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Fashion Patternmaking Techniques

Формат:      Страниц 256
     мягкая обложка
Elisabetta K.D.    
2283 руб
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Divided into eight clear chapters, the book starts with an in-depth study on measuring and body shaping, before examining fabric technology and sartorial terminology. It describes a wide range of skirts and trousers, both for women and men, from the basic to the highly elaborate.
Телескопическая ложка.
Прикольный подарок, который рассмешит участников любого застолья. При помощи этой ложки Вы можете с невозмутимым видом «подцепить»
397 руб
Раздел: Прочее
Копилка "Гиря", золотистая.
Копилка в форме пудовой гири. Отлитая из гипса по старинной форме, она повторяет атрибут силовой гимнастики начала прошлого века. Лицевая
464 руб
Раздел: Копилки
Трехколесный велосипед Funny Jaguar Lexus Racer Trike Air с музыкальной панелью (цвет: зеленый).
Модель 2017 года. Детский трехколесный велосипед на надувных колесах, с музыкальной панелью, колясочной крышей и c новой облегченной
4800 руб
Раздел: Трехколесные
Contemporary Fashion Illustration Techniques Rockport Publishers Naoki W.
After all, fashion drawing is not simply about sketching a body and face; only when you accurately reproduce the garments and their colors can the designs truly come to life.
773 руб
The Art of Fashion Illustration. Learn the Techniques and Inspirations of Today's Leading Fashion Artists Rockport Publishers Somer F.T.
The Art of Fashion Illustration is the ultimate guide to fashion sketching. Inside, you' ll find more than 150 beautiful illustrations from the international community' s masters of illustration and rising stars.
1734 руб
Alice Cooper 'Welcome to my nightmare&Flush the fashion' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 50101 СД-Максимум
109 руб
Fashion Show English в раскраске Дрофа Грановская Г.И.
97 руб
Figure Drawing for Fashion Design нет серии ISBN 978-90-5496-080-5 Pepin Press Drudi E.,Паци Т.
1080 руб
Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques Elsevier Urban & Partner Jiawei H.
Like the first edition, voted the most popular data mining book by KD Nuggets readers, this book explores concepts and techniques for the discovery of patterns hidden in large data sets, focusing on issues relating to their feasibility, usefulness, effectiveness, and scalability.
4122 руб
French Fashion Designers Pearson
516 руб
Testing Spoken Language: A Handbook of Oral Testing Techniques Cambridge University Press Nic U.
It describes the range of test-types and discusses their suitability for different aims and resources; lists over fifty oral test techniques and variations, with comments on each; integrates the marking system into the process of test design; and provides suggestions for monitoring and improving a test once it is in use.
2849 руб
The Interior Design Course: Principles, Practices and Techniques for the Aspiring Designer Thames & Hudson Tomris T.
915 руб
Vintage Fashion Collecting and Wearing Designer Classics Carlton Harriet Q.
At a time when everyone is their own stylist, this book provides an awareness of the fashion skills and techniques of the past, as well as pointers on what to look for when sourcing original vintage pieces, allowing the reader to understand and develop their own intrinsic tastes and fashion sensibilities.
1218 руб
500 Internet Hints, Tips, and Techniques RotoVision Dan O.
500 Internet Hints, Tips and Techniques is the essential companion for anyone who wants to use the internet to its full potential, as a means of communicating (by computer, phone, or mobile device), participating in a community, setting up and running a blog, photolog, or vlog, or contributing to popular sites such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and Flickr.
1312 руб
Fashion Designers at Home Thames & Hudson Marie B.
1704 руб
Vogue Fashion Carlton Watson L.
2706 руб
Young Fashion Designers Taschen Hidalgo M. R.
5 руб
Fashion History. From the 18'th-20'th Century Taschen
5 руб
Christian Lacroix on Fashion Thames&Hudson Christian L.
He is also incredibly well-versed in fashion history, and he brings that expertise to bear in this delightful imaginary museum of historic and contemporary fashion.
1739 руб
New York Fashion V & A Publishing Sonnet S.
Tracing New York’s emergence after the Second World War as a major international fashion centre and looking at the important designers of the period, including Claire McCardell and Geoffrey Beene, it also takes in the last quarter of the 20th century which was dominated by the ready-to-wear empires of designers such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.
2530 руб
Fashion of the 20th Century Taschen Heimann J.
From full skirts to miniskirts and morning coats to leisure suits, men' s and women' s clothing design evolved so rapidly that it was all one could do to keep up and stay in style.
3130 руб
Contemporary Fashion Photographers Daab
5 руб
Fashion Source. Technical Design Page One Asensio P.
What do John Galliano, Armani, Martin Magiella, Custo Barcelona, the couturiers of Zara and H&M' s designers have in common?
5 руб

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