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The Mongols

Формат:      Страниц 160
     мягкая обложка
Rossabi M.    
Oxford University Press    
450 руб
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They supported and influenced the production of Chinese porcelains and textiles, Iranian tiles and illustrated manuscripts, and Russian metalwork. Adopting political and economic institutions familiar to the conquered populations and recruiting native officials, they won over many of their non-Mongol subjects. It is no accident that Europeans, including Marco Polo, first reached China in this period. Chinggis and his descendants introduced a level of violence that had perhaps never been seen in world history. Within two generations, they developed from conquerors and predators seeking booty to rulers who devised policies to foster the economies of the lands they had subjugated. The Mongol peace they imposed on much of Asia and their promotion of trade resulted in considerable travel and relations among numerous merchants, scientists, artists, missionaries, and entertainers of different ethnic groups. Their most significant contribution was to foster the greatest contacts among diverse civilizations in world history. Although this book does not ignore the devastation and killings wrought by the Mongols, it also reveals their contributions. Mongol nobles were ardent patrons of art and culture. Struggles for succession and ill-planned and expensive military campaigns ultimately tore apart one of the most influential empires in world history. Rossabi follows the Mongol empire through to collapse due to internal disunity. Eurasian and perhaps global history starts with the Mongol empire. The Mongols carved out the largest land-based empire in world history, stretching from Korea to Russia in the north and from China to Syria in the south in the thirteenth century. Along with their leader Chinggis Khan they conjure up images of plunder and total destruction.
Сумка-холодильник FIT (2 охлаждающих блока в комплекте), 44х24х26 см.
Для транспортировки и хранения продуктов питания при пониженной температуре. Алюминиевый теплоотражающий слой внутри сумки. 2 охлаждающих
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The Mongol invasions of Georgia and Armenia were the repeated invasions into the medieval kingdom of Georgia (which included most of Armenia proper at the time) by Mongol armies in the 13th century.
1315 руб
Mongol Empire Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Mongol Empire - Mongols before Genghis Khan, Chagatai Khanate, Golden Horde, Ilkhanate, Yuan Dynasty, Timurid dynasty, Mughal Empire, Crimean Khanate, Khanate of Sibir, Dzungars, Mongolia during Qing rule, History of modern Mongolia, Mengjiang, Buryatia, Kalmykia, Aimak, Genghis Khan, Khamag Mongol, Mongol military tactics and organization, Organization of the Mongol Empire under Genghis Khan, Christianity among the Mongols, Tengriism, Mongol invasion of Central Asia, Mongol invasion of Rus' , Mongol invasion of Europe, Franco-Mongol alliance Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online.
2664 руб

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