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Медико-биологические дисциплины

Mechanosensitivity in Cells and Tissues

Формат:      Страниц 464      Размер 24x16x3 см      Вес 0,97 кг
     твердый переплет + суперобложка
Академия (Academia)    
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International scientists have come together to create a book on mechanosensitivity in cells and tissues. Several stretch-induced signaling cascades have been described with multiple levels of crosstalk between the different pathways. The primary target for mechanical stimulation is the plasma membrane of the cell, which can respond to variable physical stress with changes of the open probability of mechanosensitive ion channels. A detailed study of the underlying mechanisms may therefore help to identify novel therapeutic targets fora future clinical use. Increased sensitivity of the cells to mechanical stress is found under various pathological conditions. This may ultimately influence the function of tissues and organs in health and disease. Thus, acting on ion channels in the plasma membrane, mechanical stress can elicit a multitude of biochemical processes inside a cell, both transient and long-lasting. Mechanosensitivity, i. e. the specific response to mechanical stimulation, is common to a wide variety of cells in many different organisms ranging from bacteria to mammals. Mechanical stress can modulate physiological processes at the molecular, cellular, and systemic level.
Точилка механическая "Classic", черная.
Цветной пластиковый корпус с прозрачным контейнером, объемный контейнер для стружки, стальные самозатачивающиеся ножки. Цвет корпуса - черный!
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Раздел: Точилки
Багетная рама "Renaissance" (темно-коричневый).
Багетные рамы предназначены для оформления картин, вышивок и фотографий. Оформленное изделие всегда становится более выразительным и
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Раздел: Размер 40x50
Доска двухсторонняя магнитно-маркерная с поддоном (набор букв, цифр и знаков на магнитах).
Доска предназначена для детей от 3 лет и может быть использована как основа для наборов магнитных букв, цифр и знаков, магнитной мозаики,
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Раздел: Доски магнитно-маркерные

Локальные и глобальные компьютерные сети
Предполагая, что устройства Gigabi E her e будут объединять сегменты сетей с Fas E her e со скоростями 100 Мбит/с. Разрабатываются сетевые карты со скоростью 1 Гбит/с, а также серия сетевых устройств, таких как коммутаторы и маршрутизаторы. В сети с Gigabi E her e будет использоваться управление трафиком, контроль перегрузок и обеспечение качества обслуживания (Quali y Of Service - QOS). Стандарт Gigabi E her e – один из серьезных соперников развивающейся сегодня технологии АТМ. Технологии АТМ. Сеть АТМ имеет звездообразную топологию. Сеть АТМ строится на основе одного или нескольких коммутаторов, являющихся неотъемлемой частью данной коммуникационной структуры. Высокая скорость передачи и чрезвычайно низкая вероятность ошибок в волоконно-оптических системах выдвигают на первый план задачу создания высокопроизводительных систем коммутации на основе стандартов АТМ. Простейший пример такой сети – один коммутатор, обеспечивающий коммутацию пакетов, данных и несколько оконечных устройств. АТМ – это метод передачи информации между устройствами в сети маленькими пакетами фиксированной длины, названными ячейками (cells).

