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Tiger Time Level 3 Teacher's Book Pack

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Read C.    
Macmillan Publishers    
2035 руб
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The Teacher's Book contains reduced pages of the Student's Book and Activity Book and also has lesson plans with clearly marked objectives and competencies. An activation code for the Teacher's Resource Centre provides access to extra material, while the presentation kit allows the Student's Book and Activity Book to be projected on to a screen.
Глобус "Двойная карта", рельефный, диаметром 320 мм, с подсветкой.
Диаметр: 320 мм. Масштаб: 1:40000000. Материал подставки: пластик. Цвет подставки: черный. Мощность: 220 V, может использоваться в
1348 руб
Раздел: Глобусы
Круг для купания.
Для облегчения купания малыша, его родителям предлагается специальный круг для купания деток внутри с погремушкой, надевающийся на шею.
392 руб
Раздел: Горки, приспособления для купания
Горшок эмалированный с крышкой, 1,5 л.
Горшок эмалированный, с крышкой. Объем: 1,5 литра.
341 руб
Раздел: Горшки обычные

Evaluating the GPRS Radio Interface for Different Quality of Service...
Figure 8 i ves iga es he impac of he maximum umber of GPRS user per cell o he performa ce of GPRS for he dy amic cha el alloca io scheme wi h 1 PDCH reserved. Of course, he expec ed umber of GPRS users should be less ha he maximum umber i order o avoid he rejec io of ew GPRS sessio s. O he o her ha d, he maximum umber of ac ive GPRS sessio s mus be limi ed for guara eei g quali y of service for every ac ive GPRS sessio eve u der high raffic. he radeoff be wee i creasi g performa ce for allowi g more ac ive GPRS sessio s a d he i creasi g blocki g probabili y for GPRS users is illus ra ed by he curves of Figure 8. Co clusio s his paper prese ed a discre e-eve simula or o he IP level for he Ge eral Packe Radio Service (GPRS). Wi h he simula or, we provided a comprehe sive performa ce s udy of he radio resource shari g by circui swi ched GSM co ec io s a d packe swi ched GPRS sessio s u der a s a ic a d a dy amic cha el alloca io scheme. I he dy amic scheme we assumed a reserved umber of physical cha els perma e ly alloca ed o GPRS a d he remai i g cha els o be o -dema d cha els ha ca be used by GSM voice service a d GPRS packe s.

Straightforward. Teacher' s Book Pack (+ CD-ROM) Pre-intermediate Level: Macmillan Publishers Scrivener J.
Straightforward Methodology' sections and show experienced teachers demonstrating the techniques outlined. Teachers also have access to Straightforward Practice Online where they can ' link up' with their students to monitor their progress. Suggestions for extra activities for stronger classes, weaker classes and younger classes. ' Straightforward Methodology' plus video demonstrations to help teachers develop further as teachers by expanding on their range of teaching activities and techniques. Supplementary language notes for tricky grammatical and vocabulary activities and cultural notes to give vital answers about British and American culture. Teacher' s Resource Disc includes 48 photocopiable worksheets, Unit tests, progress tests, end-of-term and end-of-year tests (with listening).
3226 руб
Tiger Time 1. Teacher's Book Macmillan Publishers Read C.
2260 руб
Tiger Time. Level 4. Activity Book Tiger Time Macmillan Publishers Read C.
797 руб
Tiger Time Level 4 Teacher's Book Pack Tiger Time Macmillan Publishers Read C.
2260 руб
Tiger Time. Level 4. Student's Book Pack Tiger Time Macmillan Publishers Read C.
1292 руб
Grammar Goals Level 1 Teacher's Book Pack Macmillan Publishers
1605 руб
Next Move British English Level 5 Teacher's Book Pack Macmillan Publishers
2201 руб
Open Mind British Edition Upper Intermediate Level. Teacher's Book. Premium Pack Open Mind Macmillan Publishers Brinks L.R.
3299 руб
Laser. Teacher's Book Pack. Level B2 Laser Macmillan Publishers
The vibrant topic-based units cover the lexical and grammatical syllabus of the Breakthrough to Vantage levels of the Council of Europe' s Common European Framework. The course integrates development of all the language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking, and regular revision sections check continuous progress. Each Student' s Book comes with a CD-ROM that reinforces the structures and vocabulary learnt in each unit.
3249 руб
Straightforward Split Edition Level 2B Teacher's Book Pack Straightforward Macmillan Publishers Scrivener J.
2060 руб
Straightforward Pre-Intermediate Teacher's Book Pack Macmillan Publishers Scrivener J.
2256 руб
Sky 2. Teacher's Book Pack Pearson
424 руб
New Snapshot Pre-Intermediate Teacher's Book Pack Pearson Brian A.
Plus new graded exercises and extra focus on writing skills in the Language Booster and a new culture video.
1741 руб
New Snapshot. Starter. Teacher's Book Pack New Snapshot Pearson Abbs B.
Culture pages in the Student' s Book give students an insight into the English-speaking world. A new testing programme and improved teacher' s notes give more support for teachers.
2353 руб
Essential English 5. Teacher's Book Pack (+ Audio CD) Richmond Seligson P.
Complete with class audio CDs featuring pronunciation practice and a range of international accents.
1545 руб
Sparks 5. Teacher's Book Pack Richmond House S.
Wide variety of interesting activities.
1994 руб
In Company 3.0 Pre-intermediate Level Student's Book Pack Macmillan Publishers
The Online Workbook allows students to practise language online and on the move and see their progress. The Student' s Resource Centre gives access to additional material such as audio, video, answer key, glossary, phrase banks and worksheets. The Student' s Book Premium Pack contains the Student' s Book and webcode access to online components.
2432 руб
Open Mind British Edition Intermediate Level Student's Book Pack Premium Macmillan Publishers Rogers M.
2254 руб
Tiger Time 2. Student's Book Macmillan Publishers Read C.
1292 руб
Audio CD. Tiger Time Level 2
4552 руб

Молочный гриб можно использовать для похудения, восстановления микрофлоры, очищения организмаМолочный гриб можно использовать для похудения, восстановления микрофлоры, очищения организма

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