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Knits for You and Your Home

Формат:      Страниц 160
     твердый переплет
Quadrille Publishing Ltd    
1271 руб
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Knits for You and Your Home is a fabulous collection of 30 designs divided into four evocative sections - Indulge, Cocoon, Pamper and Detox. Make something special to brighten up your wardrobe or home, or you could make any one of these projects for a cherished friend or loved one . . . if you can bear to part with it, that is. Each chapter contains ideas for both homewares and wearables, offering an enticing range of garments, accessories and items to make for the home. Or treat yourself with a beautiful lace collar, a pretty jewelled watch strap or even a luxurious dressing gown and cabled socks. Why not try making a delightful keepsake photo frame, a sensual lavender pillow or a practical storage box for your home? Whatever you decide to make, Knits for You and Your Home puts the focus back on you.
Ножницы "Pigeon" для ногтей новорожденных.
Ножницы для ногтей новорожденных "Pigeon" благодаря маленьким закругленным и тонким лезвиям, позволяют подстригать ногти малыша
721 руб
Раздел: Маникюрные наборы детские
Точилка механическая "Classic", синяя.
Цветной пластиковый корпус с прозрачным контейнером, объемный контейнер для стружки, стальные самозатачивающиеся ножки. Размеры: 91x88x4 мм.
317 руб
Раздел: Точилки
Карандаши металлик, трехгранные, 12 цветов.
Карандаши цветные металлик. Трехгранные. Удобно точить. Прочный грифель. Количество цветов: 12. В ассортименте, без возможности выбора.
324 руб
Раздел: 7-12 цветов

Роль чтения в процессе обучения речевому общению на уроках английского...
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Check Your English Vocabulary for Phrasal Verbs and Idioms. All You Need to Pass Your Exams A&C Black Rawdon W.
Check Your English Vocabulary Phrasal Verbs and Idioms is a new title in the range, which focuses on an extremely important, yet difficult, area of study for learners.
495 руб
Party Knits: 24 Hot Designs to Get You in the Party Mood New Holland Griffiths M.
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422 руб
The Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization Wiley Drucker P.F.
794 руб
Teach Yourself be Your Own Boss: When You Quit Your Job or it Quits You Teach Yourself Hodder&Stoughton Avery M.
Be your own Boss contains hundreds of relevant examples and genuine, tried and tested tips and practices which really work. NOT GOT MUCH TIME? One and five-minute introductions to key principles to get you started.
1070 руб
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943 руб
A Place Called Home. Creating Beautiful Spaces to Call Your Own Abrams Grant J.
The book is filled with lots of clever tricks and fun ideas, as well as information on where to source things from.
2689 руб
How to Achieve the Home of Your Dreams Kelly Hoppen Design Masterclass. Jacqui Small Hoppen K.
Kelly shares her trade secrets and expert knowledge to help you ensure that your decorating project, however big or small in scale, runs smoothly, comes in on time and within budget, and achieves a functional, flexible interior that suits the way you live.
3787 руб
Would You Kill the Fat Man? The Trolley Problem and What Your Answer Tells Us About Right and Wrong Wiley Edmonds D.
However, a fat man, a stranger, is standing next to you: if you push him off the bridge, he will topple onto the line and, although he will die, his chunky body will stop the train, saving five lives.
1821 руб
Norah Gaughan's Knitted Cable Sourcebook. A Breakthrough Guide to Knitting with Cables and Designing Your Own Abrams Gaughan N.
Teacher, author, and master knitter Norah Gaughan shares her design principles and offers clear cable-making instruction throughout, always in a conversational, easy-to-understand voice that proceeds naturally, as one cable idea leads to the next.
2014 руб

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