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It is illustrated with the charming models of Jo Litchfield. Simple number puzzles throughout encourage little children to learn through interactive activities. It covers first numerical concepts including counting up to and down from ten, number recognition, number patterns and sequences, more and less, one more and one less and ordinal numbers. This title presents a fun and innovative way for young children to get to grips with numbers.
Клей ПВА, 500 грамм.
Объем: 500 грамм. Безопасен при использовании по назначению. Оформление флакона в ассортименте, без возможности выбора!
373 руб
Раздел: Для бумаги
Мультиплеер "Мамонтенок".
Мультиплеер "Мамонтенок" в оригинальном дизайне! Нажимая на кнопочки, ребенок сможет послушать 20 популярных песенок из
314 руб
Раздел: Смартфоны, мультиплееры
Переносная люлька-кокон "Кошки на белом".
Люлька-переноска Фея "Кокон" - это комфортная переноска для малыша. Модель с жестким дном и съемным капюшоном защитит ребенка от
1127 руб
Раздел: Переноски
Apex Maths 2 Teacher's Book Cambridge University Press Ann M.
Apex is a new and different resource for the extension and enrichment of mathematical understanding.
2673 руб
Apex Maths 5 Pupil's Book Cambridge University Press Paul H.
It suggests a detailed plenary for whole class discussion and includes background mathematical support for teachers.
484 руб
Cambridge Mathematics Direct 2 Maths Review Workbook (количество томов: 10) Cambridge University Press Jeanette M.
It provides structured recorded activities to review children' s progress, particularly in respect of the key objectives outlined in the Numeracy Framework for Year 2. It is intended to be used throughout the year, on the 2 ‘Assess and Review' days set asside each half term for medium term assessment.
651 руб
Mental Maths 2 Mental Maths Cambridge University Press Straker A.
The National Curriculum and the Scottish Guidelines emphasise the importance of mental calculations in mathematics.
672 руб
Mental Maths for Ages 7-9 Teacher's Book Cambridge University Press Straker
2329 руб
Sticker Maths for School Ladybird Books
189 руб
Maths Age 5-6 I Can Learn Egmont
The I Can Learn 5-6 books: •Develop early literacy and numeracy skills, supporting the National Curriculum in schools •Include gold starts and stickers to reward your child’s work Include advice on how to support your child’s learning •Are written by educational consultants and experienced teachers I Can Learn literacy and numeracy titles are also available for the 3-4, 4-5 and 6-7 age ranges.
200 руб
The Relationship between Self-concept and Achievement in Maths. Among upper Primary Visually Impaired Pupils, Kenya Книга по Требованию Charles M. W.
Independent variables were self-concept in mathematics, sex and visual impairment.
2008 руб
Be A Maths Wizard (DK Games) Dorling Kindersley
It includes nine new card games for all the family to play and reward stickers to inspire children to become a maths wizard.
632 руб
Exploring Maths: Tier 4: Class Book Pearson Education (Longman) Anita S.
Assessment for Learning and functional maths are integrated throughout, with SAT' s practice and revision units included at every level. The Class book is designed to help pupils confirm understanding, with clear, worked examples and motivational activities, including games or investigations for groups or individuals, practice questions and problems to solve. Further differentiation provided in the question sequence, with easier questions at the beginning of each exercise. More challenging questions are shown by underlining of the question number or are identified as extension problems. Longman' s new key stage 3 Maths course, Exploring maths, has been developed by Anita Straker and her team to help you deliver the new Programme of Study and the new Framework With lessons that embody the very best teaching approaches, Exploring maths helps you integrate recent changes into your teaching, with: *activities for all the new teaching objectives *high priority given to process skills and applications *cultural and historical roots of mathematics *functional skills integrated throughout The class book parallels the teachers' book and is organised in units.
985 руб
CD-ROM. Mult-e-Maths KS2 Addition and Subtraction
With Mult-e-Maths, teachers can stimulate and motivate all children by using modelling and questioning, and by getting children to predict, manipulate, try things out, explain and discuss.
15270 руб
CD-ROM. Mult-e-Maths KS2 Solving Problems
A wealth of whole-class starter and lesson ideas support teachers to make effective use of their interactive whiteboards.
15270 руб
Exploring Maths: Tier 6. Class Book Exploring Maths Pearson Education (Longman) Straker A.
1370 руб -29% 972 руб
Oxford Primary Maths Dictionary Oxford University Press Patilla P.
Cross references link to other useful words in this dictionary so it is easy to build up maths vocabulary quickly.
696 руб
Maths See Inside Usborne Frith A.
1119 руб
Maternelle petite section. Maths. 3-4 ans GJ education Gallimard-Folio Rousseau F.
638 руб
Maths Age 8-9 EasyLearning HarperCollins Publishers
Hours of fun activities.
333 руб
Learning Stars Level 1 Maths Book Macmillan Publishers
862 руб
Maths Made Easy Number (Re-issue) Carol Vorderman's Maths Made Easy Dorling Kindersley Vorderman C.
Let Carol Vorderman help your child to get a head start at maths. "Maths Made Easy" is packed with notes and tips to make learning about Maths easy and fun!
256 руб
Mental Maths 7+ Help with Homework Autumn Books
240 руб

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