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Induced Responses to Herbivory

Формат:      Страниц 330
     мягкая обложка
Karban R.    
Chicago University Press    
793 руб
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This overview should appeal to a wide variety of theoretical and applied researchers in ecology, evolutionary biology, plant biology, entomology and agriculture. Although they cannot flee their attackers, they can produce defences, such as thorns, and can actively alter their chemistry and physiology in response to damage. Research on these induced responses to herbivory has proceeded since the 1980s, and this comprehensive evaluation and synthesis of a rapidly-developing field provides state-of-the-discipline reviews, and highlights areas of research which might be productive. However, plants are far from defenceless under attack. Plants face a daunting array of creatures which eat them, bore into them and use virtually every plant part for food or shelter. For instance, young potato leaves being eaten by potato beetles respond by producing chemicals which inhibit beetle digestive enzymes.
Карта "Периодическая система употребления".
Эта карта - не только остроумный, но и познавательный подарок. На внешний стирающийся скретч-слой карты нанесены названия и крепость
837 руб
Раздел: Прочее
Набор для уборки Vileda "Ультрамат Изи Вринг" (швабра с телескопической ручкой + ведро с педальным.
Набор "Ультрамат Изи Вринг" состоит из плоской швабры с телескопической ручкой и ведра с педальным отжимом. Подходит для всех
6499 руб
Раздел: Швабры и наборы
Альбом для коллекционирования наклеек "Чемпионат мира по футболу FIFA 2018", с наклейками.
Альбом "Чемпионат мира по футболу FIFA 2018" - это место для хранения 682 коллекционных наклеек. Формат альбом: 232х270 мм. В
2749 руб
Раздел: Канцтовары, хобби
Chlamydia pneumoniae immunology. Innate Immune Responses induced by Chlamydia pneumoniae infection Книга по Требованию Vjera M.
There has been a lot of research into host responses to chlamydial infections and the development of immunopathology; but considerable gaps in our knowledge remain.
3234 руб
New Zealand Travel Agents in the Internet Era. Impacts, Responses, and Relationships Книга по Требованию Vladimir G.
This book focuses on the information and communication technologies (ICT) impact on the travel industry with a focus on the New Zealand travel agent (TA) sector.
3191 руб
C. hectori: Behaviour in Response to Tour-Boat. Behavioural Responses of Hectors Dolphin to Boat Interactions as Determined Using Non-Invasive Theodolite Technology Книга по Требованию
Whether dolphins behave differently between observation sites and towards specific types of watercraft are questions many researchers ask.
2385 руб
HIGHER EDUCATION. Faculty Responses To Multicultural Classroom Population Книга по Требованию Edvard S.J.
It also offers an honest and current literature review that will inspire faculty through their professionalism, ethics and social justice as well as higher education students in their own research-based studies.
3215 руб
The neurochemical and thermal changes associated with experimenter-delivered repetitive doses of MDMA in mice of two different age groups were investigated.
2769 руб
Effects of Dispersal and Arthropod Herbivory on Seedling Recruitment of Dipteryx oleifera (Fabaceae) a Tropical Tree Plant Recruitment Limitation. Книга по Требованию Javier R.
2769 руб
Applications of SR-TXRF Analysis in XAS. Applications of Synchrotron Radiation induced Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis in Absorption Spectroscopy Книга по Требованию Florian M.
The technique can be coupled with X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structure (XANES) spectroscopy to gain information on the chemical environment of specific elements of interest at an ultra trace level.
3621 руб
Transcription Induction Integrated by Nuclear Receptor Coregulators. Chromatin, SF-1, and CtBP Structural and Post- Translational Modifications Induced by ACTH/cAMP Accelerate CYP17 Transcription Rate Книга по Требованию Eric D.
In addition, ACTH/cAMP signaling in adrenal cortex alters SF-1-containing chromatin- modifying complexes during the early phase of transcriptional induction of CYP17.
