T.
For such a high dimensionality, pattern recognition techniques suffer from the well-known curse of dimensionality problem along with increase in execution time.
2626 руб
Программное обеспечение для интерактивной доски CD-ROM. FCE Use of English 1. Interactive Whiteboard Software.
2504 руб
Software 'Ocean' [2 CD] { } ~93.12.25 158 X
209 руб
Software 'Cave' [2 CD] { } ~93.12.25 151 ПравитЗвука
209 руб
Software 'Modesty Blaze' [2 CD] { } ~93.12.25 156 ПравитЗвука
209 руб
Визуальное моделирование с помощью IBM Rational Software Arhitect и UML Кудиц-образ Кватрани Т.
Она посвящена новому инструменту - Rational Software Architect - и новой версии UML - 2. 0. На примере конкретной системы авторы проходят весь путь от постановки задачи до реализации системы, знакомя читателя и с возможностями инструмента, и с возможностями новой версии UML.
168 руб
Essentials of research methods Blackwell Publishers Ruane
With an engaging, reader-friendly style, discussions that appeal across disciplines, and timely examples that are informative and interesting to read, this book is ideal for any student of research methods.
1433 руб

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