Fabricating Brain Tissue by growing Stem Cells on Coral Skeletons. Stem cells convert into neurons and glia when cultivated on three-dimensional aragonite crystalline matrix Книга по Требованию Danny B.
The coralline skeleton is a highly adhesive porous scaffold made of crystalline aragonite and is unique in its ability to nurture cells with calcium.
2008 руб
Aberrant Cell Biology in Cystic Fibrosis Cells. Cell Biological Basis for Aberrant Function in Infection and Inflammation in Cystic Fibrosis Respiratory Epithelial Cells Книга по Требованию Joseph F.
The third aspect involves the discovery of attenuated polymeric IgA transcytosis in CF cells, which may contribute to excessive colonization of P. aeruginosa. Future directions addressing these aspects of the cell biology of CF are outlined.
2385 руб
Sterol acetylation and export from yeast and mammalian cells. Acetylation of sterols and steroids controls their export in yeast and mammalian cells Книга по Требованию Roger S.
Excess free sterols are esterified to steryl esters, the storage form of sterols, by acyltransferases.
1981 руб
IDENTIFICATION OF HUMAN UNSELECTED MESENCHYMAL-LIKE MYOCARDIAL CELLS. Stem Cells for Myocardial Regeneration Книга по Требованию Federico Q.
The ideal candidate donor cell for myocardial reconstitution is an autologous cell that can be easily obtained and that, once placed into the myocardium, homes to the lesion, has a robust replication capacity with a low risk of neoplastic transformation, and differentiates into normal myocardium.
1997 руб
The Role of CLCA2 in Tumourigenesis. Functional Characterisation of Calcium-Activated Chloride Channel 2 (CLCA2) in Human Tumour Cells Книга по Требованию Daniela S.
The combination of subtractive cDNA libraries and cDNA microarrays lead to the identification of the human calcium-activated chloride channel 2 (CLCA2), a member of the family of calcium-activated cytoplasmic trans-membrane chloride channel proteins.
3987 руб
Impact of single strand annealing on DNA repair in mammalian cells. A component of the double strand break repair network Книга по Требованию Wael Y.M.
If one of central repair proteins is missing or the damage signalling is disturbed, these repair pathways crosstalk with each other in order to maintain the survival even at the expense of repair fidelity.
2362 руб
Micro Force Sensors and Their Applications for the Study of Mechanical Response of Single Living Cells Micromachined Sensors to Study Cell Mechanical Response. Книга по Требованию
This book, therefore, is especially useful for researchers and engineers related to cell and tissue mechanobiology, MEMS, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine.
1997 руб
Porous Silicon Membrane Based Formic Acid Fuel Cells for Micro Power Generation Книга по Требованию
First, different pore morphologies of porous silicon are explored.
2416 руб
Electrocatalysts for PEM Fuel Cells. Synthesis, Characterization, and Performance Testing Книга по Требованию Yanming G.
Fuel cell devices, with their advantages of high efficiency and much less emission, are the most promising potential candidates to assist in solving the energy crisis and serious environmental pollution that we are facing.
2008 руб
Probing Electrochemistry at the Micro Scale. Applications in Fuel Cells, Ionics, and Catalysis Книга по Требованию Ryan O.
While the techniques discussed in this book are employed to study fuel cells, characterizing and understanding nanostructures is a challenge extending beyond the fuel cell realm.
2784 руб
A Mathematical Study of Calcium Oscillations and Waves. Inositol trisphosphate (IP3)-induced calcium oscillations in non-excitable cells Книга по Требованию Krasimira T.
In this work, we use a mathematical model to answer this question.
2784 руб
Bioreactor Processes Based on Disposable Materials. for the production or recombinant proteins from mammalian cells Книга по Требованию Matthieu S.
This thesis work focused on the development of such disposable compounds in mammalian cell culture applications, particularly for the containment of the cells, and was aimed at demonstrating their benefit in terms of cost- effectiveness, ease-of-use and flexibility.
2416 руб
Immune Responses to Alpha Radiation. Effects of Alpha Particle Irradiation on Skin Dendritic Cells Книга по Требованию
This book is aimed at students, scientists and medical health professionals, but also at patients who wish to get deeper insights in the current research in the fields of radiation biology and immune modulation by alpha particle-based therapy forms.
2008 руб
Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus Entry into Permissive Cells. Type and Structure of Glycosaminoglycans Required for Effcient Infection in Cultured Cells Книга по Требованию Louay H.
The last chapter contains a study to determine the components of heparin/heparan sulfate that are functionally important, such as the level of sulfation, the amount of iduronic acid and the minimal polysaccharide chain length that can function as a receptor for RSV.
2008 руб
Memory T cells. subpopulations, generation and maintenance Книга по Требованию Dominika O.
Crucial aspects in the understanding of immunological memory include information about memory cell properties as well as endeavor to consider the immunological memory process as a function of the immune response as a whole.
2008 руб
Adult stem cells in the mammary gland. Differential gene expression of potential stem/progenitor cell markers in murine mammary epithelial cells (HC11) Книга по Требованию Thomas W.
Based on data obtained from a gene array, the aim of this project was to investigate differentially expressed genes in HC11 cells, which might be stem/progenitor cell marker candidates and determine their functions in HC11 cells.
2008 руб
Role of Mast Cells in the Acute Phase Response. Behavioral and Cellular Analyses Книга по Требованию Lori A.
These data indicate that peripheral and brain mast cells are involved in the APR and, because peripheral and central cromolyn produced different changes in many measures, that the two populations of mast cells do not play identical roles.
2008 руб
Influence of Glial Cells on Postnatal Differentiation of Neurons. About the Importance of Neuron-Glia Interactions During Brain Development Книга по Требованию
For a long time, glial cells were regarded as somewhat passive companions to neurons.
2008 руб
Kallikrein-kinin system in fetoplacental tissues. Alteration in women with pregnancy-induced hypertension Книга по Требованию Mahaneem M.
This study suggests the presence of an abnormality in the KKS in the placentas of women with PIH which may provide further understanding on the pathogenesis of this disease.
2416 руб
An Immunotoxin for the Depletion of Autoreactive B Cells in MS. Design, expression, and characterization of an autoimmunotoxin for the specific depletion of autoreactive B cells in multiple sclerosis Книга по Требованию Sigrun K.
This hybridoma cell line that served as a very feasible in vitro B cell model is the first step in the determination of the functionality of an immunotoxin.
2008 руб

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