2769 руб
Electrical and Optical Breakdown of the Quantum Hall Effect. Measurements and Modeling of the Dynamics of Optically and Electrically Induced Dissipation in Quantum Hall Systems Книга по Требованию
The sample response is measured by a serial resistor and displayed on an digital oscilloscope.
2784 руб
Behavioural Responses of Hectors Dolphin to Boat Interactions as Determined Using Non-Invasive Theodolite Technology C. hectori: Dolphin Behaviour in Response to Tour-Boat Presence. Книга по Требованию
This book (Volume II of III) outlines a study on Hectors dolphin behaviour as observed from specific tour-boats at two New Zealand locations.
2784 руб
Fish Community Responses and Effects on Coral Recruitment in North Sulawesi/Indonesia Artificial Reefs and Coral Transplantation. Книга по Требованию Sebastian F.
Can transplantation of coral fragments be used to increase coral recruitment?
3234 руб
Women-Writing-Women:. Three American Responses to the Woman Question Книга по Требованию Theresa D.
Chapters two, three, and four analyze one novel by each author. Chopin' s The Awakening introduces the literary study because it operates as a transitional text challenging the Cult of True Womanhood while simultaneously introducing the sexualized New Woman. In Larsen' s Quicksand, the New Woman is conceptualized within a black female body, a body that boldly confronts racist notions of woman.
2416 руб
Flow-Induced Crystallization of Polybutene-1. PhD Thesis of Chitiur Hadinata Книга по Требованию Chitiur H.
It is the aim of this book to improve the knowledge concerning FIC and suggest an empirical model that is able to represent the material behaviour well.
3234 руб
PROPOFOL INDUCES NEUROAPOPTOSIS IN THE DEVELOPING MOUSE BRAIN. Potential role of Lithium carbonate to reduce drug induced apoptosis Книга по Требованию davide c.
Adult neurons indeed, need to survive for the lifetime of the organism, and their premature death can cause irreversible functional deficits.
2008 руб
Immune Responses to Alpha Radiation. Effects of Alpha Particle Irradiation on Skin Dendritic Cells Книга по Требованию
This book is aimed at students, scientists and medical health professionals, but also at patients who wish to get deeper insights in the current research in the fields of radiation biology and immune modulation by alpha particle-based therapy forms.
2008 руб
The value of Ustuenel' s book is that she synthesizes research from SLA, applied linguistics, and conversation analysis and helps us to see connections among language pedagogy, EFL classroom talk, and the structures of social action. The book reviews recent findings and current theoretical positions, presents new data and interpretations, and sketches the organisation of EFL classroom talk. The book is addressed to all those involved in foreign language learning and teaching. It takes the sequential organisation of code-switching at the tertiary level EFL classrooms as its subject matter.
3234 руб
Direct Spatiotemporal Interpolation of Reservoir Flow Responses. A quick approach for dynamic data integration into reservoir models Книга по Требованию Shekhar S.
Both these techniques are anchored to the data at the wells.
2008 руб
Why do some populations become obese whilst others do not?. An insight into the feeding, metabolic rate, spontaneous activity, and peptide YY regulation in diet-induced obese and diet-resistant lean mice Книга по Требованию Gita R.
The result of this project has definitely given an insight into the major contributing factor to diet-induced obesity in this animal model and how the peptide YY regulation may contribute at least partially towards the development of diet-induced obesity.
2008 руб
Selectively Inhibiting Ras-p21 by a Synthetic SOS Plasmid. Utilization of a Synthetic SOS Plasmid to Selectively Inhibit Oncogenic Ras-p21 Induced Oocyte Maturation Книга по Требованию Ethia V.
Scientific work over the past 30 years revealed that SOS protein is directly involved in the activation of ras-p21.
2784 руб
Religious Resonance in the Contemporary World. The Value of Buddhist Responses to Issues of Overpopulation, Overconsumption, and Environmental Degradation Книга по Требованию James H.
This book examines the value of responses to overpopulation from certain Buddhist intellectuals in the contemporary religion and ecology discourse concerning overpopulation while also underscoring instances of resonance between those responses and ones from modern Christian thinkers.
2008 руб

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