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The Big, Bad Book of Beasts: The World's Most Curious Creatures

Формат:      Страниц 416
     мягкая обложка
Largo M.    
HarperCollins Publishers    
1404 руб
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Michael Largo shares the Animal Kingdom' s most fascinating secrets and reveals fact after astonishing-and often hilarious-fact about their oddest behavior. Here is a sampler of curious facts: the star-nosed mole can catch and devour its prey (insects) in an eye-blurring speed of 220 milliseconds; In 1842, circus ringmaster P. T Barnum fooled many when he displayed a mermaid carcass, which later proved to be monkey bones sewed together with a fish body; Peregrine falcons reach speeds during descending flights, called stoops, of over 200 mph, making them the fastest animal in the world; recently discovered in a volcanic crater in New Guinea, the Bosavi Wolly rat grows to the size of cat and weighs four pounds; to keep his wife company while he was away, President Andrew Jackson bought an African Grey Parrot, named Poll. The bird outlived them both and was removed from Jackson' s funeral service for cussing obscenities in both English and Spanish; if humans had hands proportional to those of bats, each of our fingers would be longer than our legs. (Bats are mammals whose wings are actually webbed hands. ); and woodpeckers bang their head against a tree 10,000 times each day, on average. Taking these original bestiaries as his inspiration, Michael Largo returns readers to that captivating wonder of animals we all had as children and looks at the beasts we created with our imaginations, as well as ones long gone. The first bestsellers ever published were medieval bestiaries, encyclopedias that collected all of human knowledge and myths about animals. For hundreds of years bestiaries rivaled only the bible as the most read books in the western world. Eagles and lions lived in these pages next to imaginary beasts like griffins and sea monsters.
Велосипед Ocie трехколесный (цвет: черный/красный).
Многие дети мечтают иметь собственное средство передвижения. Трехколесный велосипед поможет воплотить эту мечту в реальность. Велосипед
1499 руб
Раздел: Трехколесные
Песочные часы "Обратные".
Песочные часы «Волшебные Обратные» - антистресс. Часы направлены на то, чтобы отвлечь Вас от напряжения и снизить стресс. Они не только
330 руб
Раздел: Часы песочные
Трикотажная пеленка кокон "Bambola" (цвет: розовый).
Состав: интерлок, хлопок 100%. Возраст: 0-3 месяцев.
381 руб
Раздел: Пелёнки

Функционирование культурно обусловленной лексики в жанре американской театральной...
Согласно словарной статье это имя ассоциируется еще и с американской семьей, американским образом жизни.( he Simpso s – a humorous US elevisio car oo programme abou a family called Simpso , co sis i g of: Homer, he fa her, Marge, he mo her, Bar , he so , Lisa, he daugh er, a d Maggie, he baby. he charac ers are yellow wi h big heads a d big eyes, a d Marge has blue hair ha s icks up high above her head. Bar is clever bu lazy, a d does o like school. Lisa is very i ellige , reads a lo , a d does well a school. he childre argue a d figh a lo . Marge akes care of hem all a d ries o s op he argui g a d figh i g. Homer loves his childre bu spe ds a lo of ime wa chi g V, ea i g, a d dri ki g beer. He works i a uclear power s a io . Some people disapprove of he programme a d hi k ha i gives a bad impressio of America family life. Bu o her people hi k i shows he problems a d worries ha real families experie ce, which he 'perfec ' families i some o her elevisio shows do o ). Sex a d he Ci y – название одного из самых популярных американских сериалов, поднимающих вопросы сексуальных отношений. Таким образом, употребляя эти имена, автор переносит на спектакль ряд характеристик, которыми они обладают.

Little Explorers A: The Big Bad Monster Big Book Macmillan Publishers Gill M.
Но сначала они должны обхитрить большого и страшного монстра.
1591 руб -5% 1511 руб
The Big Bad Wolf Tells All Random House USA Donna K.
Tanzy Harrington is the ultimate Alpha Female.
231 руб
Big Penis Book Taschen
5 руб
Big Bad John Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
1335 руб
Winnie's Big Cackling Book OXED Owen L.
Winnie and Wilbur take some supremely silly snapshots to add to their photo album; in ' Winnie' s Awful Auntie' an unbearably fussy relative makes an unexpected visit; in '
721 руб
My big train book Priddy Books
327 руб
Big Activity Book Usborne Gilpin R.
1720 руб
Big Sticker Book of Animals Usborne Greenwell J.
Themes include the zoo, pets, under the sea, wild animals, farm animals and more. WARNING! Not suitable for children under 36 months because of small parts. Choking Hazard. With over 450 stickers, children will love placing the right stickers on the different scenes.
1015 руб
Big Drawing Book Usborne
1040 руб
The Big Purple Book of Beginner Books Random House, Inc. Eastman P.
Six of them for less than the price of two! At only $15. 99, The Big Purple Book of Beginner Books is an incredible value and includes the full, unabridged text and illustrations for A Fish Out of Water by Helen Palmer, I' ll Teach My Dog 100 Words by Michael Frith, Fred and Ted Go Camping by Peter Eastman, Snow by P. D. Eastman and Roy McKie, and Flap Your Wings and Big Dog. . . Little Dog by P. D. Eastman, all bound together in one sturdy, hardcover omnibus. Perfect for birthdays and holidays, this is a classic, affordable gift the whole family can enjoy together. Calling all P. D. Eastman fans! What could be a better than six Beginner Books written and/or illustrated by P. D. or son Peter Eastman?
1135 руб
The Big Green Book of Beginner Books Random House, Inc.
1164 руб
Winnie and Wilbur: The Big Bad Robot Winnie Oxford University Press Thomas V.
But the real robot is not at all helpful. It' s big and bad and when it grabs Winnie' s wand, things start to get totally out of control. It' s a futuristic Winnie and Wilbur adventure! Korky Paul' s intricate artwork is full of madcap humour and crazy details to pore over.
581 руб
The Big Aqua Book of Beginner Books Random House, Inc. Seuss
The Big Aqua Book of Beginner Books includes the complete text and illustrations for: - Dr. Seuss' s The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. - Dr. Seuss' s There' s a Wocket in My Pocket! - Dr. Seuss' s Oh Say Can You Say? - Dr. Seuss' s Please Try to Remember the First of Octember! (illustrated by Art Cummings). - Robert Lopshire' s New Tricks I Can Do! - Al Perkins' s Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb (illustrated by Eric Gurney). Ideal for starting a child' s library, this collection will whet young readers' appetites for additional books in the Beginner Book series - and help nourish a lifelong love of reading! This collection of six Beginner Books bound together in one sturdy hardcover is the perfect gift at a fantastic price! Six classic Beginner Books--including four by Dr. Seuss--for less than the price of two individual Beginner Books!
1258 руб
Big Picture Book of Outdoors Usborne Lacey M.
1030 руб
Little Wolf s Book of Badness (на англ.яз.) Carolrhoda Books Whybrow I.
298 руб
Big Book of BusinessCards HarperCollins US Carter D.
1425 руб
Big Bugs 1 Pupil's Book Macmillan Publishers Papiol E.
Big Bugs is a four-level story-based course for primary children (ages 9-12).
1267 руб
Big Bugs 3 Activity Book Macmillan Publishers Read C.
683 руб
Big Bugs 4 Teacher's Book Macmillan Publishers
4744 руб
Big Red Bus 2 Pupil's Book Macmillan Publishers Lobo
654 руб

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