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Man in the Music. The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson

Формат:      Страниц 320
     твердый переплет
Vogel J.    
Sterling Publishing    
1206 руб
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This is the book that serious Michael Jackson fans crave - one that forgoes sensationalism in favor of an insightful look at Jackson' s work and creative process. Man in the Music meticulously tracks Jackson' s solo career - from 1979' s groundbreaking Off the Wall to 2001' s Invincible to his yet-to-be-released material. The result is an in-depth assessment of one of the most compelling, influential artists in popular music history. Vogel analyzes every song and album, placing the music in its social, historical, cultural, and even personal context.
Коврик для резки, A3.
Незаменимая вещь при работе канцелярским ножом. Лицевая сторона имеет прорисованную клетку с сантиметровой шкалой. Коврик предотвращает
588 руб
Раздел: Прочее
Рюкзак для школы и офиса "Flagman", 46x35x25 см, черно-красный.
Рюкзак для школы и офиса с отделением для ноутбука с диагональю до 15,6”. 3 больших отделения, в 1 из них - специальное отделение для
2070 руб
Раздел: Без наполнения
Развивающая настольная игра "Читай-Хватай English".
"Читай-Хватай English" — английская версия знаменитой игры "Читай-Хватай". Игра помогает развить навык чтения
890 руб
Раздел: Иностранные языки

Функционирование культурно обусловленной лексики в жанре американской театральной...
Согласно словарной статье это имя ассоциируется еще и с американской семьей, американским образом жизни.( he Simpso s – a humorous US elevisio car oo programme abou a family called Simpso , co sis i g of: Homer, he fa her, Marge, he mo her, Bar , he so , Lisa, he daugh er, a d Maggie, he baby. he charac ers are yellow wi h big heads a d big eyes, a d Marge has blue hair ha s icks up high above her head. Bar is clever bu lazy, a d does o like school. Lisa is very i ellige , reads a lo , a d does well a school. he childre argue a d figh a lo . Marge akes care of hem all a d ries o s op he argui g a d figh i g. Homer loves his childre bu spe ds a lo of ime wa chi g V, ea i g, a d dri ki g beer. He works i a uclear power s a io . Some people disapprove of he programme a d hi k ha i gives a bad impressio of America family life. Bu o her people hi k i shows he problems a d worries ha real families experie ce, which he 'perfec ' families i some o her elevisio shows do o ). Sex a d he Ci y – название одного из самых популярных американских сериалов, поднимающих вопросы сексуальных отношений. Таким образом, употребляя эти имена, автор переносит на спектакль ряд характеристик, которыми они обладают.

ABBA 'The music still goes on' [2 CD] { } ~93.11.22 118 UniversalMusic
209 руб
Face the Music Video Student's Workbook Pearson Brian A.
83 руб
The Music Of Spain (1918) Книга по Требованию Carl V.V.
Print-on-Demand - это технология печати книг по Вашему заказу на цифровом типографском оборудовании.
955 руб
The Music of Manuel Quiroga Losada. A Catalogue of his Works Книга по Требованию Ana L.F.
As an inventory of the forty-four pieces for violin solo, violin and piano, and violin and orchestra written by Quiroga, this book should be especially useful to those interested in performing or recording this repertoire, as well as to those fascinated with the figure of such a great artist, one of the best violinist-composers of the twentieth century.
1997 руб
The Future of Copyright and Artist Rights in the Music Industry. An Examination of the Artist/Record Label Relationship, and How Musicians Will Make a Living in the Digital Age Книга по Требованию Kurt D.
This work is essential reading for musicians, music fans, and those connected to the music industry in any way.
2416 руб
Can't Stop the Music Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Can' t Stop the Music is a musical comedy film directed by Nancy Walker in 1980. It is a pseudo-biography of disco' s Village People which bears only a vague resemblance to the actual story of the group' s formation. It was produced by Thorn EMI Screen Entertainment (formerly EMI Films), and distributed by independent distributor Associated Film Distribution (AFD). The film' s producer, Allan Carr, was coming off a massive worldwide hit with the pop musical Grease when shooting began in May of 1979 at the height of the disco craze.
1395 руб
The Music of the Most Ancient Nations Книга по Требованию Engel C.
955 руб
How Nashville, Tennessee led its community through the devastating flood that occurred in May, 2010 Leadership of the Music City Flood. Книга по Требованию Daniel N.
Within a two day period, Nashville received record high rainfalls of greater than 19 inches, causing more than 2 billon dollars in damage.
2261 руб
The music of Hindostan Книга по Требованию Strangways A.H.
955 руб
The Music of the Church Considered in Its Various Branches Книга по Требованию Latrobe J.A.
957 руб
Music therapy for young children who have special needs. The music therapy experience from the perspectives of carers and professionals Книга по Требованию Jenny Y.K.C.
This research project aimed to examine the effects of music therapy by investigating how carers and other professionals perceived their child' s music therapy experience. Qualitative method was employed and open-ended questions were used to generate in-depth interview data. A range of themes were derived by using thematic analysis. Examination of the similarities and differences between the clinical notes and the interview data helped validate the outcome of music therapy intervention and gain more insights into effective practice. Music therapy is emerging as a valuable tool in early intervention. It has been used for young children with special needs, family centred therapy and hospitalised children to address a wide range of needs.
2280 руб
CD-ROM. Kings Of The Music Ring. Best Hits
5 руб
Jean-Baptiste Lully and the Music of the French Baroque Cambridge Academ Heyer J.H.
They constitute the first post-war collection of studies centred on Lully and form a fitting tribute to Professor Anthony whose own French baroque music provided a stimulus for the work of an emerging generation of scholars.
1817 руб
Грампластинка. Running Man - The Running Man
1267 руб
Remembering Whitney: A Mother's Story of Love, Loss and the Night the Music Died HarperCollins Publishers Houston C.
Offering an insider' s perspective like no other, this is the story of Whitney' s remarkable career, her highs and lows, her drug problems, her marriage to Bobby Brown and her tragic last days.
731 руб
Would You Kill the Fat Man? The Trolley Problem and What Your Answer Tells Us About Right and Wrong Wiley Edmonds D.
However, a fat man, a stranger, is standing next to you: if you push him off the bridge, he will topple onto the line and, although he will die, his chunky body will stop the train, saving five lives.
1821 руб
Stick Man & the Highway Rat. Board Book Box Set Scholastic Donaldson J.
1073 руб
A Light in Dark Times. The Musical Contribution of Pianist Edward Goll During the First World War Edward Goll: Книга по Требованию Elina Y.
So feted was his playing that he was brought before royalty as a young boy, playing daily before the Queen of Roumania who bestowed upon him honours and jewels.
2416 руб
NHS the Musical Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
NHS The Musical was premiered in May 2006 at The Drum Theatre, Theatre Royal, Plymouth.
1591 руб
A descriptive catalogue of the musical instruments in the South Kensington museum, preceded by an essay on the history of musical instruments Книга по Требованию Engel C.
955 руб

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